Giveaway: Win 3 Premium WordPress Themes from ThemeFuse

It’s been long time, I’ve not organized any giveaway here.

So today I’m happy to announce the 7th giveaway on AllBloggingTips. That is 3 Premium WordPress Themes from ThemeFuse.

Our friends at ThemeFuse have gone completely insane. They are giving away three premium WordPress themes, and all you have to do is give them a shout-out to enter the contest.

Three winners will experience the facelift that a premium ThemeFuse theme will bring to their website. If your name is selected, you could receive the new look that will bring life to your current blog or website. Three winners will be selected. Will one of them be you?


Entering the Giveaway

  • The first step and important is to comment below which theme would you like to win? How you would use your new theme if you are a winner. Will you be fixing an old site or launching a new one?
  • Follow the Rafflecopter widget below
  • Share this giveaway everyday on social network to increase the chances of wining.

Winners will be announced 1 week from today.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Just Why Should You Participate?

ThemeFuse can provide just about any look and feel for your site, except for ordinary. Each premium WordPress theme provides a sensational new image for your site. From wedding pages to restaurant to opinionated blog, ThemeFuse has you covered.

ThemeFuse designs are more than just a pretty look. Careful design gives you an interface that is easy to customize for full functionality.

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Designer WordPress Theme

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Best of Luck to all Participants!

Why You’ve Not Been Getting Your Desired Result from Blogging

You’ve read a lot of Internet Marketing and blogging tips out there including some other things but, how many of those various tips that you’ve read have you tried on your own?

I’m speaking from my own personal experience here and, I think you really have to start seeing this the way I’m seeing it. Now, if you really want to start seeing amazing results from your business then, you have to pay attention and read this blog post from start to finish.


I started blogging about 18 months ago and, it might interest you to know that I love reading a lot which is good but, do I also put the things I learnt to practice? Of cause NO.

When I started blogging, I subscribed to almost 46 blogs RSS FEED which means that I’m always notified via email whenever these blogs published a new post and I’m sure you know what that mean…. Always reading blog posts.

For the first 7 months of my blogging career, I was busy reading all the blogging tips and tricks that comes my way and the funniest thing is that I was enjoying it .

Every day, I must read about 28 blog posts and, that’s the only thing I will do for the day after which I will be praising myself for working hard.

I continued like that for about 7 months and my own blog was not doing well at all until I decided to change what I was doing.

Now, I’m not saying that it’s not good to form the habit of reading but, don’t overdo things and, after reading any tip out there, see how you can practice what you’ve read on your own blog and if it didn’t work well, you can always reverse it. It will always make a difference and, it’s more honourable to try something and fail than to not do anything.

Don’t Mistake Activity for Achievement

Now, do you know that most of the things people always see as achievements are only activities? Yes, believe it or not.

Reading all the blogging tips and formula out there will never take you anywhere rather, it will only leave you with lots of confusion because, you will just be reading for reading sake and not to learn something new.

When you’re starting a blog, instead of reading articles about How To Build a Blog ranging from keyword research, registering and hosting your domain to installing the blog, you go and start reading articles about How to Drive Traffic to your blog then, you will only be wasting your precious time and that’s what I call activity.

This is because you don’t really need that information at that moment and reading it will add no meaning to your business. Bet me that you would have forgotten the tips you read from that post by the time you will need it.


So, everything in life has a process and for you to succeed on anything, you must follow the required process else, you will only be messing around. Even the holy bible also made it clear that there is time for everything.

This goes to say that, if what you’re doing at the moment is thinking about how to monetize your blog then, it’s better to focus on that and all the tips you should be reading are ones that are related to that and when you’re reading such tips, you should also be acting on them so that the time you spent to read them will be worthwhile.

Reading weight loss articles when you’re struggling to learn how to get your adsense account approved is just madness. This was the same thing that happened to me during my first 7 months of blogging, if someone has told me I was making a mistake then and show me the right thing to do just like I’m showing you now then, my blog would have grown passed the level it has attained now.

Is your blog stagnant? Are you not seeing any result from your efforts so far? then, its time you seat down and analyse what you’ve been doing and know where you’re doing it wrong, know if you’ve been mistaking activity for achievement.

Henry Ford defined insanity as doing the same thing over and over again while expecting different result so, if you really want things to change for you now, if you really want to start seeing your desired results then, you must also start changing the way you do things.

Stop reading all the articles out there now and start practising the ones you’ve learnt so far, this is the best thing you can do for your business right now.

Mind you, I’m not saying you should stop reading blog posts entirely but, all I’m saying is that you should always read less and practice more :)


I’d like to start discussion on the comment section below, I’m here to answer all your questions, just ask my any.

It will also be kind of you to tweet and share this post with your friends if you find useful.


