5 Best Author Box Plugin for WordPress

Now a days many of wordpress blog have author box at end of each post. Now it’s becoming very popular to have author box in author blog.

MOST of you already know author box and its importance to manage multi-author blogs.  There are many plugins that add author box to your blog but  I’m sharing 5 Best Author Box Plugin with many great features. Simple and advance plugins

5 Best Author Box Plugin for WordPress

Here I’m sharing free and best author box plugins for wordpress. You can try any of them you want.

1. Better Author Bio

5 Best Author Box Plugin for WordPress

This is best author box plugin I like from our list of best author box plugin and would recommend to use as it don’t require any coding. Its just simple, neat and clean :D. Here are few reasons Why I like this plugin!

  • It’s simple, clean and elegant.
  • View All Post by Author Option
  • Author Blog Link
  • Author Social Profile Link
  • It shows Number of Articles written by author
  • Too much easy to install and configure!

2. Fancier Author Box

5 Best Author Box Plugin for WordPress

Give identity to your single or multi-author with Fancier Author Box Plugin. This plugin comes with great features as well as link to author posts and latest post. You can easily hide or show latest post. Though I’ve not used it but many other blogs are using it and its working perfect!

There is also paid version of Fancier Author Box which gives you more advance features like Twitter, Facebook, Google+ Tabs. You can read more here!

Here are few feature of premium version of this plugin.

  • Simple and Clean
  • Link to Author Latest Post
  • Social Icons below avatar
  • Easy to enable / customize its look and tab option!


3. Social Author Bio

5 Best Author Box Plugin for WordPress

Like other this plugin automatically adds an author bio box with Gravatar and social icons on your each posts. This is the most configurable author bio box with social profile links. It comes with 15+ Social profile links. You can easily customize any of them. Here are few features of this plugin!

  • Simple yet stylish like others! ;)
  • Gravatar with Author Bio
  • Shows Number of post by author
  • 15+ Social Profiles Links.

4. Cool Author Box

5 Best Author Box Plugin for WordPress

This plugin don’t need much introduction. This plugin also works like others but it style is different you can see screenshot above. This plugin will add author box to end of your post with avatar at bottom right side and link to author site and archives!

5. Custom About Author

5 Best Author Box Plugin for WordPress

This is last plugin from our collect of best author box plugin. This plugin looks like Social Author Bio. But Its simple with only 4 social profile and rounded corner! It does not contain link to author archives! Although its good plugin. You can try!

Don’t forget to look at our recent plugin collection for WordPress Blog


Over To You!

What do you think why author box is important for blogs? Don’t forget to let me know which best author box plugin you use in your blog in comment section!

Happy Blogging! :)

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  1. Holly Jahangiri says:

    I use WP Biographia, and like it a lot. Did you give that one a try? If so, I’m curious why it didn’t make the cut.
    Holly Jahangiri recently posted..How to Use Twitterfeed and NOT Look Like a SpammerMy Profile

  2. I like second one – Fancier Author Box :P
    Irfan Siddiqui recently posted..Track Your Train’s Exact Location in IndiaMy Profile

  3. Hey,

    I am using Custom about Author ! It is really working awesome for me. :)

    Have you seen it on my blog? :P

    Thank you
    Saif recently posted..How To Decrease / Improve Alexa Of Blog? – Simple Steps To Improve AlexaMy Profile

  4. Have tried most out of them, and love the first one a lot that is also being used by BasicBlogTips and other biggies. But, still I’d love stick with one that is offered by Genesis itself.
    Mairaj Pirzada recently posted..Generating Post Ideas When You’re Stuck – 21 Ways to Find Ideas!My Profile

  5. Good collection, going to use one among these.
    Khaja moin recently posted..35 Social Bookmarking Sites to Increase Your TrafficMy Profile

  6. Now I am not use any Author Box. But I like to use 1st one(Better Author Bio).
    Raplus recently posted..8 Best WordPress Plugins You Should KnowMy Profile

  7. I am a new blogger with no knowledge of SEO and stuff. Most of what I do know about blogging is based on useful info I get from blogs like these.
    I am installing Plugin #3. I like this one more than the others because it allows me to link my Gravatar and social profile links as well.
    If WP Biographia is any better, please let me know.

