Hottest Black Friday & Cyber Monday WordPress Deals 2014: Save Huge Money!

blackfriday deals

As the black Friday approaches, most of the consumer products go on sale. You can find these sales in your local markets and departmental stores as well. The cyber world never stays behind and that is why there are a lot of WordPress Black Friday 2014 deals out there. It is time for you to grab those deals and get the most benefit out of your favorite WordPress hosting companies, theme shops and plugins.

Some of the top rated companies that have come up with black Friday deals for 2014 are covered below.

Are You Using TOO Much WordPress Plugins on Your Blog? Stop Right Now!

how many wordpress plugins you should use?

WordPress plugin is regarded as an optimal choice for extending website function, with which people can enhance their sites conveniently without learning professional skills. And also, almost all plugins are free of charge so as to encourage webmasters to install too many WordPress plugins immoderately. However, more installs doesn’t create a better site.

In most cases, webmasters install WordPress plugins blindly instead of thinking twice. That is the leading cause to slow down page loading speed and get the whole site in trouble. Thus, if you are in the same situation, you have to take action to clean some unnecessary plugins right now.

Let me Setup Your New WordPress Blog For FREE!

One of the most common excuse, I’ve been hearing from new bloggers that they don’t know how to setup WordPress.

So what they do?

They won’t start WordPress blog or They’ll use Blogspot.

Not every new blogger is great with Setting up new blog, optimizing permalink, improving blog design etc.

If you’re one of them. Then you’ll be happy to know about my new free WordPress installation service.

I’ll help you to Setup Your New WordPress Blog for absolutely FREE!

I’ve decided to provide this service to new bloggers who want to start a new WordPress blog or those who’re using Blogspot and want to setup WordPress Blog.

free wordpress installation service

What I will do in this service?

Setting up a new blog, making it Search engine friendly is not easy. Here are list of features you will be getting with this free WordPress Install Service:

  • Installing Latest Version Of WordPress
  • Updating Ping list
  • Setting Up Permalink
  • All Important plugins Installation and configuration.
  • Installing Themes (Free)
  • Setting up Best SEO WordPress plugins
  • Speeding Up WordPress
  • Sitemap submissions
  • Feedburner Setup and Integration
  • Contact Page with awesome contact form
  • Google analytics Integration

No, it’s not only that!

I’ll provide you email support for a month. You can ask me any questions about any anything related to WordPress. Isn’t that cool?

  • How to use WordPress
  • Getting Traffic
  • Theme Suggestion
  • Social Media Tips
  • Writing Search Engine Optimized Content

Note: The only thing which you will not be getting in this free setup is: Theme setup. For this you can visit Deals Page to find any theme for your blog

Why am I offering so many things for free?

First of all my this service is totally FREE!

I will not ask you even a penny. The only thing you have to do is to buy web hosting using my special affiliate link.

This service is only available for free if you buy hosting from Bluehost using my affiliate link. If you don’t like to buy hosting from bluehost or any other company. You can contact me, I’ll provide you this service at very low cost.

How to Get Started?

For this all you need to do is, clean your browser cookies and click on Bluehost hosting link, and get an account with them.

Signup for Bluehost

You will be getting free domain along with it. If you already have a domain from any other company, you can send me domain details.

If you don’t want to buy hosting from Bluehost. You can try Hostgator. Using coupon “AllBloggingTips25” to get flat 25% OFF!

I will earn commission from Bluehost or Hostgator when you signup using my affiliate link and no additional cost to you.

Confused? Bluehost or Hostgator? Check this comparison!

After getting webhosting account. You need to send me following details:

  • Your Full Name:
  • Your Email:
  • Bluehost cPanel login details:
  • Domain access
  • Skype / gTalk ID:

Once, I have all these details, I start setting up your WordPress blog. It will take 24-72 working hours. You can send me details via below contact form.

    Your Name (required)

    Your Email (required)


    Your Message

    You can also email me info (@) allbloggingtips.com

    NOTE: I will not keep any of the forwarded information from you. Once I setup your WordPress. I will destroy the email!

    So What are You Waiting for?

