18 Best and Cool Android Apps for Bloggers

I’m sick of reading top 5 cool android apps and 10 best android apps around. 😉

So I decided to create list of 18 Cool Android Apps For Bloggers and Webmasters.

Which can help Bloggers perform their daily Blogging work on their Android device. Android is the most used Mobile Platform in the world with approx 650,000+ Best Apps and counting. The Apps come very handy in our daily lives, We can access them from anywhere using our smartphone, tablet etc.


18 Best and Cool Android Apps for Bloggers

18 Best Cool Android Apps for Bloggers

So Today I’m going to List 18 Cool and Best Android Apps for Bloggers and Webmasters which will help them wherever they go.

You can easily download below cool android apps from google play store by searching their names

1. WordPress

android apps every blogger must haveandroid apps every blogger must have
WordPress for Android allows you to manage your Self-Hosted WordPress Blog from your Android device. You can compose new posts, edit old ones etc. You can moderate comments and publish photos, videos taken by your device. This is a MUST have cool android app for WordPress Lovers


2. Blogger
android apps every blogger must haveandroid apps every blogger must have
Blogger is one of the most used blogging platform and If you have a Blogger blog then you can use this app for creating and publishing posts. You can also edit posts with this app. A strange thing about Blogger app is that it does not have enough functionality and options like WordPress app. If you’re using Blogspot, you should use this best android app.

3. Tumblr

android apps every blogger must haveandroid apps every blogger must have
If you run a Tumblr blog then this app is for you. With this app you can create new posts, manage drafts, queue posts etc. This is a perfect app for tumblr users with enough options.


4. PayPal
android apps every blogger must haveandroid apps every blogger must have
Finally Android users will get to taste the official PayPal app. With this app you can send / request money. you can manage your PayPal account, Check Balance, Withdraw funds, View transactions etc. Anytime Anywhere. Isn’t that cool app for android users specially bloggers? 😀


5. Disqus
android apps every blogger must have
If you use Disqus commenting system on your blog then Disqus for Android app can help you moderate comments, publish responses etc. from anywhere.

6. Google Analytics

android apps every blogger must haveandroid apps every blogger must have
With Google Analytics app you can manage your Analytics Dashboard, See real time stats from your blog. Now no need for using your computer to see traffic stats, With this app you can just have a look anytime.


7. AdSense Dashboard

android apps every blogger must haveandroid apps every blogger must have

AdSense Dashboard is an Android app for viewing AdSense Performance metrics. You can have a look at many AdSense metrics which include CPM, CTR, Page Views, Clicks, Page RPM etc. You can also see How custom channels are performing. The App also contains a widget which you can place on your Android Home screen for a quick look.

8. Facebook Pages Manager

android apps every blogger must haveandroid apps every blogger must have
Facebook Pages Manager is an official best app from Facebook which you can use to manage your Blog’s Facebook Fan page. You can Post new updates, photos, videos etc. You can view notifications, respond to messages and view your page insights. With this app, you can manage multiple pages.

9. Google Reader

android apps every blogger must haveandroid apps every blogger must have
Google Reader is the Best RSS reader app available on Android. With Google Reader app you can follow your favorite blog’s and site’s RSS feed. This app also has a feature to sync all the updates across all your devices.

10. Swiftkey Keyboard

android apps every blogger must have
The default touchscreen keyboard on Android devices is not good enough for writing long blog posts. Swiftkey Keyboard is the Best keyboard and one of the Top downloaded Android app.
This app replaces your stock keyboard with an all new keyboard with many features like Auto-Correction, Auto-Capitalization etc. Which helps correct spelling mistakes and mistyped words. You can now write long blog posts more accurately. This cool android app for tablet is also available in store

11. Imgur for Android

android apps every blogger must haveandroid apps every blogger must have
Many bloggers use Imgur.com for Hosting images for their blog posts, Now with Imgur App you can instantly upload photos and use it in your blog posts. You can also upload multiple photos at once.


12. Writer
android apps every blogger must have
As the name suggests, Writer is a word processor app which comes handy for writing notes, blog post ideas etc. whenever you want. The app is simple to use and you can also share your notes via email.

