Find High Quality Photos For Your Blog Posts At Depositphotos

Are you worried about having copyrighted videos and pictures on your blog?

Do you want a proper solution?

You are on the right place and solution to all your problems is Depositphotos. Bloggers need a lot of things in order to complete even a single post and one of those things are photos or sometimes even videos and other stuff.

Well, it all can be very easily found on the Internet, but you cannot use that stuff because Google frowns on doing that. And, can seriously penalize your blog or sometimes even ban from search engine. You have to be the owner of photos or videos to use them.

This is exactly where Depositphotos comes into the play.


They have amazingly huge collection of royalty free pictures, videos and other stuff. This place was created in 2009 and it has made immense progress since then and now can be said the next big thing.

Depositphotos is the ultimate solution of all problems and you don’t have to look around to find things of your needs because you get them all on the same place.

Depositphotos has countless photos and videos to be downloaded. And, don’t think of them as some other website where tons of things are presented in cluttered style.

Depositphotos is different. They bring all things to you in highly categorized way so you can choose what’s best for you. Categories of images include background, abstract and technology as well.

Now you might be thinking that such high quality website would be very costly to buy your stuff. Right? Wrong. Depositphotos allows you to download stuff starting from just about $0.15.

If you want bigger resolution, you can definitely have it by paying a little bit more. You can also get the licenses sometimes if necessary.

Why is Depositphotos so good?


This place is filled up with all types of people from all around the world who are constantly sharing with community. There are sellers and buyers and some are doing both things.

That adds multiple flavors in quality and helps the users to get the best. Its such an amazing community to be a part of.

There Is Another Plus Point:

So Depositphotos is a place to spend money to get good stuff? Right? Wrong again. You can also make money from Depositphotos. That’s right.

They have a contributor section as well. You can join and start selling your stuff to one of the biggest audiences in the world. Imagine your pictures or videos being downloaded by millions and then the money that you will get from that and you’d run out of numbers just like me.

What If I Don’t Have Enough Money?


This is not an issue. As I told before, they are nice people when it comes to pricing as everything that they offer has a reasonable price. I said ‘reasonable’ because a high quality thing would definitely have a higher price as compared to crap quality.

Always remember, you’ve to spend money to earn money.

Final Words:

Depositphotos is probably one of the best places to get royalty free stuff and there is no one to deny this truth. There is no doubt that you can also get this stuff from many other sites, but you know what, non of them will give you as high quality things as DepositPhotos so make the smart decision and join them. Use the best and become the best.

Join Depositphotos Program for Bloggers

SEOPressor Review: Get Higher Ranks In Google Fast!

This is my Honest SEOPressor review, and I am very happy to tell you about it because I just started using it and could not believe the ranking difference!

SEOPressor is a On Site SEO WordPress plugin that can skyrocket your blog ranking easily. Right now SEOPressor is Powering More Than 128,825 WordPress are powered with this plugin and Growing.

Before using SEOPressor, I was using Yoast SEO Plugin which didnt included much features as SEOPressor though when I got to know about latest version of SEOPressor V5. I decided to give it a try.

After using it for a month. I’m very happy with it.  Lets not create anymore suspense and let me share SEOPressor Review.

seopressor review

Do you really need this SEOPressor Plugin?

The problem with other SEO Plugin is they are outdated. In last few years google had launched new algorithms and many more like Panda and Penguin.

The New SEOPressor V5 allows us to easily optimize Panda and Penguin Friendly Content for SEO.

Not only this, new SEOPressor V5 also added more features like Over Optimization checker, Add Rich Snippt in Search results and much more. Next I am going to share all of them in SEOPressor Review.


SEOPress Review V5 : Best On-Page SEO Plugin

Here I’m going to share the ultimate SEOPressor Review.

Keyword SEO Score

seopressor review

The first feature of this SEOPressor review is Keyword SEO Score.

SEOPress allows us to check the keyword density of keyword we choose easily.

All we have to do is, to select the keyword with low competition and high ranking. You can using Long Tail Pro for this.

Not only this, SEOPressor will also help you to increase the score.

  • What it analyzes: Keywords in Title, H1-H3 Tags,keyword density, content length, exact placement of your keywords, images, links and font decorations.

The new feature of this SEOPressor Keyword score is you don’t have to save post and update it again and again to check the Score. There is a button available “Click to refresh the analysis”

It will then update the SEO Keyword Score.

Over-Optimization Check

seopressor review

This is the new and one of the good feature of SEOPressor Review.

It Tells us  if our post is optimized or over-optimized from the score

You don’t need any expert now because SEOPressor can help you with it ;)

You just need to adjust the keyword score for NOT to over optimize the content.

Rich Snippet

seopressor review

With this feature your posts will contain some additional lines of useful information shown on SERPs.

Check this image to know more about this Rich Snippet Feature in this SEOPressor Review

This allows visitors to determine how relevant and reputable your site is at a glance. Not only this, Rich Snippet feature of SEOPressor helps us to get more visitors, It makes the users easy to understand what exactly our post is about.

