How To Quickly Sell Ad Spaces?

If you have a blog or website have you thought how you can quickly sell ad spaces?

May be not! ;-)

After all, the whole idea of owning a blog or website is generate profit by way of advertisements. There might be days at end, where one can simply not get hold of a lucrative advertisement deal. If you are the proud owner of a blog or website then you must be on the lookout to quickly sell ad spaces and earn profit. After all more sale of ad spaces would actually lead to more cash inflow. Here I’m discussing 4 tips to quickly sell ad spaces.
Don’t just read go and implement them!

How To Quickly Sell Ad Spaces?

4 Tips to Quickly Sell Ad Spaces

1. Sell little more than normal ad space!

There are so many blogs and websites. Each one sells ad space. The question that one needs to keep in mind is that what more can you offer in order to ensure that the offered ad sense actually sells quickly and fast.

The best way to ensure that your deal offers a little more that simple and plain ad sense is to ensure that you offer some special features to the people who show interest in buying your ad space.  Like one deal you can offer can be extended to the first five people who come to sign up a deal for ad space with you. These lucky 5 will get a premium website template along with the ad space. This would attract advertisers as they would like to grab the opportunity to benefit from 2 deals at the price of one.

This is a great technique for those who are new in this field. During the initial days, not many people would actually want to buy your ad space. This technique will help you then. Try this and do let me know in comments! :D

2. Run a Contest:

It’s easy! In order to attract more and more people to buy your ad space you can run a tempting contest. This contest would entail that on purchase of a premium ad space one would get a gift or raffle entry for the monthly lucky draw. The gift can be some extra features or simple ad space.

You can also tempt the buyers by offering them personal items like an iPad  and so on.

3. Discounts for ad Space:

Believe it or not. This works really great. ;)

All you have to do is by offer special discounts to your advertisers. Many a time, when you are suffering from severe lack of advertisers in this case, it makes absolute sense to offer discounts to people buying ad space. Not only would they be able to buy the ad space at a cheaper rate but might also get tempted to buy extra ad space.

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4. Long Term Advertising Option:

Often, advertisers are on the lookout for long term advertising space. Here they may pay bulk amount and book the ad space for a couple of months or years. Naturally this offer ensures that you get the ad space sold for a few months at a discounted price.

Bonus Tip!

Advertisers always looks for easy way to buy ad spot. OIO Publisher Plugin for WordPress can really help you to sell adspot with ease.

OIO Publisher is an ad manager that enables you to maximize your revenue, save time, and keep you in complete control of your ad space. It will give you;

  • Complete control over your advertising, with fully automated sales.
  • Keep 100% of your revenue, forget middleman commission
  • Run 3rd party ad networks alongside your own ads

I hope above 4 tips to Quickly Sell Ad Spaces will generally work though the extent of affect may differ from one to another. Do let me know which one works perfect for you? And what’s your other methods to Quickly Sell Ad Spaces? :)

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  1. Ramnadh says

    Nice article. Giving a small idea about traffic is also a great idea to rush advertisers to your website. Thanks for sharing


  2. Hamza Sheikh says

    Running a contest is a cool idea, but at least not giving the ad-space in a contest unless you not become an authority. Giving out the ad space on discount is seems to be kinda showing you are running out of money? or your are standard-less.

    In my career with BSA, I have noticed many advertisers declined to advertise just because the ad-space price is too low. :)

  3. Nora Slavensq says

    Thank you for sharing this post. I think the tips that you have shared on how to sell ad spaces are great, especially giving discounts to the long term advertisers, because then they will buy it off you for a larger period. I have tried selling them before, and I do find it quite difficult, so I am hoping that these tips will also work for me.

  4. says

    At the end, I liked the bonus tip.

    But no one’s better than BUYSELLADS. What say Ammar?

    And yeah, I haven’t seen your articles on ABT from a long ago? I think you are so busy. Even don’t have time to write for your own blog ? ;)

    I am missing you posts Ammar.

