30 Must Follow Blogging Tips for Beginners

Blogging Tips for BeginnersStarting a new blog is no longer hard. Many new bloggers are jumping in this blogging field.
But most of them quit very soon.
Here I decided to share Blogging Tips for Beginners to blog more better.
It doesn’t matter if you haven’t started a blog yet, or if you’re a famous blogger, because just one of below tips can make a big difference in in your blogging.

Blogging Tips for Beginners To Blog More Better

  1. Make Plans before launching your blog.
  2. Choose your blogging niche wisely, choose a niche in which you are expert.
  3. Register a simple, unique and easy to remember domain name for your blog
  4. Signup with some affordable and cheap WordPress hosting like Hostgator or Bluehost.
  5. Use WordPress, It’s the best blogging platform with lots of features than Blogspot
  6. Choose a perfect, SEO friendly and fast loading theme for your blog. I recommend Elegant Themes and ThemeJunkie
  7. Learn SEO, it is too important if you want to take your blog to the next level
  8. Don’t copy from anyone else blog. Instead Post unique content on your blog.
  9. Make a STRONG network around your blog niche, it’ll help you to increase online presence as well as will make you famous soon
  10. Update Blog Regularly. Don’t just publish another blog post instead publish something that your readers would love.
  11. Start blog commenting and write guest post for other blogs to increase website traffic, Backlinks and exposure
  12. Don’t dream big, instead set up goals.
  13. Don’t always get topics from other blogs.
  14. Build an Mail list. It is really important. Use Madmimi email marketing service, it’s free up to 2.5K subscribers and it’s too cheap as compared to mailchimp or aweber
  15. Keep your posts simple. Write for readers not search engines. Because readers are the one who can make your blog post go viral.
  16. Be kind towards your readers. Solve their problems, provide them freebies.
  17. Blogging is not an overnight success. It require lot of time, efforts and hard work.
  18. Don’t overload your blog with widgets. Use clutter free theme
  19. Make your blog SEO friendly. Use premium themes and plugins like SEOPressor for WP
  20. Link to other blogs in your niche more often, in return they would do the same!
  21. Ask opinions about your blog from it’s readers (like I did)
  22. Reply to every comment on your blog. It’s important!
  23. Reply to almost every email that you get in your inbox from your blog readers, try to help them as much as you can.
  24. Don’t use too many ads on your blog, remember your readers want to learn something new, they don’t just want to see ads on your blog.
  25. Don’t copy others images to add them on your blog instead create your own images or use any free sites to get images for your blog posts
  26. Quality of your content matters, not quantity. Write awesome content and detail article.
  27. Subscribe to other blogs in your niche. Don’t just focus on your blog instead do focus on other blogs as well. If you follow this, your blog will be successful in short time.
  28. Add useful pages in your blog like About, Contact, Archives and Privacy related.
  29. Make Subscribing, Commenting and Contacting on your blog easier. Award your commentator as well.
  30. Don’t quit blogging if you don’t not earning enough. Instead use blogging to learn new things and to build your name around. Blog to help people, not ‘just’ to earn.

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59 thoughts on “30 Must Follow Blogging Tips for Beginners”

  1. Nice blog Ammar. Its good to read the updated version as well. I think you have summarized the points well. We can use it as a check list. I have some doubt about the URL shortners. You mean to say that all affiliate links should be shortened or masked? Could you point me in the right direction please

  2. Indeed many quit blogging, most people don’t have that passion and they are in for money, Okay money are a big necessity no doubt but the truth is blogging takes time and a lot of work, daily if possible, content, seo is hard but once traffic is coming money comes too.

  3. Hi ammer,

    Thank your for your answer and i want some seo tricks please create a seo article for newbie bloggers.

    Thank you!

  4. Hi ammer,

    I was read a lots of blog but my question is how to make new content for my blog because every content i thought but my idea is already on some blogs what i do?