Target Multiple Keyword & LSI Analysis

seopressor review

LSI means Latent Semantic Indexing. This is the new another best feature in this SEOPressor Review

Relates keywords together by extracting information from texts.

The best and new feature of this plugin and our SEOPressor Review is that we can target up to 3 keywords and for each keyword, a recommended set of LSI keywords would be given to you to use for better on-page SEO.

Social SEO

review of seopressor v5

OG tags and Twitter cards: Helps to link more data together so Google is able to see more relevance of content in your site and ranks you higher on SERPs. 

Automatic Smart Linking

seopressor review V5

Tired of interlinking your post for better ranking?

SEOPressor allows you to automatically interlink posts from setting. It will interlink your blog post the SMART way.

All these is done by specifying only once which keyword should be linked to which URL.

Is it really Worth Buying SEOPressor?

The answer is YES.

SEOPress really worth buying because it’s latest version 5 is just awesome, It contains lot of features which I discussed above.

If you don’t have much knowledge of on page SEO then SEOPressor will be a perfect SEO plugin for you.

This plugin works similar to Yoast SEO but it contains some extra and advance features which Google loves!

SEOPressor V5 Price

seopressor review

SEOPressor V5 is a new and premium SEO Plugin .

Do you know what? It comes with life-time free update.

  • Want to use this plugin on one site only? Buy SEOpressor Single Site License  Here
  • If you want to use it on unlimited WP blogs and domains, you can buy SEOpresser UNLIMITED Here

seopressor review

If you have websites that you are struggling to rank in the search engines, I strongly encourage you to give SEOPressor a try. It does come with a 60 day money back guarantee. Isn’t it cool?

So you are protected if you choose not to continue using it to optimize your websites.

Thank you for reading, and I hope you found this SEOPressor review helpful.

Do you use this plugin? Share with us below.

Create Mobile Version Of Website With GinWiz

People don’t just use computers to browse, anymore in 2013 so It’s important to create mobile version of website

With the rise in the use of Smartphones, amazing gadget innovations at CES or such events and so, we no longer need a laptop or a computer to browse the internet. Smartphones and mobile internet made it so easy to watch videos, read blogs and get whatever, one wants.

Most of the blogs I read, are from my mobile and I can do it whenever and wherever. When I’m on a journey, the mobile becomes my best pal and so do the same, with others, as well.

Just like me, there are millions of others who love reading blogs from their mobile and this is why you should optimize your website for mobiles. Though there are some responsive themes which are pre-optimized, there are still a lot of others which further are to be taken care of.

But, why should you  Create Mobile Version Of Website / blogs?

Because, the number of people who own a Smartphone is rapidly increasing every day.

Internet is available on the go. It is convenient and comfortable carrying a portable device.

Google loves these blogs, which are mobile friendly too. A quarter of my site’s traffic is from mobiles.

My site is optimized for mobiles. Is yours?

If not, it is just a few steps away. I came across this site which made it so easy to Create Mobile Version Of Website, so simply.

create mobile version of website with ginwiz

Create Mobile Version Of Website Using GinWiz

GinWiz by InfoGin is an awesome site to create the mobile friendly version of your website with ease. With few clicks, you can optimize your site for thousands of mobile devices. Tablets, Smartphones, basic mobile devices, e-readers, desktops, game consoles and almost every device can load your website.

Features of GinWiz

Easy to sign up, create and convert. The best part is, it’s absolutely and completely free to use. You can simply GinWiz in less than five minutes and there are FAQs, Support forums, blog and video tutorials make it much easier.

Design Yourself

Unlike the other services/plugins, GinWiz allows you to create the mobile version of your site with your own requirements. Yes, you can do it all by yourself. There are really a lot of editing options on the go to make your site attractive enough. You need not be a master in coding to do so. One can easily get started, as there is really a lot of tools with a simple interface to create. Moreover, you can also add extra elements like YouTube videos, images, galleries etc., using HTML or CSS.

Easy To Use Templates

Though you can design, there is a really lot of stunning templates which you can use with a click. You can easily pick one from their collection of templates, which you can re-edit later on. They offer free templates for every niche site.


You can also have a detailed analytics on the traffic data on your site. GinWiz keeps a track record of all your site’s data including page views, unique visitors and even the mobile model, from which readers browsed your site. This will help you in better audience targeting and conversion.

Final Words about create mobile version of website

Though there are a lot of features, yet to be explained, I’m afraid this post is going to be so long to read. What all I say is, go get it. :D

This can be the best ever tool to Create Mobile Version Of Website. And, another awesome thing is, it also supports e-commerce sites for optimization.

You can also make money with ginwiz using their affiliate program. So, what are you waiting for? Sign up now and create mobile version of website now for free!

SheerSEO Review: Manage & Track Your Search Engine Rankings

seo sheerToday, if you are likely to run an online business, you should first track the analytics of your site’s SEO, which is undoubtedly, the best technique to bring you the maximum exposure.
Right? :D
But, with tough competition, you cannot always rank for every keyword that you target. But, when you’ve a powerful tool like SheerSEO – SEO Software, it helps you a lot in analyzing everything related to the SEO of your site.