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Do You Know These Top 10 Websites to Find Free Images for Your Blog?

I recently found out that adding pictures to individual blog post really makes each article sticky and resonates more with those who read it, because an image tells more story than a bunch of words crumpled together. But due to the advent of copyright laws online these days, you can’t just pick up any beautiful image you see online and slap it into your blog post, because if the owner of that image hasn’t given you right to use it, then you might end up be sued for copyright infringement (which might warrant you taking down the photo).

So in other to avoid this copyright infringement and stay on the safe side of things, you might want to stay clear copyrighted images and focus on those ones which are free to use.

In case you don’t know where to find such free images as aforementioned above, below are 7 awesome websites that you ransack today in your search for free images.

1. EverstockPhoto []

everstockphotoEverstockphoto is one of the most popular website to find free images, it is known to be the search engine for free images. Their images comes from many sources but don’t feel uncomfortable they are all license specified.

Creating an account on everstockphoto for free, you can upload, tag, comment and collect images on behave of  your free account.

Currently they are having more than a million images on their site. Everstock was launched in April 2006.

One of their main aim is to become the leading portal for the stock exchange photography community, and add more features to service.

2. Stock.XCHNG []

Stock.XCHNGThis awesome website is probably of the biggest places on the internet to look for free images. It has over 400,000 free images on virtually different any topic on the internet; ranging from Arts, Technology, blogging etc. Also, since it’s now owned by Getty Image, be expecting to see more enhanced image search services on the long haul. Give them a try today.

3. Free Photos Bank []

FreephotobankThis is another awesome site to get free images for your blog posts. Free Photo Bank offers you an awesome option to see which photos are the most downloaded and the good thing is – you really don’t have to register in other to download them. Plus you can decide to use it literally for anything you have in mind.

4. Photo Pin []

photopinAn awesome website that is among the best when you want beautiful images, top-quality and elegant free photos for your personal use, Although each images there are under the protection of creative commons licensing – this means if you end up using any of photos from Photo Pin you’d need to link back to the original source.

5. []

freedigitalphotos.netYet another awesome free image community, they have a unique way of uploading images on their website. All their photos are free, either business, personal or educational, it all free. although their images are of small size, but they are all perfect, if you need the larger size of their image then you need to go for the premium account.

6. Foter []

FooterThis is yet another free image website where bloggers can come and get relevant photos for their blog posts. And just like Photo Pin above, you can use any of the images but you mustn’t forget to give credit back to the image source.

Apart from that, there’s no other restriction, so you can decide to use the images as you deem fit.

7. Unprofound []

unprofoundThere are enormous amount of totally FREE relevant images for you to use if you’re targeting to get an image impromptu.

With Unprofound , which  I consider the best because of the no-restriction it gives with the use of it images; you can use the images gotten from there for anything you have in mind.  Either for educational, personal or commercial purposes, images from Unprofound will help you better in being on the safe side of things.

8. Comp Fight []

ComfightComp Fight makes it quite easy searching for Creative-Commons-Licensed images for your content uses daily. The beauty of this site is it ability to search out relevant images from Flickr and combining it to their own images so that you can get the most relevant image search ever.

9. Morguefile []

MorguefileIt has a massive amount of images for free download, ranging from arts to all kinds of images. But these images can only be used for personal, practical and educational uses and it can’t be sold or used for commercial purposes. So while using images from Morguefile you might want to be really careful not to end up using it for things other than what I just mentioned above.

10. Stockvault []

Stockvault.netOn my last list is stockvault, not that stockvault is the worse free images community. Among the images communtiy listed here it’s one of the best community to find free images. It was launched in 2004, its a community for students, graphics designers and photographers, these three group of people can share images for others to use without no cost. They are having over 30,000 free images available on the website.

You can even try these two websites to find quality images for your blog posts

So in conclusion, all these sites are the best in terms of getting free images and they can keep you safe from photographer’ wrath if you adhere to follow all the instructions attached to using each images gotten from their sites.

But let ask, did I miss your favourite free image website? Please tell us yours in the comments. Thanks for reading.

The Speed of Your Website Is More Important Than You Think!

Before you start exporting images, you should familiarize yourself with some of the important issues relevant to using graphics on the Web, such as file size, file types, and image optimization. Many of the avail­able graphics tools will do this optimization for you, but to make good choices that best suit your situation, you should understand the how and why of optimization.

