12 Things to Do Before Applying for Google Adsense

12 Things to Do Before Applying for Google AdsenseI know you want to make some good money with Google AdSense right? ;)

But it’s not easy to get into AdSense program now-a-days. You have to follow few things before applying for AdSense.

You must be thinking that…

How to apply for AdSense

How to qualify for AdSense

Am I eligible to apply for AdSense

What are Google AdSense Requirements

Why Google AdSense rejected my applicaton

This post is going to answer all your questions. It’s going be a bit long so grab a cup of coffee.. ;)

What is Google AdSense and Why You Should Use?

Google AdSense is one of the oldest network to offer ad publishing and works at Pay Per Click system. In fact Google used to give AdSense to everyone who used to make blogs through Google Blogspot.

When it comes to the legitimacy of Google AdSense, it speaks for itself. Google AdSense have thousands and thousands of satisfied customers and publishers. AdSense pays on time, every time.

One more reason for choosing Google AdSense is that we can earn huge amounts of money if we do our work in right way. There are many bloggers who are making a complete living from their blogs and Google AdSense. Therefore, Google AdSense should be the number one choice among all the other available networks.

It’s paying rates are better than all of other networks which is the biggest reason it is so popular to all Bloggers and Webmasters. But since everybody is running behind them, they have made the approval system very strict. You make little mistakes and get disapproved every time. Here are few reasons why Google will reject your application.

Why AdSense Will Reject Your Application?

Here are the most common reasons and AdSense requirements which they gives when they reject your application.

1.  Insufficient content / Unacceptable site content — Your website do not have enough text on them for Google specialists to review.

Google gives a lot of value and attention to the content of the blog before accepting it. If the content is poorly written and have grammatical mistakes, Google will reject the blog right away.

Not only the content needs to be grammatically correct, it must be unique and has to provide value to the users and readers of the blog. So the number one reason is the poorly written content on your blog.

2. Page Type / Design of your blog — What will you do if you land a page with full bright yellow background with white text on it, having huge buttons all over the place? Yes you’ll click away.

Blogs which are poorly designed and are hard for the visitors to understand, get rejected by Google for AdSense. You MUST have a good design which comforts the eye and is beautiful in the look.

3. No Privacy Policy, About us or Contact Us page — There are some pages which you must have before applying to Google AdSense if you want to get accepted. These are About us, Privacy Policy and Contact Us pages. These pages give the impression that you are a professional and that you are working according to the Google polices.

4. Site does not comply with Google policies — No rich, unique and meaningful content, no organic traffic, pages with little to no original content or bad user experience through clear navigation and organization. Your website may be the one that drive traffic through illegal sources, site with excessive keywords or poor coded design are usually rejected.

So you need a complete guidance and list of thing that you need to do before applying for Google AdSense and supposing that you are ready.

12 Things to Do Before Applying for Google AdSense

1. Privacy Policy :
One of the common mistakes that every bloggers and I made many times before getting approved. Even though there are people out there who say that having a privacy policy for a Blog doesn’t makes sense but they are wrong!

The first thing you will need to apply for Google AdSense and get approval is the privacy policy of your blog or website. If you don’t have it you cannot get approval simple is that. Why it is important? Because this privacy policy means you are not a scam and gives the sense of a serious business. Google will check the rest of the conditions only if you have this policy.

A privacy actually describes to your readers about what they will get on your Blog , what they should do and what they should not. So obviously there is nothing bad in having a privacy policy. While it can affect somehow on your AdSense Approval, you must give it a try. You can write it yourself or find Privacy Policy Generators online (You don’t need a lawyer anyway).

2. About Page:

Like privacy policy you must have a about page so that you can get approved. Like privacy policy this About page also give the sense of a serious business.

An About has major role and importance if you don’t want to apply for AdSense. But when it comes to AdSense, they are about zero chances of getting approved if you are not showing this page.About page simply describes about you and your Blog . This will not only help you establish a relationship with readers but it will also make them trust upon you.

3. Contact Us Page:

It’s quite obvious that everyone has his/her own opinion. What one of your readers likes may be bothering someone else. Than it is better to give them opportunity to speak up to you and tell how they feel about your Blog, what they want to be edited , what they liked or hated.

Create a contact us page, if possible add your professional email there like info@yourblog.com and your social profile links too. Bcreating this you are telling Google that see we care for our customers, visitors and we are ready to help them. They can contact us any time.

It will also show the Google AdSense Team that is viewing your site that you actually care about your readers and not only the money and AdSense.

I’d recommend you to check my contact page to get some idea.

4. Name/ Email Verification:

When you apply don’t forget to put your Name and Email address in some easily visible area like About Me and Contact Us pages. It will confirm to Google AdSense Team that it is the same person who applied for AdSense and not some spam, crappy bots. This will help the Google in the verification process.

