Facebook Activates Its Timeline For All: How To Use It

The wait is over: After months of several testing and offer a “voluntary change” to its users, today is the deadline for Facebook suits us all to your new Timeline or Chronology. The change is not sharp since, at least cautious, we could try it with a lot of anticipation to see what news brings Timeline. However, many people who follow the profile “old” so over the next few hours will see how everything is migrated to the new Facebook design.

It is possible that many do not like the new design of Facebook, but the truth is we have no escape. Timeline is fit or leave Facebook (something that happens almost all the changes in the social media). Therefore, we will take a moment to understand how we can do to make the most of this change.

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Let us start from the basis that the change to Timeline is almost a reconfiguration of the whole philosophy of Facebook. The idea is that we begin to share our whole life , not only loose updates. Timeline So not only allows us to share music, links, videos, and photos, but we can take all these elements to tell a story, a story about us. So find the side of a timeline Timeline we can customize to show our birth, major events such as graduation from secondary or college, and more.

So before making the switch to Timeline (or Facebook do it for us), should ideally review our privacy settings for something we published in 2008 did not come to surprise us overnight. Everything can hide and remove, and Facebook is an algorithm designed to display events and publications.

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What are the major changes?

A recent study conducted by Simply Measured indicates that, with Timeline, many companies have increased the number of interactions and engage with their users on Facebook. While the presence of firms in social networks and is unavoidable, it is good to know we have a professional tool to do so.

Timeline Facebook power capabilities and gives us a chance to tell the story of the brand, create a more personal story with our users and customers, and again all more verbose. Especially with big brands, usually Facebook is a great flood of inquiries, insults, flattery: a true bipolar grout comments. So to get everything organized is essential to make the page easier to navigate and users to find everything easily.

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Some final tips –

  • Are you ready to spend a timeline? Keep in mind these things:
  • Hide what you do not want others to see
  • Check your privacy settings before and after applying the change
  • If you want, create a timeline of life through photographs
  • Set up your Timeline so that only includes what you see and what you want others to see you
  • Have ready a good image to work as your cover photo.

This is guest post by Amrik Virdi who writes about How To Make Money Online.

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  1. Good post (and I loved the cover image :)). Another important thing to remember about the new timeline (for Business pages), is that with the custom page apps, you now have an unprecedented way of getting your fans to visit your website’s homepage. Using MyWebees, you can give them a ‘Home’ button on the shiny new navigation bar that Facebook has provided them, and they can browse your entire website while still in Facebook.

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