Graphics optimization is the process of reducing the file size of images used on web pages, while preserving the quality and clarity of those images. This process provides a few key benefits:

  • Smaller images are friendlier to your end users. People will be able to download the web page faster if you’ve opti­mized your images.
  • Your website will appear faster to them, and they will be less frustrated than if they had to wait thirty seconds for all your huge, unoptimized images to appear.
  • Smaller images are more bandwidth-friendly. Web hosts usually limit how much data your website can serve per month. If your images are smaller, you won’t hit your quota as fast. Some providers will even charge fees when you exceed your limit. Commercial organi­zations that host their own websites also pay a bandwidth fee. It might seem trivial, but the savings will add up if you get a signifi­cant amount of unique visitors to your site.
  • Smaller images take up less space. Sure, we’ve all heard the argument that disk space is cheap, but disk space is even cheaper if you don’t have to buy as many disks to store all your huge images. Amazon’s S3 service charges for both the space used by your files and your bandwidth. It’s in your best interests to keep the image sizes small so you pay less for storage and data transfer.


Download Times

Even though many people have fast Internet connections, you still need to think about download times for your assets. A 100KB JPEG might appear small, but add in five of them, the 122KB Prototype JavaScript library, several CSS files, and several other assets, and it can take a few seconds or more for those images to download.

Users tend to be incredibly impatient, and you want to do everything you can to make your pages load as quickly as possible.

You can use various methods to calculate the total size of a page. Adding up the file size of your page, scripts, style sheets, and images using a calculator is one way. Another, more accurate way is to let an outside service do it for you.

Visit Website optimization service here , and enter the address of your site to see a detailed report.

Dealing with Different Graphics Formats

Optimizing images can be difficult because you need to consider the type of image you’re working on.

For example, photographs need to be optimized differently than charts or logos.

When you work in a web browser, you work primarily with three graph­ics formats: GIFs, PNGs, and JPEGs. We’re using each of these for­mats in our site.


GIF, short for Graphics Interchange Format, is a graphics format that uses a palette of up to 256 distinct colors from the 24-bit RGB color space. You don’t use it for photographs because of this limited-color space, but it’s great for logos. The GIF format also supports animations.

Historically, GIFs have often been used for logos and buttons because they support transparency, which means you can place a GIF on the page and see the background through parts of the logo. However, devel­opers are increasingly adopting PNGs because of that format’s superior transparency support.


PNG, short for Portable Network Graphics, is a bitmap image format that uses lossless compression and was designed to replace the GIF format. It supports only RGB colors, and it’s designed for use on the Web.

It also supports transparency quite well. Unfortunately, this transparency is supported only in newer browsers, but don’t be afraid to use it because the image quality can be amazing.

Be sure to watch your file sizes when using PNGs; a 24-bit PNG with transparency can be quite large.


Don’t Recompress a JPEG!

You should avoid recompressing a JPEG whenever possible. If you’ve compressed the original image by 20% and still haven’t gotten the file size you wanted, don’t compress the new image further; instead, compress the original file again. It’s important to keep your original files uncompressed, so you can go back and re-create them.


JPEG is a compression format for photographic images. It’s widely sup­ported, but it uses a lossy compression, so artifacts can be created if you compress too much or recompress multiple times.

JPEGs do not support transparency at all, and you should use them only for photographs. Logos, screenshots, and gradients are definitely not appropriate uses for JPEGs.

What are the methods you’re using to speed up your website? Do you compress images?

Let me know if you find this article useful.

How Using Google’s Disavow Link Tool May Help Rid of Bad Backlinks

Bad backlinks and the impact they will have on SEO has become a concerning factor among different webmasters and site owners.  With the introduction of the Penguin update which was set to penalize low value backlinks, the situation will worsen with the upcoming Penguin 2.0. Site owners may be justified for crying foul as they often don’t have control over links from external websites. A competitor could deliberately point thousands of spam links to your site to encourage penalties on your side, a practice known as bad SEO.

Even sites that are not targeted by such spam links may still be penalized for past link building practices as long as they don’t confirm to Google’s Webmaster Guidelines, and if they fail to have such links removed.


Fortunately there is a way in which webmaster can resolve the matter, and that’s by using Google’s Disavow Link tool. Basically the Disavow link tool lets site owners submit files through the Google Webmaster Tool listing those links that should be valued and those to be devalued.

Say you have 5 good links pointing back and one bad one. With Disavow link tool you can let Google know of the 5 links you would like considered when your site’s links are valued.

This has actually come as a great solution to webmasters and site owners struggling to remove low value backlinks, and with Google’s Penguin 2.0 set to roll into motion it will be gravely important for site owners to remove poor quality links. However there are some things to bear in mind when using this feature.

Disavow Links May Harm You

Note that if you submit links incorrectly and choose to remove non malicious links your site could drop in search engine rankings. For example, if you choose eliminating links by domain name instead of by individual backlinks you risk removing links from good sites which may have actually contributed to your site being where it is.

Use Disavow Only In the Event of An Attack

With the potential of harming your search engine rankings, site owners should only use Disavow links once sure that they’ve fallen prey to negative SEO, or in the event that certain backlink issues are not resolved with other site owners.

