4 Not So Popular Social Media Mistakes That Could Get You Sued

Have you ever been docked?

If you have not, then there’s a need to congratulate you. It’s actually not a palatable experience to get sued for any reason and then appear before those fierce-looking magistrates and be drilled for hours. It could be emotionally and psychologically challenging.

Meanwhile, a lot of small enterprises operate with the erroneous belief that small businesses don’t get sued. What a big error of judgment! Well, for your information, anybody can be sued: individuals, small businesses or large businesses.

Don’t you believe me? It’s alright even if you don’t. But before you conclude that you are right, here’s what the U.S Chamber Institute of Legal Reform came up with their research findings:

In America in 2008, the tort liability price tag for small businesses was $105.4 billion.

81% of the business tort liability costs were borne by small businesses. Unfortunately, their revenue was only 22%.

The $35.6 billion of the tort costs paid by small businesses was paid from their pockets instead of through insurance.

4 Tips to Grow Your Blog While Working/Studying Full Time

Building a blog while studying or while having a job is no easy task.

It hard to do it even when you can dedicate yourself to it full-time, so what about when you’re limited on time and stress levels are higher?

Many people told me that it wouldn’t come easily to me, and they were right. But many people doubted that I could make it, and I did it anyway. I built a successful freelancing business while studying dentistry and scoring a GPA of 3.92 in the first 2 years.

Sound outrageous, right?

7 Evergreen Ideas To Repurpose Your Content To Reach a Wider Audience

content promotionPublishing great content on your blog is sometimes not as difficult but what is really difficult is getting a lot of people to discover and read the content.

So, if your content is not being read, it’s like dancing in the dark where nobody but you alone knows you are dancing. But with these 7 Evergreen ideas to repurpose your content to reach more audience, everything is about to change (for good).

What makes those authority blogs perform better than your blog is not only because they are writing quality articles but because they are strategizing and getting their content in front of the right size of audiences needed to give them the necessary exposure.

5 Reasons Customer User Experience Has To Come First In Any Business

customer user experience

Customer user experience is one thing that can make your business grow in popularity and outperform its competition. This is why a lot of businesses and corporate organizations are investing more and more resources into making sure that the experience their customers have while doing business with them is positive.

There is no doubt that businesses are done with a lot of emotions attached. If you treat a first-time customer shabbily, the tendency is that the customer goes away with that horrible experience chiseled into his brain, and he/she would never want to be reminded of you in the future.

The way you treat your real or potential customers, what they feel about your brand, and how satisfied they are with your product would make or mar your business in the long run.

It would suffice to say; therefore, that customer user experience is an integral part of any business success and must never be overlooked. In this post, we shall take a look at 5 reasons customer user experience has to come first in any business.

Namesilo Review – Don’t Go For It Unless You Read This!


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