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  • The Simple Unknown Secret to Start Making More Money


    Stop! Stop everything you’re doing and give this post your full attention. Spending the time reading this post could be the best decision you’ll make this week. What if I told you that I’ll share  with you the secret to monetizing your blog? Monetizing your blog or site has for the majority of site owners… Continue Reading …

    Comment to Get a Discount on Your Next WordPress Theme


    We have a lot of articles about WordPress and WordPress themes on our site, but this one will be special. Why? That’s because it’s not just an article, but your chance to get a 30% discount on premium WP theme(s). This is a special offer from TemplateMonster, a US based company that is known for… Continue Reading …

    The Shocking Truth – How Social Media Will Affect SEO in 2014

    seo in 2014

    Through further algorithm updates, Google, Bing and other major search engines are changing the ranking factors and SEO in 2014. In the previous years SEO was really easy to do as it is easy to say. Unbeatable link building, spamming were the easiest ways to get ranking in no time. As soon as the search engines… Continue Reading …

    Run a Blog Survey to Know the Taste of Your Readers

    Run a survey

    Would you be interested in knowing the taste of your readers? Would you like to know what your readers favorite pick of topics are? Well, it’s a just a matter of fact that every blog owner would love to know these minute details for they allow the authors to come up with extra trendy posts that takes… Continue Reading …

    Why You Are Not Able to Make Money Online Yet?

    Not Making Money

    Internet is now not only about playing games, surfing social networking sites and watching videos. Today, many people are making money online which changed the mindset of people about internet. Making money online is no more a difficult task these days but still according to reports more than 70% people fail to make money online.… Continue Reading …

    Do You Lack These Vital Blogging Skills? Here’s How to Fix Now!

    Blogging Skills

    Blogging is like climbing a mountain, it should be done safely and precisely, one wrong move can kill you, but if you do it in a right way, you’ll definitely succeed to reach the top. You might have stumbled upon internet and found out a thing called ‘blogging’ and the advantages of it, and then… Continue Reading …

    Revamping The Blog – New Logo, New Framework and Much More..

    responsive logo

    You may have noticed that my website looks a little different recently. Hmm, let’s see. There’s a new logo and improved header? A better design? Different feature box and improved navigation menu? You are too quick to notice. Yes, the blog has undergone a revamp on new year, and I am so proud. This blog is… Continue Reading …

    Giveaway: Win 5 Free Domain Names with Namecheap!


    Happy new year folks! Its time to kick-start your new blog this year with our giveaway. Need a new domain? Want to save yourself some money? If the answer is yes, then why not enter this competition for your chance to win some free domain names. We have teamed up with Namecheap to offer this… Continue Reading …

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