5. Age Verification:

This is the mistake that most younger blogger are making who are less than 18. They write incorrect age and get into trouble.

Use your correct date of birth and age while applying for Google AdSense account.

Because Google AdSense is not for people who are under 18. Some people realize this problem after being disproved a few times without any legitimate reason. So I advise you to be accurate while typing your age. Be honest.

6. Minimum Number of Posts:

What should be the minimum number of posts before applying for Google AdSense? There is no confirmed answer.

Not even one.

Because I have seen very established Blogs with 400+ posts and their owner telling me that Google AdSense is rejecting them while somewhere bloggers with 40,50 posts are enjoying making money.

Exactly, what I said that there is no actual answer. However, we can always predict things. According to my experience, you should only apply after you have more than 50 posts. Posts length must be 500+ words too with quality content.

7. Design:

As mentioned earlier, you blog design matters a lot. It should be professional and not like a messy photo gallery. Clean, professional and smart design is appreciated by Google.

Your blog design is the biggest thing after Content. This represents your expertise, experience and professionalism. So be careful because anything can kill your chances of getting approved by AdSense. I recommend Elegant Themes because you get access to 87 WordPress themes in just $69.

8. Content Type:

Be careful with what type of content you are publishing. Because it is something that truly matters.

Google AdSense is not for pornographic, pirated content, illegal items, drugs or other blogs /sSites like that. AdSense team won’t be willing to allow you to step in if you own a Non English Blog. Having posts shorter than 200 words in length is also Red Signal.

9. Providing Value:

Google loves the blog who are providing value in their content and their visitors and customers are enjoying that value. Be sincere with your visitors don’t ever try to scam them instead provide value.

Don’t complain about not making money and don’t clearly state that you’re blogging for money only and have no other interest in it. Because this will show them that you will not be providing values to your readers any day. Hence another Red Light glows up.

10. Top Level Domain:

Those days are gone far away when AdSense used to approve “Blogspot” and “WordPress.com” Blogs. As for today, you must have your own unique domain that specifies your Blog. If you don’t have one yet, stop dreaming about getting approved with Sub domains and go buy a Top Level Domain.

When it comes to domain, your domain should be of top level. For this purpose the best domain is .com domain. Choose a short, unique and easy to remember domain related to your blog niche.

Another important thing about domain is it’s age. Because most of Asian Countries, AdSense has placed an age restriction. They don’t accept any sites which are not 6 months old.

So keep it in mind before applying for Google AdSense program.

11. Other Ad Networks:

If you have any other Ads placed like Chitika, Clicksor or anything, it’s time to drop them off.

Even Google AdSense allows you to use other Ad Networks along with them, it’s better to remove the ads before Applying and don’t put them back until you get a reply from AdSense Team.

So, before submitting your application for Google AdSense make sure to remove all the ads on your blog from any other network.

12. Paid Traffic:

Google hates the sites that are getting paid traffic and mostly penalizes them so there is not a damn chance of getting approved by AdSense for a site that is getting paid traffic. You can bring traffic from Search Engines or any other way you want but if you want to earn via Google AdSense the right way, paid traffic is not a solution.

Also note, that Google do not accept site which gets traffic from illegal sources. So focus on getting traffic from legal sources like social media, SEO and related blogs.

What to do if AdSense is not getting approved?

After all this what if Google AdSense does not approved you?

It’s not the end of the world! ;)

There are many other trusted and high paying ads network you can use and trust me they are not hard as Google AdSense is in terms of getting approval. One door of opportunity is closed so the other one will open.

You can use these ad networks to earn money without AdSense. They are easy to get approved.


Infolinks is the leader in in-text advertising which offers 70% revenue share even if you’re a newbie blogger. It is different from other advertising networks. It takes less space because it shows in text ads or pop up ads. You can use it with Adsense safely.
It is a pay per click. They offer advertising options like: insearch ads, intext ads, inframe ads, intag ads.

  • Alexa Rank: 2571
  • Min payout: $50
  • Payment method: PayPal, Wire Transfer, eCheck, Western Union, Payoneer


Media.net is probably the best alternative to AdSense as it’s powered by Yahoo Bing Network. I’ve tried Media.net year ago and the average CPM was much better than any other AdSense alternatives.Media.net ads are quite similar to Google AdSense and it’s very easy to get approved if you’ve a quality blog.

  • Alexa Rank: 5132
  • Min payout: $100
  • Payment Method: PayPal, Bankwire


BidVertiser is another top alternative to Google AdSense which pays you for valid clicks on ads placed on your website. It is great Adsense alternative if you didn’t get Adsense approval or got banned. Bidvertiser offers Banner ads, Text ads, Mobile Ads, Slider ads etc. You can also make money by promoting your customized toolbar.