As said earlier, there are thousands of web pages online, which target the same keyword and also, there are professionals who can rank well on search engines. So, SheerSEO is really an awesome tool for people who have set up an online business and are looking for a better exposure. Because, if you can properly make use of SEO, your business can turn out to be the best in a very less time.

SheerSEO is an SEO tool for webmasters and online business owners. With over 45,000+ happy customers, they’ve been providing the best SEO analytics and tracking services which help you in optimizing your site, as well as, teaches you SEO. Unlike the other SEO softwares, you need not install it on your computer nor use a plugin on your site. It’s a simple software, which you can use right from the site and make the best of it. Moreover, most of the SEO softwares which offer such features and very complex to use and newbies especially, cannot make anything of it. But, SheerSEO has a simple interface which is so easy to get started. Remember, SheerSEO is not just a link-building software. They offer great services like

  • Directory submission
  • Keyword Tracking/Analysis
  • Social Media Analysis
  • Pagerank Analysis
  • Traffic Estimation
  • Backlink Check
  • Indexation Reports
  • Google Analytics Integration



The best part about this software, that I like the most is, it allows you to get mailed reports of your site in either pdf or csv formats. Besides the above list, it also has keyword density tool, content benchmarking, social bookmarking, XML API, blog reviews, main referrals and many more.



The company also offers a demo of the product to the first-timers where you can access the functionality of the software. I’ve walked through the demo and trust me, you’ll love it. The demo comes with their own site’s reports by default; where, you can see the traffic stats, referrals, current pagerank of the site, pagerank history, number of backlinks along with graphs and pictures for better understanding.


I really liked the pricing plans of SheerSEO as they have 6 different plans.

You can either pick any of them, keeping your requirement in mind. The site also offers a free trial for two months where you can enjoy all the selected features and get some idea of its functionality. When compared to other SEO softwares, the prices are affordable as you can pick any of the plans. The pricing ranges from $7 to $40 depending on the plan. They also provide free blog reviews, directory submissions with selected plans.

If you’re looking to get the best SEO software, SheerSEO is it.

Qadabra – A Self-Serve Ad Platform with A Lot To Offer

Display advertising has become one of the highest sources of income for millions of sites and blogs.  With this, the rise of self-serve ad platforms provided publishers with a practical monetization solution for their site, but whoever thought it was a one man game was wrong.  A good ad platform will make your life easier and give you the tools; the rest is up to you.

There are many self-serve ad platforms to choose from; among the top AdSense alternatives is Qadabra.  Qadabra is a self-serve ad platform designed for publishers all over the world looking to make revenue from their website traffic.

Qadabra at a glance:

  • 1$ minimum payout
  • No minimum impression volume
  • State-of-the-art optimization algorithm
  • Immediate extraction and implementation of ad-code
  • straightforward, user-friendly interface
  • Ad fill in all geographic locations
  • Rich media creative
  • Live and historical reporting
  • Dedicated 24/7 support








Qadabra’s Mission:

To make publishers’ lives easier by providing them with something that wasn’t available to them before: A simple, easy to use, accessible ad platform that is all about performance. With Qadabra, publishers can sign up, open an account and start counting their profits in no time.


When it comes to user experience, especially as far as ad platforms are concerned, simplicity is the most important thing; a straightforward, easy to understand user interface makes a world of difference to a publisher. At Qadabra, they believe that every publisher needs to have an effortless experience with their ad platform; it needs to be intuitive and hassle-free. Their goal is to help the publisher as much as possible while giving him complete control over his website content.

Immediate banner auditing:

Qadabra is built on performance; it doesn’t waste time on lengthy bureaucracy. Qadabra’s automatic auditing system and team work around the clock in order to allow publishers to immediately implement their ad tags and get started without delay.

Optimization algorithm:

Qadabra’s state-of-the-art optimization algorithm has been developed after years of experience with direct response campaigns, generating eCPMs much higher than industry averages. Qadabra is connected to thousands of advertisers around the world, allowing a worldwide fill and a large variety of campaigns.

Rev share payment model:

Qadabra works on a revenue share payment model that allows publishers to make the most of their traffic revenues. The revenue share model evolves together with a website, always working towards giving the publisher the best profits for his traffic.

Payment method variety:

Qadabra offers a variety of payment methods in order for publishers to choose the best, most convenient way to receive their earnings (e.g. PayPal, wire transfer, Payoneer and prepaid MasterCard)

Dedicated Support:

At Qadabra, you’ll always have someone to talk to. The support team is available 24/7 to solve or help with any questions/issues.

No minimums

Qadabra’ minimum payout threshold is $1. Additionally, require no minimum impressions volume. Of course, the higher volumes, the higher the revenues.

Performance based

Sites/blogs do not require content rich sites to be approved or make money off their sites. At Qadabra, priority is high performance and sky-high results.

For more info visit or Sign up now!