Separate Negative Backlinks from Beneficial Links

Note that the process of separating negative backlinks from beneficial ones can be a hectic process and one that will devour your time and effort. Sites such as Majestic SEO charge $49.99 to retrieve your entire link profile. From then it will be up to you to determine which links are worth removing and which are not. Bear in mind that certain malicious looking links may actually be rated by search engines, and it will depend on how they are placed on the referring site.

How Disavow Links May Harm Your Website Rankings

Google hasn’t really given a solid explanation on how it uses data obtained from the Disavow Link Tool. Although it may remove reported links from your site’s profile, it also reserves the right to thoroughly and independently review your submission and decide on which links to value or dis-value.

Given that the links submitted may come useful as supporting evidence in the event that you want your business reconsidered by Google after penalization in search rankings. With the potential harm associated with using the tool incorrectly it will best to use the services of a qualified SEO professional instead of attempting to troubleshoot and repair damage from SEO attacks on your own.

If you want to know more about using Google Disavow tool in details read this.

Did I missed any point? Are you using this Google Disavow tool? Does it really work?

Show Me Your Blog Design and I’ll Show You Your Blog’s Future

I won’t agree with you if you tell me that your blog design has nothing to do with your traffic and how you make money online.

If I should show you two houses, one with a beautiful design and the other with a rough design and voluntarily ask you to choose one out of it as a gift (I wish I could), you’ll definitely go for the one with a beautiful design.

Let’s draw this back to the aspect of blogging.

Your blog design has a great role to play; it’s the first thing to consider before thinking of writing quality content, generating traffic or making money online.

Definitely it can affect your blog in a positive way and also in a negative way, a good design attracts visitors while a bad design bids them farewell.

blog design

What are the blog designs that can affect your blog and how can you avoid them?

1. Use a simple theme

Too much of everything is bad, there’s this saying that goes thus “one man’s food is another man’s poison”. You might optimize your theme in a way that will look good to you but do you know if it looks good to your readers?

I have an idea, why not ask friends or other bloggers you’ve created connections with to check out your blog and tell you their opinion about your design.

If you get a negative answer from three different bloggers then you must make a change to your blog design. Make your blog design simple and avoid over optimization. It’ll not only make your blog look good but will also welcome visitors to your blog.

There’re many sites that provide premium WordPress Theme. But Below I’m sharing 2 top and best, affordable WordPress Club That provide great Premium WordPress Themes!

ElegantThemes – Looking for great, professional looking, elegant style wordpress themes? Elegant themes have it all. They provide great quality wordpress themes. Get 100% complete access to their entire collection of 76 themes for only $39!

Theme-Junkie – ThemeJunkie provide best wordpress Themes for very low price, Professional looking, Fast loading and great lifetime support.

2. Navigation counts

You’re building an empty desert on your blog if readers find it difficult to navigate through your blog.

I’ve received few messages from bloggers contacting me to check their blog if it’s eligible for google adsense and to my surprise, most of the blogs have no navigation at all. I managed to type “/contact” after the blog URL in order to get to the contact page, I know that’s a no-brainer.

If a visitor visits your blog, will they find it easy to contact you or know more about you? Those pages are very essential, you also need to group your blog posts into categories; this will make it easy for readers to access your blog. You can make navigations easier by placing your pages at the header and at the footer of your blog, it really counts.

3. Font types and size

Of course, you want to make your blog beautiful and attractive by using fancy fonts.

Before doing this, the question you should ask yourself is; will my readers be able to read my blog content?

If yes, then you’re safe but if no, there are two things involved. It’s either they put on a google glass for easy readability or they won’t bother stressing their eyes thereby leaving your blog. The size and type of your font matters a lot. There are fancy fonts that can slow down a blog and of course, you know we’re all in a hurry. If I should visit your blog and find out that it has a lazy load, I won’t hesitate to leave your blog. So try as much as possible and optimize your fonts for your readers and not for yourself.

blog design

4. Using multiple colors

The eyes naturally gets attracted to anything colorful but too much of it is a distraction to the eyes. The maximum number and range of color you can use on your blog is around 4 – 6 major colors, it depends on the theme of your blog. If you’re using a red theme then the background of your navigation bar and sidebar title must be red, your blog background color can be different and your footer color can be different too, making it a total of 4 colors on your blog. This makes your color a uniform and professional. Avoid multiple colors on your blog; it’s nothing but a color riot.


Go back and do some architectural work on your blog, I’m sure you know how it looks like. Try to make some amendment if you fall on any of the categories mentioned above.

Remember, a bad blog design welcomes a high bounce rate and a high bounce rate can get your blog de-ranked.

I’m sure these tips are definitely incomplete; I would love to hear your view.

Have you previously fall into any of these categories? How did they affect your blog?