5 Reasons Why You Fail To Build Your Blog Readership

Blogging needs efforts to grow and build its value for both readers as well search engines.

Just receiving traffic is not the goal of any blogger. The thing which we need is a powerful readership around our blog.

We need readers to read our content not just visitors who come and go back to another place for the information they are looking for.

One more thing we all know that readership is based on traffic. If you are receiving decent traffic then there are major chances to build readership. But readership is not totally dependent on traffic.

It depends on many factors which I’ll discuss today in this post and the reasons why bloggers fail to build strong and powerful blog readership.


1. Writing Content for Search Engines

Most of newbie bloggers, when they start their blog, start posting anything they like to post without any proper knowledge of how to right best content.

Your content should not target the search engines. Try to right something under your niche that your readers like to read. If they like your content then they bring new traffic to your blog and also convert from visitors to readers.

  • 12 Tips For Writing Engaging Content For Readers

2. Not Active on Social Media Sites

Social Media sites have proved themselves that they have the audience which you want for your business.

There are millions of regular visitors on major social media sites like facebook, twitter and now on Google Plus too. If you are not active on these great sources of traffic sites then you are really missing targeted audience as well valuable readers.

3. Poor Relationships with Existing Readers

I have examined many blogs where nobody is there to solve reader’s queries and doubts.

Blog owners just post content and sit relax.

They never take interest to communicate with their readers by replying to their comments. If you are also doing same then start communicating today with your readers because readers at early stage of blog are very important.

You should not ignore them if you are serious for your blogging goals.

4. Not Participating in Blogger’s Communities

Blogger’s communities and forums are one of the best sources of receiving targeted audiences.

There are numberless readers who are communicating from each other to share their views and ideas on particular topic. If you are not participating in those communities then really you are not fairing with your blog.

Generating quality content for your blog is not enough if you are not able to reach it to the correct audience. There are lot of big blogs with a strong readership and you have to target those readers. Start participating today in below best blog communities and forums to gain more exposure for your blog.

  • Bloggers.com
  • BlogAdda.com
  • IndiBlogger.in (An Indian Blogger’s Directory)
  • Forums.DigitalPoint.com
  • SitePoint.com/forums

5. Poor Consistency

One of the main reasons to fail to maintain blog readership is the consistency by which you are updating your blog.

You may be heard that we should post regularly to increase blog traffic but if you are not consistent with your blogging timings then you can never taste the real readership.

Your readers should be aware with your posting timings so that they can land on your blog at that time to read what you have written new in your blog. It will not only increase your blog readers but also you will gain trust of readers and search engines also by showing that you are really serious about your blog.

Final Words!

These were the 5 major reasons you may be failed to build a true readership for your blog.

If you feel that you are not working on any of the above strategies then start working today on it.

Check out the post here to learn how to build powerful online presence /readership and make blog successful in short time.

Believe me you will be happy with the results you will get after being active on these 5 hot reasons. Happy Blogging!

Share your views why blog fails to build readership.

45 thoughts on “5 Reasons Why You Fail To Build Your Blog Readership”

  1. I think most blog fail to build blog readership because their blog is not targeted to specific readers. Thier blog is just a mixture where reader are confused what kind of blog was that. Most blogs that target some niche audience get consistent direct traffic because people know what kind of blog was that.

  2. I found the same type of article with exactly same headings and sub headings at “itsabhik”. Please check who is copying whom as this is a guest post on your blog.

  3. Hi Ankit,
    This post is seriously awesome. :) One can’t deny those 5 reasons that you mentioned here. From my perspective it is useless to participate in blogger communities and forums if your content is poor. Quality content matters.

  4. #1 probably the biggest and best reason. You see so many blogs just posting whatever and how much ever to get content and they think it will just get them to the top. Not the way to go! Great read!

  5. Getting involved in social media activities is very effective to promote a site and get a good amount of readers. Being involved in the blogging community and actively responding to blog comments are also very helpful.

  6. I totally agree that the content we provide to our reader is what will keep them coming back for more. Moreover social media sites and Bloggers communities increases the number of chances that our blog’s content to be noticed by other people and search engines.

  7. Recently only I got to know that where I was lacking it was in joining blogger’s communities so now I have joined some.. Hope it would show a positive effect soon

  8. That’s very true and I agree fully with you that just receiving traffic shouldn’t be our expectation. Readership is the most important thing. Our content should be relevant and helpful that we can build a nice readership.

  9. Yes you said true Any serious blogger like me or you need the readers to read our post content not just visitors who come and go back to another place for the information they are looking for and for that we need to be very consistent, quality preservative and interactive with the users too. I we do these things we’ll get what we need.

  10. Thanks Ankit for tips. As I have just started, it becomes very important for me to get hold of few but loyal readers of my blog. Yes, relationship maintaining is so important here and I am always trying to be-friend with my readers.

  11. Ankit, I agree with your point that as a blogger in blogging niche our goal is not just getting traffic but targeted traffic.
    Which is possible only when we increase relation.
    Honestly I don`t spend much time on social networking sites coz of lack of time.
    And I regret for that, anyway I think building relation on blog like guest posting (like you) and blog commenting (like me) can be helpful.