    1. That’s the problem for most of bloggers out there. You need to be UNIQUE. Do research and then write. Make sure to write unique and quality content

  5. Hii ammer,

    Great article, It is very helpful for me and newbie bloggers. Thanks to share this atricle with us. i am also newbie blogger and i want to make my blog rank well. In your point you are saying that “Don’t copy from anyone else blog and learn SEO”. I asking you that where i learn good seo and how to make new content without copy any mater from other blogs.

  6. Agree with all points that you have mentioned in your post. I want to add some more points :-

    1. Create Facebook Fan page and add on your Blog.
    2. Create Google Plus Page and Join some communities with your Google Page
    3. Be active on Pinterest and Create a You tube channel . Create some video and upload them on youtube. Get help from Screenr and Debut
    4. Try to post article with Image or Screenshot, it will help user to understand easily.
    5. Set up Google Authorship of your blog as Now a days this is very important for Bloggers.

    These are the few points that can be plus for your blog. Thanks to Ammar Ali for this post.

  7. Hi Ammar,

    Thanks for sharing. When it comes to blogging tips, I think the best is not to write for search engines. Always write for your readers and you will be just fine. All goes wrong is when we tend to write for SE in order to rank well. :)

    Just my 2 cents.

  8. Hey Ammar, Thanks For Writing This Great Tips. Here in your blog post you have recommend madmimi. I visit there, Is madmimi provide RSS submission features?

  9. Edgar Williamson

    I’m just starting to blog and I’ve been reading tips from different articles on how to have a good one and make it successful. But I think these are the most useful guidelines to follow so far. I’ll surely apply it.

  10. I have started becoming your big fan, Ammar.

    Only because of you I have made up my mind to start a new blog and currently I am enjoying it!

    Thanks for your helpful articles :-)

  11. What I’ve come to know is that many So called newbie bloggers won’t actually focus on blogging instead they’ll worry about money ! That is the biggest drawback !

  12. Hi Ammar Ali!
    Thanks for your post!
    In no 14. you said that “Build an Mail list. It is really important”. i using wordpress, and can you give the name of some plugins to use build an mail list?
    thank you!

    1. There are many. But most of them are premium like WP Subscribers, MBP Subscriber Magnet, OptinSkin, Hybrid Connect. :)

      Let me know if you want to know more

  13. All blogging tips for beginners is awsome buddy, I am also a newbie, and got lot of experience with these tips.

  14. Vishnnu Vermaa

    Is there any alternative of WordPress??
    Or should i go for only wordpress to start blogging??

  15. You summarized the whole journey very well. List building is key to successful blogging, I need few guideline over the subject will email it to you pal.

  16. Thanks for the sharing of tips and advise. It is very important and useful for new blogger like me. Recently I am facing sudden drop of pageview due to my keyword ranking are sudden drop in the serp. You are motivating me again to continue blogging. Thanks.

  17. I totally agree with all these tips. I think what is most important is that you have to decide wisely which niche you would like to concentrate and it is important that you are comfortable with the niche you have so as not to get bored or ran out of ideas in the long run.

  18. Hi Ammar,

    Thanks for nice article. I noticed that your newsletter is sent by Mad Mimi but I didn’t know it’s a free service. Thanks!


      1. Hmm. I saw it free as well as paid. But If I use I have to use the free service. Still my blog has no monetizing program. :)

        Hey Ammar I drop a mail using contact us – hope you will answer it soon.


  19. Though i am not new but i still like to read your valuable articles. Specially thanks for Madmimi. I was searching for a free email marketing service!

  20. Raheel Mushtaq

    Starting the blog is the most difficult task once you have it all goes well. I always suggest others to think of a niche and what they like to do best and where they spend the time most to get an idea of what they can write best about. Then comes the domain name, hosting and installation of wordpress or blogger whatever. Then you should

  21. Hello Ali,
    When i started blogging, i did not get to use all this tips you provided because i don’t know who to guide me through and that was bad. You have provide it simple and any body trying to join the blogging world should read this topic so they’ll not find it difficult as i did :)

  22. Shivani Sharma

    I wish I got these tips in starting :) these are really very helpful, I really feel it, nice points you mentioned here, gonna help every single newbie, superb work.