  • Alexa Rank: 892
  • Min payout: $10 only
  • Payment Method: PayPal, Checks


Chitika is a CPC program. Chitika is very similar to Adsense. It shows relevant ads based on your content. You can easily customize ad color, URL color, border color to match your theme tone. You can also choose for their referral /affiliate program, to earn extra income.
It offers 3 types of ads – Search Targeted Ads, Local Ads and Mobile Ads.

  • Alexa Rank: 5520
  • Min payout: $10
  • Payment Method: PayPal, Check


My Final Words After Your Apply for AdSense:

This will take your few time and you have to do these things Before Applying for Google AdSense. I guess these are not too hard. Don’t be sad if Google AdSense not approve your blog.  There are many other ways to make money online without AdSense.

Hope for the best. If approved enjoy and if not enjoy other networks. One more thing, Try to make money through blog from other business model. Ads network will not give you much as other business models will like affiliate marketing and selling your own product.

This post was originally published in August 2012 by Saqib Razzaq but with the time some of the content was no longer relevant. So, I totally revamped this post and updated with fresh content.

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  1. M Mahtab Saleem says

    Thanks to wirte about Adsense approval requirements ,
    I will facilitate my blog with all these requirements , before this i had several time rejected by adsense ,

  2. says

    I agree with all the mentioned points except ‘Minimum Number of Posts’. I got Adsense account approved with 30-40 articles. And also domain age along with Traffic is a must considered factor before applying Adsense.

  3. says

    nice information. i did not know about this thanks for this post. I will Definitely use your point our blog really @Saqib valuable post for me :)

  4. Ahsan says

    Informative tips what to do before applying for Adsense. 3 years ago Adsense policy is very easy. But it is now more strict. So bloggers need to follow the basic rule of Adsense

  5. Donna Spears says

    I know a lot of people who are blogging who ignore putting Privacy Policy on their blogs. Yeah I know this part is really needed for a blog particularly when you wanted an adsense program.

    • Saqib says

      Privacy Policy is not necessary for Blogs… As you can see that All Blogging Tips have no Page of this kind… I don’t have one either on Apex Blogging Tips… Privacy Policy is important only when you are about to apply for Google Adsense… Otherwise, not so important…

  6. says

    I got rejected by adsense 3 or 4 times. But now I don’t need their approval :p (really, I mean it). I suggest, try to provide some services in which you are expert and make money from them. Why every one is running behind adsense ? Adsense is not everything, it is just like one more resource. If you really work good, you have lot of other resources for making money. Give them a try !
    Don’t think so much about adsense, because it can’t feed everyone by enough dollars. You can enjoy adsense income only when you have some other resources of money on your blog, otherwise you are hard morking much more as compared to adsense money. So, first try to give some valuable service to your readers, make your own income sources and then use adsense for earning some EXTRA cash.

    • Saqib says

      Wonder full Comment… There is a saying that “Readers come first and Money comes Later” ..Totally Agreed but covered this subject because there are many Newbies and Experts who don’t understand this thing and always keep looking around for something to follow in matter of Adsense…

  7. says

    Nice tips to get approved by Google AdSense. According to me, having a top level domain and some traffic are two of the most important things which you must determine before applying for an AdSense account.

  8. says

    Hi saqib,
    I did not know that Adsense requires Privacy policy, About page and contact page to approve.
    Few months ago I wrote an article about same subjects. But I didn’t mention those requirements .
    Now I am going to update my post. Tanks for the sharing.
    Istiak Rayhan

  9. says

    Great tips. I don’t have a Privacy Policy page on my blog. I have applied for adsense several times till now. But every time they rejected for different reasons. Very soon I’ll add a Privacy Policy page on my blog and will apply again.

  10. says

    Hey. My first comment after you got that “+” after your commentluv symbol down here :)

    I got mine approved with 24 posts :O Hope I don’t get any issues later on! BTW stop displaying your age. Even after you become 18, it would never be a must or useful to show your age to people. Just remember that teaching and learning has nothing to do with age.


    PS – Why can’t I see any adsense ads here on your blog huh?

    • Ammar Ali says

      Thanks for the Tip! ;)

      I want to make this blog free from ads :D That’s reason you can’t see much ads here!

  11. says

    This is a great list! I was fortunate enough that I still had my Google Adsense account from *ahem* 2006 so I didn’t have to struggle with this.

    I saw you mentioned domain age as a factor – and I think this is starting to become a bigger one now. I wouldn’t even bother attempting to apply until you hit that six month mark.

    But follow everything in this list and do your best to follow the “white hat” path and if your getting enough traffic with enough content you should get approved with no issue!