    Let me setup your WordPress blog for FREE and take all these advantages. :D

    Don’t forget to share this service with your friends and bloggers. If they want to start a WordPress Blog

    All the best. Check out my guide on How To Start a Blog

    Bluehost Vs Hostgator – Which One Should You Use?

    bluehost vs hostgator
    Are you looking to start your own website or a blog but confused which one to choose Bluehost or Hostgator?

    There are too many things that are common in Hostgator to Bluehost which makes choosing one of them hard.

    I’m going to make your decision a lot easier.

    Because..I’ve great experience using both hosting companies and I can definitely guide you which one worth your penny and which one doesn’t.

    This is based on my own personal experience using both hosting companies.

    First, let me give share comparison of Bluehost Vs Hostgator. I’ll also share my experience and conclusion at the end of this post.

    Whether you are a webmaster or a beginner, it is important to have adequate knowledge about the essential features provided by a company. Before you pay and rely on a hosting service, these differences in major features will strengthen your ultimate decision. That’s how I decided.

    In this elaborated article, every feature is clearly mentioned to provide an ease and help you decide whether to choose Bluehost or Hostgator. Sit back and read it patiently.

    Bluehost Vs Hostgator – Quick Overview

    Company Bluehost Hostgator
    Basic plan $3.49 $3.96
    Site Migration Paid
    Auto Backup
    Control Panel
    Free Domain(s)
    • Ease of use
    • 99.9% uptime
    • 24×7 customer support
    • Highly affordable
    • Anytime money back guarantee
    • Recommended by WordPress.org
    • Free site migration
    • Transparent about features
    • 45 days money back
    • Occasional slow site speed
    • Slow response on live chat
    • No free migration.
    • Negative reviews all over the web
    • Poor customer support
    Overall A great option for those who are looking to host basic websites and need cheap hosting Not recommended
    Website Visit Website

    Bluehost Vs Hostgator: Detail Comparison

    So here’s the detail comparison between Bluehost and Hostgator. Let’s jump in!

    Uptime and Speed

    If it is about the utter performance and reliability of web hosting companies, then both maintain equality. Performance is the only reason that has kept these companies at the top and in the competition.

    The use of incredible technologies has made Bluehost and Hostgator to stand out among other web hosting services.


    It has spent a huge amount of 20 Billion USD for the data centers. The company has developed three dedicated data centers in Utah, equipped with latest technologies. It also uses CPU Segregation technology to control CPU smartly and prevent the website from negative users. Another point is the solid infrastructure that provides brilliant performance.


    They have built data centers in UT, Provo, and Houston. Every data center is well-equipped. The company is in partnership with famous SoftLayer to control data centers and all other functions. Hostgator also invests big amounts in brand new technologies in improving performance.

    If you are planning to host your domain, it is important to consider the reliability of the provider. Page loading always influences the user experience. If the web page loads faster, then most likely visitors will stay on your page for a longer time. And, if web page loading is slow, then it definitely upsets the users.

    In this specific feature, both the companies devote to better performance.

    In order to sustain your website in the market, it is compulsory to value the network uptime. Most important, both the companies offer high website uptime of 99.99%. But, if it’s true or not?

    Talking about the responsive time, both the companies approximate to 320ms which are faster and appreciating.

    With my personal experience, I can tell you that Bluehost is a bit faster than Hostgator. I faced several downtime when I hosted my site on Hostgator. However, the reasons were unidentified but, it was quite unsatisfactory.

    Website downtime definitely brings bad user experience for the visitors.

    Just like uptime, website speed is also an essential feature to note down. The faster the speed of the website, there are more chances that it will gain maximum followers.

    Both Bluehost and HostGator provide an excellent responsive time to the users. However, there are several tools by which you can identify the response time of your website. Overall, both the hosting companies are worthy to spend money in view of uptime and speed.

    Pricing Comparison

    When it comes to pricing and hosting packages, both the companies offer three great plans. From beginner to experts, anyone can opt for a starter, Plus or business pro.

    Whether you are a professional webmaster or a newbie, everyone considers the affordable web hosting package. That’s right. If you’re a beginner, you would desire for a plan that is reliable and cost-effective. However, experts want impressive plans for the better hosting.