13. BlogPost

android apps every blogger must haveandroid apps every blogger must have
BlogPost is a multi Blogging Platform client. With this app you can manage Blogger, WordPress, Live Journal etc. You can create / edit posts, manage comments, upload photos / videos etc. It has an awesome visual editor from where you can change Font, Insert Links, paragraph styles, Quotes etc. All in one app for android users

14. WebRank SEO

android apps every blogger must haveandroid apps every blogger must have
WebRank SEO is a must have cool app for all bloggers, With this app you can check your Google Pagerank, Alexa rank, Pages indexed on Google / Yahoo / Bing, Backlinks from google / yahoo / bing, Social shares, tweets, likes etc. All at once. What you have to do is Enter your website address and hit search. So Simple, NO?


15. PayPal Fee Calculator
android apps every blogger must have
PayPal calculator is another handy tool, With this app you can quickly and accurately calculate PayPal fee you’ll be charged for your transactions. This app also has a Reverse mode which can help you calculate the total amount to be requested in order to receive the amount you want.

16. Color Code Book

android apps every blogger must haveandroid apps every blogger must have
Color Code book is a handy tool for Color codes. With this app you can find different color codes like Hex code, RGB code, CMYK code etc. This is a very helpful app for web designers.

17. SECockpit Keyword Research

android apps every blogger must haveandroid apps every blogger must have
SECockpit is the best SEO keyword research tool for marketers available for android. Just enter your keyword and the app will automatically gather all the data. With this app you can find ‘How many times the keyword was searched’, The AdWords CPC etc.

18. Google Drive

android apps every blogger must haveandroid apps every blogger must have
With Google Drive you can store your Documents, Photos, Videos, Audio etc. on cloud storage. The sync feature lets all the files be available across multiple devices. This is a very useful app for Bloggers, Now you don’t need huge storage space on your device.

So these were 18 Best and Cool Android Apps for Bloggers, If you have these apps installed on your android device then you can manage your blog anywhere.

But, for this All you need is a Wi-Fi / Internet connection. 😉

I hope this post was helpful and Informative.

Good Luck!

Don’t forget to let me know which android apps you are using to manage your blog?


How to Get More Comments On New Blog?

How to get more comments on new blogIs it difficult to get comments on new blog? Wouldn’t it be nice to have a lots of comments on new blog? 😉

Even who have started their blog long time ago don’t see much comments on their post.

If you’re new blogger and want to get more comments on new blog


This post will surely help you to get more comments on new blog (0r) any blog.

Why & How to Get More Comments On New Blog?

Blogs are meant a place of discussion. Where different kind of people discuss some specific topics which is why gaining comments is one of the most important thing for a blog after traffic.

Comments show how active the blog is and what kind of audience it has. In simple words, comments are life of blogs.

It allows readers to interact with each other and keep the conversation going.

If you are smart enough to see, sometimes comments of your readers can give you ideas for your blog and what topics you should cover in near future.

Another hidden benefit of having nice number of comments on your blog is ease in gaining guest bloggers and advertiser because they are looking for active community.

As for a new blog, comments can play a vital role in making a blog popular and make people to come back again and again. Now allow me to show you some amazing ways to get more comments on new blog and every new post that you publish.

Don’t forget to read How To Get Traffic To A New Blog ?

How to Get More Comments on New Blog ??

1. Build Strong Network:

The best way to get more comments on new blog is to have relationships with other bloggers.


This is because when you share your content with them, they would love to tell you how good or bad you were and what they though about your words.

Having a strong relationship with your fellow bloggers will not only results in more comments but more traffic too because they are fully loyal to you and have no problem in sharing your content. Here are few tips to help you build good network with other bloggers. (Specially newbies)

  • Follow them on social networks (facebook, twitter)
  • Share their content
  • Comment on their blog
  • Link back to their articles

2. User Killer Call to Action:

Calling your reader to action is the best way to make them do anything you want. This can be subscribing to your blog’s feeds, newsletter or commenting on any post.

Readers are mentally ready to exit your blog as they reach at the end of post, but if they are told to do something, they stay and follow. But don’t use the traditional boring ways for doing so.

Instead, tell them to do so in a fashion hat catches their attention and they feel like someone actually told them to do something. Call to action works more effectively than anything else. Few examples of Call To actions are.

  • Did I missed any point?
  • If you find post useful consider sharing
  • You can subscribe to my blog to receive new articles
  • What you think about this post?

Did I missed any example of call to actions? Let me know in comments..

3. Award Commentators:

Encourage the commentators on your blog by awarding them?

