Has Your Blog Overslept? Revamp Your Blog Today!

So, if you are reading this post, I presume your blog overslept or lets say you overslept.

And now you want to revamp your blog, right? :D

Before you proceed, let me make it clear that the process of revamping your old blog is very tough. And you need to give extra efforts to achieve it, like you did while launching the blog initially.

Well, launching a new blog is a daunting task. We as bloggers, are aware of the fact that, how much effort we had to put in doing so. Drawing the attention of readers and probloggers of that particular niche takes long time. And, once you have successfully promoted the blog, the job is somewhat easy. All you have to do is maintain it further.

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Revamp Your Blog Today!

But, unfortunately some of us fail to do so. It may be because of a number of reasons. A busy schedule or a personal problem or not knowing what to blog next or sheer negligence, can force bloggers to abandon their blogs. Under such circumstances, do you have to go through all the initial stuffs once again or are there any other means to revamp your blog?

revamp your blog today

Beware: A sleeping blog will give you sleepless nights.


Ofcourse, launching your blog for the first time is way different from revamping your blog and launching it once again. Follow these easy steps to revamp your blog today:

Try a different content

Blogging about the same topic becomes a monotonous job. The initial passion to write something new and interesting is lost. And this loss is clearly reflected in your blog post. So it’s better to try a different style of presenting. You may even try a different type of content like making videos, presentations, infographics etc. You may even opt for a different niche to blog about, for the time being.

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Guest post

Yes, guest post is a powerful practice to keep readers engaged. And when done properly, you do not have to think of any other means to revamp your blog. While allowing quality guest post keeps your blog ticking, writing guest posts for others will help draw traffic to your own blog.

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Social media awakening

Announce your blog’s revival once again on social media sites. Engage with your fans and followers and re-built their trust. Redesign your Facebook and Twitter profiles and make them as engaging as possible. You may also consider advertising on Facebook inorder to promote your blog.

Connect with subscribers

The best and easiest way to re-connect with your blog readers is through mail. For this you don’t have to spend a penny. And this conventional means of connecting with subscribers is as effective as social network sites. All you have to do is frame a great blog post and mail it to your loyal subscribers. If it interest them, then they will start revisiting your blog, in search of more such articles/blog posts.

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Change the design

Revamp your old blog by changing the look and feel of it. Install a different theme or add new plugins and widgets. If choosing a new theme isn’t affordable, then you can try editing the CSS to bring about some changes in the overall design.

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Ok, after following these steps you revamped your blog, great. But, the analysis doesn’t stop there. Spare some more time to self-analyze on what led to this terrible act in the first place. Could it have been avoided? Now how prepared are you to prevent it further?

If you still find difficulty to revamp your blog or if I missed out some important points on revamping old blog, then do mention in the comment section. I would be happy to know.

28 thoughts on “Has Your Blog Overslept? Revamp Your Blog Today!”

  1. Nice points and as always I would like to add one more thing to this list. Focus on poor content and try to improve it. If you feel its outdated and not necessary remove it completely.

  2. Great post! Even though I’m a new blogger of only 2 1/2 months, it’s good to know that I’m not the only one out there who is still searching for his niche, look, theme, content…the whole 9 yards. I just trying not to fall asleep…again, great post!

    1. Thanks Scott. Same here, buddy. Mine also few days less than yours. Guest posting is the best thing about blogging. We can learn a lot from sites like AllBloggingTips.
      And also do consider these sites are nt very old too. They are what they are today because of sheer hardwork. Thats what should inspire us. :) Anyways all the best for your blog.

  3. Well i believe to overcome from revamp issues changing the design of the blog would be an awesome idea to attract the readers. And creating some giveaway would also work.

    1. Give-aways are a great way of attracting a CROWD to a blog.
      Bt then again it must be genuine and transparent, otherwise next time someone makes such an announcement, noone would bother to care.

  4. Hi Sadhil,
    I agree with you that to successfully revamp your blog is to try out a different content and let others know you are back via social media. Before revamping out your blog, ensure that you have at least 2 or more new and compelling articles to publish if in case you will be overwhelmed with many things to do (promoting, SEO, social media, etc) while trying to get back into the blogging limelight. I also agree with you that guest posting is a great way to revamp one’s blog. You can write guest posts to attract other people to your blog, or you can also accept guest posts from others so you can update your blog with fresh content. Either way, it’s a fairly good strategy. Thanks for sharing!

    1. First of all i need to Thank you, Felicia. Keeping 2-3 blog posts for backup purpose, is a good idea. How come i missed that point to mention? :/
      It’s a sure shot way of ensuring smooth and steady course for any blog/website.

  5. My blog is all about technology and i am sleeping :( in start i gave that much time to my blog but now i cant gave much time to my blog thanks for awaking me via this post.

    1. Not a problem, mate. You can and you have to revamp it as soon as possible.
      And the best part is, at this point of time you wont be running short of tech related topics., with the new Windows 8 and iPad mini being launched. :)
      Keep Blogging.

  6. excellent post. I have revamped my website a few days ago and also added unique and short content and the results were positive.

  7. I just revamped mine. Wrote an interesting article about upcoming android phones, shared it and voila 1000 uniques in 10 hours :)

  8. You are absolutely right, Ben. That’s the reason why to get over that phase, i believe trying a different way of presenting the content is necessary.

  9. hi Sadhil Kumar all of your points are great but i think Social media media plays a great role now a days one can take great advantage of it and can revamp their blog in an easy and free way, anyway thanks for this great post and keep up the good work…

    1. You are absolutely right, jawad. Promoting a new blog on social networks is easy and effective. And same is true for over slept blogs too. :)

  10. Revamping Blog now is easier publishing new content and managing your social profiles helps you to come back fast

    1. Guppu, thanks for stopping by and reading the post.
      If you come across any other point which i would have missed, then feel free to mention over here.

  11. Hi Sadhil,
    Yes, this sometimes happen with the blog and specially when using boring content. Lack of updating your blog with unique content definitely do makes your blog look boring and dull. I like the tips that you have shared. I think all are definitely very necessary. Especially, the one of awakening social media. That is very necessary indeed. Thanks for the share!!

    1. Thanks Aditi for appreciating the blog post. We all know Social media does play a bigger role in blog promotion. But this aspect of social media becomes even more vital when revamping an old blog. Its like announcing among fellow bloggers and readers that, “Hey, my blog is all set and ready to flourish again.” :)

  12. Hey Sadhil,

    Try a different content

    I think this point is very important. Actually these days, bloggers should do new things. There are many quality posts now in every blogs. But if bloggers can post unique+ quality posts, I think that is the best thing. :-)

    1. Right Raplus, it’s all about diversity. Trying out different content is fun and refreshing.
      But often one needs to switch from a particular type of content to another needs through analysis, depending on what readers truly are looking for in that blog/website.

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