    In both the cases, Bluehost and Hostgator present three main packages with slight differences. As a decision maker, you should consider every little detail and go for the one, which suits you better. Don’t worry, I would recommend my personal choice in the conclusion part according to the features.

    Hostgator Bluehost
    Hatchling plan – $3.96/month Basic plan – $3.49/month
    Baby plan – $6.36/month Plus plan – $5.95/month
    Business plan – $7.99/month Business Pro plan – $10.36/month

    Bluehost Pricing Details

    Let’s take a closer look at Bluehost pricing.

    bluehost pricing

    Starter Plan

    • 12 months prepay at $4.95/month=$59.40
    • 24 months prepay at $3.95/month=$94.80
    • 36 months prepay at $2.95/month=$106.20

    Plus Plan

    • 12 months prepay at $7.95/month=$95.40
    • 24 months prepay at $6.95/month=$166.80
    • 36 months prepay at $5.95/month=$214.20

    Business Pro Plan

    • 12 months prepay at $18.95/month=$227.40
    • 24 months prepay at $15.95/month=$382.80
    • 36 months prepay at $13.95/month=$502.20

    Note: When you signup make sure you uncheck all the other additional charges for Site Backup, Domain Privacy protection, site lock security etc. It will save your total amount.

    Hostgator Pricing Details

    Now here us the detailed pricing package offered by HostGator.

    hostgator plans

    Hatchling Plan

    • 12 months prepay at $5.95/month= (33.52% off)
    • 24 months prepay at $4.95/month= (37.74% off)
    • 36 months prepay at $3.95/month= (43.17% off)

    Baby Plan

    • 12 months prepay at $8.95/month= (25.10%off)
    • 24 months prepay at $6.95/month= (36.53% off)
    • 36 months prepay at $5.95/month= (40.20% off)

    Business Plan

    • 12 months prepay at $8.95/month= (47.20% off)
    • 24 months prepay at $6.95/month= (56.43% off)
    • 36 months prepay at $5.95/month= (60.20% off)

    However, both Bluehost or Hostgator have dedicated, reseller and dedicated hosting. Even, there are other multiple free services offered by the companies with each hosting package.

    Customer Support

    Not everyone is a technical person and you really can’t fix everything yourself.

    It’s true that people only trust those websites that are prompt and offer excellent technical support. In the matter of technical assistance, both the companies are fairly fast and supportive.

    If you get stuck in any process, 24/7 available online technical teams of Bluehost and Hostgator will solve your queries without a glitch. From email support to phone call and online instant chat, the hosting services are extremely fast.

    I face many issues with my blog. In those circumstances, I take no long to contact the technical support team for the problem.

    There are no automated machines to help you but real persons ask your problem and assure to bring quick solutions.

    But, if I compare Bluehost Vs Hostgator support quality and response time I would say Bluehost is the winner. My client recently contacted to the technical team of Bluehost and they quickly respond. That’s too impressive. Please keep in mind that sometimes they experience high number of chat support requests so it may take longer to respond to your support issue.

    User interface

    As a newbie, this particular part plays a significant role. A friendly user interface attracts new as well experts. Both the hosting providers offer standard cPanel. The control panel of Bluehost and Hostgator provide a quick 1-click installer for multiple scripts.

    It can a daunting task to manage a website by your own, along with domains, email setup and hosting account.

    With the option of icon-based interface, it has become quite easier to install any popular script. A newbie can install WordPress with just 1-click and it is super fast and incredibly easy.

    To your knowledge, user-friendly control panel like cPanel is easy to use. I personally suggest you to use these hosting providers because of friendly control panel that allows you to learn installation process without a mishap.

    If I compare the control of both hosting companies, I would say Bluehost is little more customized. Your hosting cpanel, domain management, support center and billing everything is managed in one dashboard.

    Whereas, HostGator provides separate cPanel interface and portal for billing and technical support.


    After detailed comparison between the top most web hosting services, I’ve ended up with a solid conclusion.

    Undoubtedly, Bluehost and Hostgator services are reputable hosting companies that have developed utter trust and reliability from their users.