No! No! 😉

You don’t have to give them trophies or fat pay checks so they become happy and keep commenting. Follow tips below to award commentators (in WordPress). This really works and will help you to get more comments on new blog (or) any blog.

How To Award Commentators?

  1. Install CommentLuv Plugin
  2. Use Top Commentators Widget
  3. Add Recent Comment Widget
  4. Special Tip: Give some things/freebies to top commentator of the month. Like ad spot or a backlink for one month.

4. Create Killer content:

Creating killer content is obviously must for all kind of blogs at any age but is way too important for a blog that was just born.

If you want anyone to show his thoughts about something in world of blogging, you have to force him.

And the best way to force is not by telling them to, but by creating killer content and then using the call to action at the end of the post. A perfect article can force thoughts to come out as words. Below are few articles to help you write engaging and killer content.

5. Comment on other blogs:

This is something that most people don’t take as serious option. This works in pretty simple fashion.

When you comment on other blogs, it is too obvious that comment moderator will surely visit your blog and may comment too.

Comment on at least 30-50 blogs in a week and see the difference. You can start now from my blog 😀

But any reader of that blog who clicks on your link inside that comment just because what you said sounded interesting to him is a definite commentator at your blog too.


Always share, promote and comment on your fellow bloggers’s content before asking them to leave comment on your blog.

I dint recommend guest blogging here in this post. Because if you are a new blogger it won’t work good for you.

So, just focus more on building a strong network by blog commenting, writing great stuff and award commentators using above tips.

I’m sure these tips will help you to get comments on new blog or any blog.

Have I missed any other way to Get More Comments On New Blog?? Take your action now by commenting below.

4 Secrets to Create Blog Posts in No Time!

Blogging is becoming competitive day by day and if you don’t update your blog frequently, it will fade out pretty soon.

That’s the reason you have to update it frequently to stay in competition and move forward as well.

But, here is another thing. Not having enough time to blog is the biggest problem of a lot of bloggers like me and might be YOU? 😉

They don’t have time to write posts to publish every day.

That’s where I have decided to step in and help out those fellows. I’m going to guide you how to Create Blog Posts in no time just how I made myself much more productive and faster.

You see, fast typing is not the only thing that guarantees blog post in quick time. Many other things play their roles as well.

Now allow me to show you 4 Secrets to Create Blog Posts in No Time!

create killer blog post

1. Mind Mapping:

Organize your thoughts into one place is called “mind mapping”

First and most important thing for writing blog posts quickly is to have ideas prepared already.

You can’t just sit in front of your PC and stare on monitor, hoping to get an idea. 😉

You have to pull them out yourself. And, choose the best title possible for your blog.

Mind mapping is not as hard as some people may think. Here is what you can do.

Whenever you are free, try to bring out all the ideas and write them on notepaper or some kind of software. The point is when you sit in your chair to create blog post you should have exact idea what you are going to write about. This will help you to Create Blog Posts in No Time.

  • 12 Tips For Writing Engaging Content For Readers

2. Create Sub Headings:

Sub headings cannot only help you complete your posts quickly, but they also make blog posts attractive, easy to read and digestible.

When you create sub heading while brain mapping, you think something about every point. And many things are saved just then.

Hence, when you sit in your chair and begin to type, you look at the paper and there should be many things popping up in your mind immediately that you may want to add in your post. This makes the process really fast and you can go on and on without running out of thoughts or stopping to think.

3. Writing the Post first:

Another Secrets to Create Blog Posts in No Time!, is the first thing that you need to do is to write the post first and do anything else later. Because, at that time your mind is absolutely clear.

After spending some moments with computer and surfing the web, there are already so many things running in your head and you feel like writing a short simple post is a load.

So, do it first than anything else. Because, it is important than other activities like chatting, web surfing, reading, music or playing games.

4. Know your Audience:

Since, audience is the most important thing for a blogger, you should have a clear idea of yours.


Why are you writing post?

Is it a regular blog post or a killer one?

Or maybe a guest post?

Whatever you may want to do with your post, know your audience who you are going to talk to. If you educate new people about something, then keep your post easy to understand, but if they are experts, then don’t type too obvious sentences that may make them feel bored.

I’m sure that by following these four simple steps to create blog post you can boost your speed and stay entertaining and productive at the same time without sacrificing things that you cannot afford like not giving time to your family.

Your Turn!