    • Ammar Ali says

      You’re right Jafar! BSA is also good program to find advertisers!

      Yes, Don’t have enough time to write here. Busy with my studies! :D

  5. says

    very nice. i have all in my mind now. and will apply it in my New Blog.
    i did not agree with more ad space. it should be normal, because have to care of users too!

  6. Juan says

    i dont know, but for me, it really hard to sell ad space, maybe i should implement the idea from this post, nice sharing

  7. says

    these are just 4 points but really helpful, i am going to use the plugin you mentioned above thanks for this great article keep up the good work….

  8. Khaja moin says

    Very true and interesting way to increase ad space sales.
    Offer a special discount or favoring them with a free review post can bring more benefits.


  9. Gautam says

    hi Rajkumar, nice information now a days bsa and many others are new income sources for bloggers.

  10. says

    I really need to work this out…
    making my blog site worth reading and earning
    at the same time. Thanks for sharing such great ideas.

  11. says

    Contest promo is a good idea ,actually all your tips are worth trying .I don’t have ad spaces yet on my blogs but i am considering it .thanks for the great tips.

  12. says

    I have just started offering Ad spaces on my blog and was a bit worried why they weren’t there any takers. I will surely apply all these tips and report back about the results

  13. Tara Woodruff says

    I have been thinking about this subject for quite some time! Thank you for your insight!

  14. says

    Giving discounts to long term advertisers…sounds really good. I think it can apply to other businesses as well rather than advertising. These tips are great help to me personally.

  15. says

    I think giving discounts will be great idea in all of them listed above . this was nice post rajkuma r. Thanks a lot for sharing your experience here

  16. wasif says

    Thanks for such useful info , In my opinion Traffic is very important factor than PR to attract advertisers

    • Ammar Ali says

      I am agree with you. Offering discount is a best way to attract advertisers and sell ad spaces quickly :)

  17. Suresh Khanal says

    Hi Rajkumar,

    We are trying to sell ad space, isn’t it? So in this context, what do you mean by organizing contests? We’ll hold some contest and offer ad space as prize?

    I think I should offer discounted Ad space for my guest bloggers. This way on one hand I’ll get more better guest posts and on other Ad space can be sold though a bit lower price. Hmm.. Like you idea. Thanks for the post.

    • Rajkumar Jonnala says

      Hi Suresh Khanal,

      Organizing Contests and giving one ad space for free in prize is not at all a bad idea Suresh as this can help a blog to get so many unique visitors and so many great posts. Thanks any way for stopping by and appreciating the post.

      • Naveen says

        Ok I Agree with Suresh Kanal. How this contests help to find advertisers. We can only give away some AD spaces to the winners.

        I’ve had a big experience with selling AD spaces is,

        Collect some list of advertisers from the ADs published on niche blogs and send them E mails (without spamming their inbox) will also work better.

        Also deep link building with particular ‘Advertise with us’ page will also work effectively. But we need to validate right price for AD spaces, so that we can get advertisers. For example if for 10K impressions, we can fix $10 instead of more than that will convert more advertisers.

        Thanks to the post.

      • says

        Hey Rajkumar Jonnala,

        I agree with you. Having a contest done is like having a twist on an old idea that used to make a lot of money. It works because not many people do it and usually if you do the contest OK then you will most likely end up with an advertiser that will come back many times.

    • Rajkumar Jonnala says

      Thanks Fazal for appreciating my post. Earning is a main concern for every blogger. But we should always keep in mind that this should not distract our buyers and visitors as well. Happy blogging!

  18. says

    Giving discounts on long term advertisement contract is a very nice idea to gain more revenue. It is better to sell ad spaces at discounted prices rather than waiting for a customer ready to pay high tariffs. Nice tips really appreciated

    • Rajkumar Jonnala says

      Thanks Usman for stopping by. I also prefer long term advertisers on my personal blogs, since these are the genuine buyers and are willing to pay good amounts for long term contracts. And moreover your ad space will get engaged for long term.

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