  12. says

    Great Tips, but I got adsense approval in 2 months but some people says that your domain must be 6 month old if you are from india, I dont know how they approve its totally confusing…

    • Saqib says

      Believe me Traffic doesn’t ave a major role in but however it can help. The most important thing for approval is Content Quality, Quantity and Presentation..At least this is what lead me getting into Adsense.

      • says

        Dear i m running my blog from last month . i need ur guidance how can i improve my blog more for adsense ….. are they approving for blogspot.com or not ?Regards

  13. says

    Hi Saqib,
    privacy policy and proper content are the must. Other things are debatable – it depends who accept your site ;)
    Thanks for sharing,

  14. Khaja moin says

    Privacy policy is a must for a blog.
    Saqib you listed very simple but imp points :)
    Thanks for share.

  15. Hari Narayan says

    Wow, Wonderfully explained article Saqib! I don’t know how to get approved for Google Adsense, But the truth is I really Got my adsense account approved in just 2 days after creating my blog! :) Really I don’t know how!
    Thanks for sharing this article!

  16. says

    Thanks, I was about to apply adsense, I think I will stop and follow your tips before do anything else.
    Still have one more question… Isn’t there a legitimate way around the age? Will Google approve if someone over 18 apply on my behalf for my blog? Also, are you guys not using the ad-sense in this blog? It would be cool if you shared your metods and system. I couldn’t find any service so far that allows anyone under 18. The admin of this blog is 17. Please do share your methods, it would help the newb like me – a lot!


    • Saqib says

      You can’t get adsense if you’re under 17. If you want someone to apply and receive money on your behalf, than might have to enter his name in about page or give some reference in a visible region of your Blog.

      • Ammar Ali says

        You can get adsense on your parents name too! I think its best way to get adsense (if you’re under 18) :D

  17. says

    Really Nice information @Saqib About Adsense. Saqib Bro i Have A Movie Blog Can I apply Good Adsense Please Check My Blog And Give me Suggestion That’s All Your Post is Awesome Thanks For Sharing This :)

    • Saqib says

      You can apply for sure… Anyone can Apply… But I’d say one thing to ya’. If you got into Adsense , you’re earning are not going to be as much as you might be dreaming…

  18. says

    I think you have covered almost every aspect of new level blogging in this article of yours. And, it is required for applying a new Adsense account, for sure!

    I’m not sure if it is what is been counted 3 years back when I started blogging and had applied for Adsense as that time I was very new to this field and I got Adsense very easily so I think that time having a Adsense account was like 123.

    What do you say?

  19. says

    This is awesome post for all new bloggers. But you did not discuss anything about blog traffic in this post. What do you think about that?

    • Saqib says

      Believe me Traffic doesn’t ave a major role in but however it can help. The most important thing for approval is Content Quality, Quantity and Presentation..At least this is what lead me getting into Adsense.

  20. says

    very useful tips for a newbie like him..i was thinking to apply for the adsense but their is no privacy page on my blog and i will publish it soon and then i will go for it..thanksss

  21. says

    Hey Saqib,

    I see a lot has changed from the early days of adsense. I have a pretty old account and I can’t remember having provided any of these. It was quite easy in those days ;)

    • Saqib says

      Man, you said it yourself..Times has changed…
      Google used to approve “Blogspot” “wordpress.com” and other free domains which is not happening any more..

      • Usama says

        I recently applied for adsense I don’t think all these things are necessary as me and my friends got approval just by giving the domain and we had only two articles published with no such About or Contact us Page.
        And yeah You wrote ‘An About has major role and importance if you don’t want to apply for Adsense. But when it comes to Adsense, they are about Zero chances of getting approved if you are not showing this page.’
        this line needs editing friend :)

        • Satish Patel says

          What you said is completely right Usama….even i got it approved without all the above points. But then we should consider ourselves lucky as there are many a people out there whose applications were rejected even they had most of the above points. Its difficult to figure out with Google sometimes. Wish good luck for all those who are applying ;)

          • says

            Wish me luck please. I have applied and I am still waiting for it. Its been 2 weeks now. Just curious. How much does it takes to get approved? The articles and snippets are original and to the point. Accept the contact page all other pages have good contents.


        • says

          Usama may be you were lucky, I have decent visitors and 100+ posts but got declined twice and now I am scared to apply again. I will wait for a while before applying. By the way, this article got some really solid points about what google want from applicants. I will apply them after making changes to my site. Thank you Saqib for these tips.

      • says

        Hi Saqib …!
        Who told you Google is not approving .blogspot.com domain

        My friend has got approval with .blogspot.com domain and

        There might be some cases where the application gets rejected due to some other reason and people assume the reason to be the Lower level domain ….

        However this is not the case…

        All You need to have is a good website following Google adsense Policies solely and that’s it…..

    • Haider says

      yes its true dear google not approving accounts and their policy is to much stick now. but apply above mention tips gives you better chance to get approved.

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