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Best Tips to Keep Up Going with Google Panda Changes

Since the arrival of Google Panda update, the days of Black Hat SEO companies have come to an end. Post Panda world is Ethical SEO services era. The aftermath of Google panda updates may bring in unprecedented fluctuations in the rankings and it might have even make your traffic downward slide. But the algorithm updates by Google are designed to increase the quality of the sites.

Google algorithm now only accepts high quality content. Keyword jamming, irrelevant back linking will result in instant ‘ Panda Slapped’. They will be banned from search engine results instantly and permanently. Fortunately, there are ways to avoid this situation entirely. The solution is simple and straightforward. If Google Panda update is your nightmare, following SEO strategies lend you a hand to satisfy the Panda and doing this properly will make your blog Panda proof.

Quality and Fresh Content

good content

The primary pillar of all White Hat SEO strategies is quality content. With good content that has been written maintaining the keyword density rules, your blog optimization will be organic and under no fear of getting ‘Panda Slapped’. Read Also: How to make each post fresh?

Substantial Content

Google expects substantial content. Although, sometimes 300 words is enough to convey your message adequately, at the times that’s barely enough to get past your introduction to the subject. For example, if you are writing a blog post about “how to create a hyperlink in html”, 300 words are more than enough. However, if you title is “how to make a living with affiliated marketing”, 300 words is insufficient. Ensure to write above 400 words.

Social signal for Your SEO Strategy

According to Matt Cutts, SEO strategy list for Panda is the creation of great content spread via social media. Yes, including social media in SEO campaign is one of the important strategies. This not only brings in organic, targeted backlinks but also could result in better rankings and introduces potential visitors and customers.

A social media profile that has an effective SEO strategy has the ability to give authority to your blog.

The more people who ‘like’, Follow’ your post share and re-post your content, the more relevant and helpful the search engine spiders consider it. The number of time that it is actually shared is important for SEO. The more people share your information, the more influential and helpful your content is considered by the search engine spiders.

Strong website structure and optimizing

Design your site to engage the reader. Good website structure means happy humans, satisfied spiders and the much stronger SEO. It has become necessary that besides getting indexed the important pages of your blog, your pages might land into supplement pages as well. Using noindex tag is one good way to achieve this.

Define the relevance between pages by category. Sitemaps, breadcrumbs, semantic relationship between on-page content components, are some important aspects of successful web structure. Quality inbound links .appropriate outbound links, plagiarism free content are some of the other key factors to consider.

Follow these SEO strategies and best tips and I am sure you can easily beat Google Panda and stay ahead in the race.

This post is written by Prav. Prav is an article writer and marketer and loves to write for his clients all over the world. 

How To Get Maximum Benefit From Your Guest Post

Getting more and more traffic is a dream of all bloggers. This dream comes true only when you do hard work properly. Blogging is not an easy job to do. Well it’s not so hard when you do it properly. Guest posting is really a superb way to get maximum traffic to your blog. But if you don’t know how to guest post and where to guest post than your guest post will not generate a good number of traffic to you. There are some secret tips and some guidelines which you have to follow and you will absolutely get a good number of traffic towards your blog.Get Maximum From Your Guest Post

1. Choose A Right Blog

This is most important part to get maximum benefit from your guest post. The blog must have PR (Google PageRank) Must be 3 or greater. Alexa rank must be less than 1 lack. This blog (ComLuv) is a heaven of guest blogger and you will get a huge lot of traffic from here so this is a highly recommended blog for guest posting. If you choose a worst blog which have no traffic then definitely you are not getting even a single visitor to your blog from it so be safe that the blog you choosen for guest post is right and it will bring you a good traffic.

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2. Content Is King

I think you heard this sentence at least 20 times before you started blogging and now again. Why it’s so important? It’s because readers read the blog for getting knowledge not for wasting their time. Why the content of a guest post must be quality? It’s because you have to get approval for the post to be live on that blog. Its not the only reason but there is a more. If you will write superb content then the post will be popular on that blog for sure. It will be in light and more people will attract to it. They will read your post and will be impressed from it. They would like to read more posts by you and your blog have them so readers will go to your blog.

Content Is King

3. Building Backlinks

Backlinks give you help in two ways. They attract new readers to your blog and they also help in Search Engine Optimization. To rank first in search engines, High PR backlinks are necessary to have and they are also hard to build. So choose a blog which gives you minimum 2 backlinks in author bio and 1 in article.

4. Author Bio

“First impression is last impression.” Your bio must be spectacular and your blog’s link must be there. If people like your post then they will surely like to know more about you and connect with you and your blog to get such unique articles daily so try to make an author bio which attracts people use catchy words in it. You are about to get maximum so you also have to do maximum. Make the author bio blossom so people will surely like to visit your blog.

My Final Words

In every job you have to work hard and in blogging you also have to do so. No one can lead success without hard work. Do as more as you can for your blog and one day you will be in top. Yes, never lose hope. “Try and try but don’t cry.” Here is another small tip that before you put your post for review, Do read it as a visitor of a blog not like you who wrote the post. Check the post as someone else written it and you are reading it. Do change where you think its need to be changed and that’s it. So now do the guest post and get maximum benefit from it.

Get More Traffic by Giving Away Custom WordPress Themes

wordpress-shineMany bloggers are always looking for new and exciting ways to gain back links and get more people to their sites. One way that can build a massive influx of incoming links and traffic to your site is by building custom and premium wordpress themes that you can give away through your site.

Here are just a few of the benefits to creating and distributing your own wordpress themes.

Investing in Yourself and Your Blog

When it comes to creating your own custom wordpress themes, it’s a lot more complex than just writing a guest post of a guide book. WordPress themes take time, skill and lots of work to develop. With all of that said, you will probably need to hire a designer for your time. Instead of looking at this as a cost, look at it as an investment in yourself and your web site or blog.