How much time you take to write a killer blog post? How do you boost your typing speed? Or are you still struggling? Make sure to let the world know. You may want to subscribe here to receive all new posts direct into your mailbox.

Don’t forget to share this post with your followers using below sharing buttons! 😉

Two Simple Formulas to Estimate Long Tail Traffic & CTRs

math formulasQuadratic Formulas. Polynomials. Algebraic equations. When I hear terms like these I’m quickly transported back to Algebra class, 10th grade with Mr. Johnson.
Like a lot of kids, maths was my most despised subject. It was difficult and I didn’t understand how the complex formulas would ever be applied in real life. In short, advanced maths seemed like a total waste of time. 😀
However, now that I am older and hopefully a little bit wiser too, I find myself routinely using math to help me complete tasks like projecting long tail search traffic and determining my click-through rates (CTR) in SERPs.

Today, I apply formulas like these daily to accomplish my work. Mr. Johnson, it may have taken me awhile to come around, but you were right. Matsh is in fact, not a waste of time.

Two Simple Formulas

But just because I’ve “seen the light” and understand the value of math / statistics doesn’t mean that I’m very good at it. Fortunately, the principles I use for internet marketing are pretty simple. No advanced degree in mathematics from a fancy school required to do this stuff. As Mr. Johnson used to say, an open mind and a desire to learn is all you need to understand this stuff. I believe this to be true of the two formulas explained below.

Long-tail Traffic Formula

Phrase Match Search Volume – Exact Match Search Volume = Long Tail Traffic Potential

Let’s begin with a super simple formula that will help you estimate how much long-tail traffic you could get around your primary keyword. To find this out you’ll need to open up the Keyword Tool in Google Adwords.

After you’ve logged into the keyword tool, enter one of your desired keywords using exact match and phrase match options and click the “search” button within the tool. Then simply subtract the phrase match traffic from exact match traffic to get an estimate of how much long tail traffic exists for a keyword.

Here’s an example that will help explain. One of the phrases that I want to rank for on my website is “home business.” After plugging this term into the keyword tool I find that home business gets 246,000 phrase match searches and 14,800 exact match searches each month. After doing some basic subtraction, I discover the long tail search opportunity for this term is roughly 231,200 searches per month. That is a robust long tail and gives me good reason to start building content by blogging around the topic of home business.

Tip: If you’re not familiar with the term exact match, phrase match, or broad match, click here to learn how Google defines these words.

SERP Click-Through Rate Formula

Number of Visits for Keyword / Number of Exact Searches for Keyword = SERP CTR

To find out the number of visits for a keyword, you’ll need to open up your analytics program. If you use Google Analytics, look at your Organic keyword referrals over the last 30 days. For this example, we’ll pretend you wanted to target the phrase cute boots for women and received 20 visits from this term over the past 30 days.

For the second part of this formula, go to the keyword tool again and search cute boots for women using exact match. According to the Google Adwords Keyword tool there are 720 exact match searches on average for this term every month.

Now that we know how many visits we received over the last 30 days for this phrase using Google Analytics and understand what the total opportunity from the keyword tool each month, we only need to divide to find out what our CTR is for that keyword in the search results as shown below:

20 visits / 720 exact match monthly searches = 2.78% CTR

When it comes to internet marketing, you can apply a lot of easy formulas to discover pretty interesting and profitable information about a website. Best of all, you don’t need to be a math whiz to use them either.

How to Make The Most Of Your About Me Page?

Your ‘about me’ page is an inside look for your readers.

From here they hope to gain insight on the qualifications of your expertise, details of your life or business, and how you will help them as a reader. Social Media Examiner’s research shows that people are almost as likely to share the information they read in Blogs as a newspaper or magazine. With Facebook and Twitter at every blog reader’s fingertips, you want to fashion a blog they’ll send out to all their friends. A stellar about me page could be the deciding factor.

In this post I’m going to tell How to Make The Most Of Your About Me Page? 😀

about ammar ali

Making The Most Of Your About Me Page?


Your about me page should be very simple and easy to understand. Add following things to your about me page.

  • Who you are
  • Qualifications
  • Picture
  • What you have to offer

For them, not you

A common misconception is that this section of the blog should be used to outline every detailed specifics of what brought you to this point in your blogging career. As much as the reader is interested in who you are, they’re more interested in how you can eventually help them. Let’s face it, people read blogs for their benefit. Be concise in your personal details and cater them in a “you” tone.