  23. it is all about entertaining the visitors you get and imparting them knowledge what they want from your blog. In this regard, it is true that we should not write just another article but something that the readers actually want from our blog.

  24. Hii Ammar..

    Article about “30 Must Follow Blogging Tips for Beginners” give me many information. I learned a new blog this year. success for the author of this blog. thank you

  25. Hi,
    Great tips here !
    I like most your last tip. Yes, money is not everything, blogging allow us to meet new people, learn new things, and help others. Money comes by time :)

  26. Kortingscode zalando

    Amazing work ..!!
    A must read for struggling bloggers like me. I was doing so many mistakes. Thanks a lot for sharing these tips. Wouldn’t have found any better place than this to get all the super tips at one place. All hail Mr. Ammar Ali for this post.

  27. Hi Ammar,

    Very useful tips. Almost you have covered all the points. Here you mentioned about SEO, but you didn’t mention SMO. If you add points for SMO, it will be better & useful for readers.

  28. Hi Ammar, Thanks a lot for sharing such a fantastic tips; for a newbie it is necessary to choose blogging niche first; without choosing niche of your interest you can’t able to produce quality content.

  29. Hi Ammar,

    All i can say these above lines are the complete A to Z success points, and i’ll point out these to every user who will ask me about “how to start or where to start online journey”.

  30. Beginning blogging such as beginning a business, everything must be planned carefully as you described above
    An article that is very important and valuable, thanks for all the tips above

  31. Hi there Ammar, I think you targeted all the necessary tips for bloggers, especially those that have been getting used to blog world. Really like those tips on how to present the blog and bloggers should balance between advertising and content. Thanks for sharing mate.

  32. Ammar, great post just saw rolling when I was on my way back form work. I think this is something that every new blogger and even people who have been blogging for while and trying to see some results should consider reading right now.
    I learned some good points and just looking about the seopresso you have mentioned.

    It is a common mistake to not have a strategy and following tips like this early on the blogging process :-) I liked your example of “Keep your posts simple. Write for readers not search engines. Because readers are the one who can make your blog post go viral.”

    So anyone who is interested in content marketing and building a thriving blog have a good read and and note down those tips.

    1. Fernando, I’m glad that you liked my blogging tips. Would you recommend these tips to your friends/followers? ;)

      I too like that point, Write for readers, not search engines.

      Some of my posts are not even optimized for Search engines but still these posts are in the list of top 10 most viewed post daily on my blog. One of them is this : http://www.allbloggingtips.com/2013/03/08/why-i-hate-adsense/ :D

  33. Rahul Parashar

    Hi Aamir,
    These are some great tips you have shared with us which will surely help a lot of newbies looking to set their foot in the blogging field.

    1. hey Enstine,

      nice to see you here, commenting at the top 

      @ Ammar,

      As you’ve said: starting a new blog is no longer hard. New bloggers are jumping on the bandwagon and then quit sooner than later.

      Guys, this is no joke! You either treat your blog(s) as a business, or quit the game altogether. The web doesn’t need yet another site on X or Y topic.

      You have to be consistent and relevant.

      Your 30 tips work for veterans as well… not all apply to beginners, let’s face it! Most of them lack time and money, thus, they cannot buy the latest premium plugins/themes, or access the best courses… what most of them do instead?

      Lurk into the forums, and consume blogs articles… for months and years… and make almost no money… Some even quit their job. Huge mistake!

      I know of a guy who sold his blog for $200k, then started another one, then went back to a day job, while he still maintains his blog, part-time.

      Depending on your goals, you should be creating a specific plan to reach your quota. Don’t blog without purpose, or at random!

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