Incoming Links with Every Blog Install

One of the killer reasons why creating your own wordpress themes is such a great idea is that every time someone downloads and installs your wordpress theme, you will get a link back to your web site from theirs. In the bottom footer section you would have something like “WordPress Theme created by SiteUrl“. Even just one install a day would bring you an extra 350+ quality incoming links per year!

Free Traffic from WordPress Theme Reviews

The blogging and wordpress community is a very loyal and sharing one. If you are creating quality blog themes for other to use, there is a good chance other blogs will be sharing your themes and writing reviews up on these free themes as well. This will help by sending more traffic to your site, but also bringing in more download and people using your themes, hence giving you more back links.

As you can see, there are plenty of benefits to creating and distributing your own wordpress themes to your readers. Not only are you getting back links and attention for your blog, you are also building a quality resource for your readers, which will keep them coming back for more.

How to Use Fiverr To Increase Your Blogs Social Media Presence

Fiverr can be a very useful medium to increase the social media presence of your blog. As we all know that for a blog to be successful it must have a wider reach and social presence. The later can be achieved by using Fiverr services efficiently. Fiverr is a place where you can hire people to get various things done for as less as $5. Fiverr is said to be the worlds largest online marketplace for small services. Each service that is offered on Fiverr is called a Gig. The smallest amount for a Gig is $5. If your not satisfied with a gig than you can cancel the order while it is in process. You will not loose any money in that case.


You can use Fiverr to increase the number of Likes on your Facebook fanpage, or you can order Gigs which will help you gain more twitter followers. You can even get more subscribers to your blog using one or the other gigs that are available on Fiverr.

Get more Facebook Likes through Fiverr:

You can order one of the Gigs on Fiverr to get a handsome number of Likes to your Facebook fanpage. I will like to tell you here that there are various gigs on Fiverr which provide fake Likes or Likes from bots which are generated through some scripts and software’s. Likes from such sources are not very useful for blog until your just looking for numbers. You should carefully read the gig description before ordering a gig. If you find the description to be like this ” Get Facebook 1000 likes in 24 hours or Get 800 Facebook Likes in one day”, than you should know that this gig will provide fake likes.

Find gigs which look more genuine like, ” I will get my 50 friends to like your Facebook page”. This type of gigs will provide you with genuine likes. You can even contact the seller and ask him about his services before ordering any gig. The more genuine people that like your Facebook page, the wider reach your blog will have.

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Get more Twitter followers through Fiverr:

Twitter has become one of the most used social networks and having a good number of followers will be great for your blog. If you don’t have much followers on twitter as of now than you can use one of the twitter gigs on Fiverr. There are various types of gigs on Fiverr related to twitter, some sellers offer guaranteed number of retweets, some offer guaranteed number of followers and some sellers even offer to design custom twitter background for your account. But there are various sellers which provide fake followers so beware of it and contact the author to clear any doubts before ordering the gig. If you are not satisfied with the seller’s service than you can cancel the gig anytime while it is in process.

Other Services:

Above are the two most popular services on Fiverr which can help you increase your blogs social media presence. But there are alot more services which you can order on Fiverr which will be very helpful for your blog. Some sellers provide gigs which submits your blog to various top bookmarking websites which in-turn creates quality backlinks, but i will remind you here to choose carefully because there are various fake gigs too. Several gigs offer SEO services as well which are very effective at times. I have personally used Fiverr gigs for a couple of tasks which have helped me alot. Read Also: Top 10 Off Page SEO Techniques
Share your experiences that you had on Fiverr and what you have used Fiverr for? Drop your comments below!

Facebook Activates Its Timeline For All: How To Use It

The wait is over: After months of several testing and offer a “voluntary change” to its users, today is the deadline for Facebook suits us all to your new Timeline or Chronology. The change is not sharp since, at least cautious, we could try it with a lot of anticipation to see what news brings Timeline. However, many people who follow the profile “old” so over the next few hours will see how everything is migrated to the new Facebook design.

It is possible that many do not like the new design of Facebook, but the truth is we have no escape. Timeline is fit or leave Facebook (something that happens almost all the changes in the social media). Therefore, we will take a moment to understand how we can do to make the most of this change.

facebook Timeline

Let us start from the basis that the change to Timeline is almost a reconfiguration of the whole philosophy of Facebook. The idea is that we begin to share our whole life , not only loose updates. Timeline So not only allows us to share music, links, videos, and photos, but we can take all these elements to tell a story, a story about us. So find the side of a timeline Timeline we can customize to show our birth, major events such as graduation from secondary or college, and more.

So before making the switch to Timeline (or Facebook do it for us), should ideally review our privacy settings for something we published in 2008 did not come to surprise us overnight. Everything can hide and remove, and Facebook is an algorithm designed to display events and publications.

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What are the major changes?

A recent study conducted by Simply Measured indicates that, with Timeline, many companies have increased the number of interactions and engage with their users on Facebook. While the presence of firms in social networks and is unavoidable, it is good to know we have a professional tool to do so.

Timeline Facebook power capabilities and gives us a chance to tell the story of the brand, create a more personal story with our users and customers, and again all more verbose. Especially with big brands, usually Facebook is a great flood of inquiries, insults, flattery: a true bipolar grout comments. So to get everything organized is essential to make the page easier to navigate and users to find everything easily.

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Some final tips –

  • Are you ready to spend a timeline? Keep in mind these things:
  • Hide what you do not want others to see
  • Check your privacy settings before and after applying the change
  • If you want, create a timeline of life through photographs
  • Set up your Timeline so that only includes what you see and what you want others to see you
  • Have ready a good image to work as your cover photo.

This is guest post by Amrik Virdi who writes about How To Make Money Online.