Point out how YOUR knowledge will help THEM, to encourage their continual reading.


There is nothing worse than wanting to browse though a snippet of the blog’s author, and instead finding a biography on every success they’ve ever had. A blog’s main purpose is to quickly and easily inform the reader. When your about me pageis the exact opposite, you have a problem. Not only does this become annoying, but invites your reader to merely scan through the text, missing details they may need to stay a loyal reader of yours.

Hey, I’m relatable…

No one likes to be talked down to. 😉

No one wants to read a blog that touts all your accomplishments, which can in turn make them feel inferior. The social sphere is about connecting with people who you can learn from and relate to. When you are genuine and sincere, exposing imperfections, your readers will have more to grab onto.

Check out more

At the end, you should give a suggestion to your readers. It would be wise to point them to a particular post or specific section as opposed to suggesting they take in the blog as a whole. You should direct them to a starting point; somewhere that may generate curiosity, leading them to look around a bit more. For more info check our “About Us” page

While creating an ‘about me’ page may seem like common sense, it’s the most overlooked section of any blog. A reader wants to know that you’re qualified and have something to offer, and are still on their level. This is your chance to garner a spark in your reader, toting your talents.

Did I missed any point? Do let me know in comments! 😀

Making Your Blog Bulletproof From Penguin and Panda Updates

Google Penguin and Panda updates have really caused some serious problems to many bloggers. You might be also be a victim of these updates if your blog is not properly organized or rather optimized for these updates. 😀

If you are using WordPress as your blogging platform then you should be aware that there are several things in WordPress that might make your blog get penalized by Google due to these various updates.

To help you out with this updates, I have come up with some tips that will help Making Your Blog Bulletproof From Penguin and Panda Updates, and if you are already penalized by these updates then it would improve your blog rankings.

Remove Junk Articles from your Blog

The first thing you should do regardless of the fact that you have been affected by these updates or if you want to prevent your blog from getting hit by these updates is to remove all junk or low quality contents from your blog.

Google hates low quality content, so if you are thinking or placing some low quality and short articles on your blog, or have already done so, then you should think about it, as your blog might get hit by the Google Panda update. There lies a very high probability that Google will sue your blog for holding junk articles.

So, take some time, and remove all the low quality articles, mainly the articles that are not relevant to your blog, and are of very short length. However, there are no exact length specified by Google, but still you should not have articles below 500 words to be on the safe side.

Make sure WordPress is not Harming your Blog

WordPress if not properly optimized can harm your blog by making your blog get hit by these updates from Google, and resulting in a significant drop in rankings and traffic from Google. WordPress has a tendency to generate junk pages like attachment pages and replytocom pages.

These pages contain nothing but images and comments, which are considered as poor quality content, unless someone writes a comment on your blog which is equivalent to a good article. So, Google sees these pages as low quality content, and thus ultimately treats your blog as a hub of low quality and spam content.

Make sure your blog does not generate any attachment pages, by choosing to link your images on your post to the original image file, rather than an attachment page.

You can prevent the formation of replytocom pages by using plugins like SEO by Yoast, or by making sure that your blog generates links to comments with a hash, like this one,

You can easily achieve these kind of links by using the plugin mentioned above. If by chance you are having a lot of these of pages already generated by WordPress for your blog, then do take some time to remove those pages from Google index using the URL Removal tool on Google Webmasters.

Link carefully!

You should always make sure that you don’t link to a site that doesn’t falls into your niche or is a site which is marked as spam by Google. There may come many situations when you might want to link to a site that is off-topic or of a niche that is totally different from yours, but you should always make sure that you don’t link to such sites from neither any article nor from anywhere on your site.

If you are linking to these kind of sites, then your blog will get hit by the Google Penguin update for referring to spam or irrelevant sites, and it’s a genuine cause, as a blog which is based on technology, should not link to a casino site or a health related site.

If you have already linked to such sites, then you should immediately remove such links from your blog articles or from anywhere on your blog from where you have placed the links. You might get offers from various people to place such links on your site, its better not to accept such offer and link to irrelevant sites, which will ultimately cause harm to your blog.

  • Stop Running Behind Google!

This concludes the article and I hope that everyone reading this article will find the tips mentioned helpful in Making Your Blog Bulletproof From Penguin and Panda Updates. If you have suggestions or queries then you are always welcome to place your comments below.