  12. I can really relate to this especially with poor consistency. Sometimes consistency is being sacrificed. Thanks for showing me the picture of what it is like to miss a single step.

  13. Frankly speaking, i am not following first 4 strategies for some of my good blog and now now i am feeling that i did a big mistake, i am getting good amount of organic traffic but the problem is that they are not my readers. Thanks for writing a wonderful article. I appreciate your points :)

    1. Thanks a lot Vipin for your appreciation. We can’t rely on Google or other search engines for quality traffic forever. We have to work on these strategies also to build a strong readership.

  14. You are absolutely right, Bloggers shouldn’t post articles just for to increase numbers. Each posts should contain with proper informations. The success behind any blog is nothing but the good content. For a new blogger it is very important to provides good contents at regular interval of times. You have also shared the basic tips to be followed to make a successful blog. Thank you….

  15. Apart from writing good content and solid SEO, its a good idea to mingle around with others using Facebook, Twitter and Google+. Nobody’s going to comment in your website unless you start introducing yourself and make new friends.

  16. Shivani Sharma

    Wow Ankit this is awesome all the 5 points you mentioned in your post are really really great and I agree to get starting traffic on blog is difficult and one can get if he/she has built a good fan following on social sites, I admire this post !

  17. Nice blog……Newbie bloggers are always want to get immediate traffic. So they fails to promote their blog. For a blog, we have to wait for sometime. Here hardwork never wins, smartwork will wins. .If you focus on bringing traffic to a new blog (say 3 or 4 months), it’s a BIG mistake. Unless your blog crosses 6 to 8 months, you won’t notice much difference

  18. Hello Friend

    i am totally appreciate with your post and content is most way of traffic really and keep update on your blog and communicate with your reader this is one of the best way.

  19. Hi Ankit, and welcome to Ammar’s blog :)

    I absolutely agree with your reasons as to why we fail to build our blog readership. The most important reason I feel is because we don’t or hesitate to build on relationships with our readers or commenters.

    Building relationships is a very important point I feel, and it goes a long way too. You really don’t have to depend on Google and worry about it’s updates, because you can reply on your readers to stop-by and read your posts, because they begin to like and trust you and your work, once they connect with you. Speaking of which, I’m grateful to my blog community members and the readers of my blog – for making my blog what it is today. :)

    Yes indeed, we cannot ignore the other reasons you mentioned too. You need to write for the readers first, though one cannot completely ignore the search engines nor SEO – a little of that too is needed. Similarly, being present on the social networking sites is vital, so that you can connect with those readers too who might not be visiting your blog or commenting. They are a different lot of people we need to connect with and tap. Even the content should be updated regularly as you mentioned, and yes – one should participate in forums and communities, though I’ve not done much of that due to lack of time. :)

    Thanks for sharing these tips with us. Have a nice day – both of you. :)

    1. Thanks Harleena to share your views at ABT. I am agree with you that we can’t rely on Organic traffic for blog traffic and readers. If you make use of blogger communities effectively and being active to build relationships with our existing readers than we can surely receive a decent traffic with targeted audience. :-)

  20. Hi Ankit, I think the Guest Blogging is what covers all of above 5 reasons like you did here. :)

    But we also can’t ignore the above mentioned points.

    Thanks for the nice effort.

  21. Hi Ankit,
    I do agree with all those points you rolled out :)
    And you have to take it outside the box to push your readership to the next level.
    If any of your reader contacts you by mail or FB with a doubt or asking help, don’t make mock them like they are newbie or something. Help them and you will successfully convert them into your loyal readers.

    And again thanks for connecting my Guest Post here @ ABT on the end.

    1. This is the main reason why mostly blogger fail to build powerful blog readership because they don’t take any interest to reply to reader’s queries. Thanks Amal for your comment and your guest post is really awesome with powerful tips.

  22. Awesome Post Ankit!
    Every blogger must market their blog themselves untill it becomes an established one or else on one will know that there exists as blog call xyz….
    Not participating in communities is the biggest mistake..

  23. Awesome post here thanks for sharing the one should be Not lazy if he want to get blog readers thanks for sharing these cool pointers :D

  24. Hi Ankit,
    I am trying to share and be present on social media, but I don’t find any significant results from G+ communities. I noticed that some are creating pages on G+, would it be as important as Facebook pages?

    1. Dima first of all I would like to thank you for raising this question. Google plus is totally different from facebook pages as much more important than it because now your search results are varied based on your G+ shares. Try to be active on all social media sites but don’t forget G+.

    2. Shivani Sharma

      Yes Doma, it is really important to create pages on G+ because g+ is growing too fast and now it is second biggest social network after Facebook which simply means users of g+ growing with lightning speed so it is important to make your presence on g+ too.

  25. Readership is very important. That’s a key to have a successful blog. Sometimes I feel like I just fail to build readership and deal with the lists above, Thanks for the post Ankit Kumar Singla.

    Tan Nguyen

  26. I really don’t care that much about visitors, I ensure that i give the best quality of content on the web, I have my strategies on SEO that always work, when it comes to converting i visit your blog and the magic happens.

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