    Both the rival companies are in the race for a long time and each one is giving tough competition to the other one. With my experience and personal observation, I would suggest you go for Bluehost.

    When it comes to exceptional services and quality, Bluehost wins the race. Hostgator still needs to improve the performance and customer support. It somehow disperses the users to other hosting services. I have received enormous good reviews about Bluehost as compared to HostGator.

    If you only have to choose between Bluehost vs Hostgator, I would recommend you to go with Bluehost.

    If you are looking for even better web hosting as compared to Hostgator or Bluehost. My recommendation would be InMotion hosting. This blog is currently hosted on InMotion and the performance of this host is excellent. The customer support is very responsive. I don’t have to wait for more than 5 minutes to get connected with their live support team. Use this special link to save 38% off and get a FREE domain name.

    Why You Should Use Premium WordPress Themes?

    The WordPress has become the most favorite tool for bloggers and website owners. It has a great range of usability and flexibility that make it the easiest yet most powerful tool.

    There are many themes available online for the WordPress and people mainly use the free themes for their blogs or website.

    Am I right?

    The free themes are really good enough for many but if you want to be serious with your online presence then using premium WordPress themes will be best for you. The premium themes may require you to spend some money but it will make sure of the customization and security better for your blog or website.

    Read Also : How To Choose WordPress Theme?

    use premium wordpress theme

    Why You Should Use A Premium WordPress Themes?


    1. The design

    There are many free WordPress themes which are really attractive but even those are nothing if you compare them with the premium themes. ;)

    The premium themes for WordPress are designed by the most skillful designers and these themes come with no malfunctions. That is why if you want your blog or website to be attractive and more professional then go for the premium ones. That will make your web presence stronger for you.

    2. Great features

    The premium themes of WordPress comes with a long range of great features that make your website much better. The free themes don’t come with as great features as the premium themes. There are some unique features like sharing tools,  different posting plugins and dynamic galleries which you can only get with the WordPress premium themes. This is why you must need them to make the blog or website better. There are other features of premium WordPress Themes like;

    • SEO Friendly Design
    • Widgets Ready
    • Elegant Design
    • Easy to Customize
    • Life Time Support
    • Responsive Design

    3. Theme customization

    The one thing, which helps you to make your blog or website look how you want them to be, is the customizing options of the themes. The free themes have only few customization options when the premium themes make sure that you get more in-depth control over the customization of the theme. This way you can work on the WordPress theme to make it look exactly the way you want it to look.

    4. They are more secure

    The premium themes of WordPress are surely more secured than the free themes. The security options of free themes don’t generally update themselves automatically when the premium themes do. The WordPress premium themes come with a long range of security options that make the website hack free. The options are automatically updated regularly too. That is why the premium themes are more secure.

    5. Free Updates

    The WordPress premium themes come with free updates. Every time there is an available update for your premium theme, it will be available for you. The theme or its features will be updated for free and this facility is available for entire life. That means your premium WordPress theme will receive required options and updated security measures when available.

    6. Technical support

    The technical support is a very important thing for any WordPress theme user. If you are using a premium theme for your WordPress website or blog then you will be able to get technical support from the developer of the theme whenever needed. That is a great thing for you if you are a first time blogger.

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    Best Premium WordPress Themes I Recommend!

    There’re many sites that provide premium WordPress Theme. But Below I’m sharing 2 top and best, affordable WordPress Club That provide great Premium WordPress Themes!

    Theme-Junkietheme junkieThemeJunkie provide best wordpress Themes for very low price, Professional looking, Fast loading and great lifetime support. This is one of the best wordpress themes club. Use this link and enter special coupon “35OFF” to get 35% OFF on any theme! Isn’t that really cool? :D

    elegant themesElegantThemesLooking for great, professional looking, elegant style wordpress themes? Elegant themes have it all. They provide great quality wordpress themes. Get 100% complete access to their entire collection of 76 themes for only $39!

    Over To You!

    Do you use premium WordPress Themes? Let me know in comments!

    The article by Harry. He recommend that you read about Ghost Box and when you get the time, also read about Ouija Board Dangers.