  8. Kundan Bhardwaj says:

    I don’t need a plugin for it as this feature is inbuilt in my theme. Thanks for sharing though Ammar.
    Kundan Bhardwaj recently posted..Convert Video In any FormatMy Profile

  9. Hey , Ammar would you like to share what you are using ? It has also a + point of a adding a guest post page !
    Smart Boy recently posted..Solved – How to change your name In Facebook ?My Profile

  10. Amazing author boxes bro.
    I like 4th one-Cool Author Box
    janmejaya recently posted..Top 5 blogging ideas that Giving you SuccessMy Profile

  11. First One author box is good simple clean and attractive design
    Guppu Boss recently posted..17 Best websites to watch HollyWood and Bollywood Movie Online for freeMy Profile

  12. Anton Koekemoer says:

    Hi Ammar,

    Thanks for sharing the awesome plugins. – I might just change mine accordingly. I think it’s time for a new touch on my website.
    Anton Koekemoer recently posted..Using LinkedIn for lead generationMy Profile

  13. all the author boxes are good..will like t have o\any of these on my blog but unfortunate my blog is on blogspot..please share some author boxes for blogspot also….
    mohit rajwani recently posted..Add and Manage Accounts in Windows 8My Profile

  14. Hi Ammar,
    I am really sorry to bother you yet again. I installed the “Better Author Bio” because you said it is the simplest. Unfortunately, even that aint simple enough for me. :(
    Can you please attach here a screen shot of your settings, because when I click on the Facebook or Twitter button appearing down there with the posts, it is showing error 404.
    Ambik Choudhary Mahajan recently posted..How to Get Rid of Freckles And Laser Treatment?My Profile

  15. thanks @Ammar really bro nice collation but i like 2nd one :)
    Rahul Kashyap recently posted..Top 10 Animated Movies with SoundtrackMy Profile

  16. @holly i read some of your comments above. You’ve excellent written skills. I loved reading your comments. @ammar thanks for liking my facebook fan page. You have a great blog here. I would suggest to concentrate a bit more on grammar. The first sentence should be Nowadays lot of bloggers…

  17. Hi Ammar,
    Thanks for sharing some awesome author box.
    I liked the 1st one ‘Better Author Bio’ .
    And I am using it. But I did it with code.
    Istiak Rayhan recently posted..Don’t have a Privacy Policy Page? Create it Now!My Profile

  18. Not a bad list of plugins you got here.

    I think these are all cool.

    As for my blog, the theme / skin came with it’s own author bio box. Plus I can always edit it the way I want.

    Nice post for those who want to add a box to their blog.
    Kharim Tomlinson recently posted..How To Make Your First $100 From Your BlogMy Profile

  19. Gone are those days when I used an Author Box plugin :D I’m using custom codes for that author box you see on my posts Ammar. What are your thoughts on that?

    PS – I’m soon planning to code it so that it shows the “Follow” and “Like” button, for the specified author of the post. But just need to get my hands on a couple of things before that.

    Raaj Trambadia recently posted..How To Make Money Using TwitterMy Profile

  20. Dragan Nikolic says:

    Hello Ammar,

    Thanks so much for including our Fancier Author Box to your list of WordPress plugins.

    However, the screenshot is not accurate, because it represents our premium author bio plugin – Fanciest Author Box.

    In the spirit of honesty and providing your readers the correct information, it would be good to put the right plugin screenshot.


  21. Hi Ammar

    I use the AuthorSure author box plugin as it makes it easier to authenticate Authorship with Google.

    That allows you to get your Gravatar added to search engine listings.

    Thank you for sharing.

    Tim Bonner recently posted..How To Find Out If Your Blog Posts Are Being CopiedMy Profile

  22. rakesh kumar says:

    Though these are great plugins but i would love this feature in my theme not a seperate plugin.

  23. Great list of Author box plugin. i am using the first one, Better Author Bio. and i am very much satisfied with this one. But hope i will try the others in future.
    Thanks for giving awesome list of Plugin.

  24. Better author bio is undoubtedly the best WP author plugin!
    Arslanh recently posted..20 Must-Have Plugins For Your WordPress BlogMy Profile

  25. cool author box looks nice… thanks for the list, never knew that there are so many plugins for an author box….
    Ashish recently posted..5 Best Apple iPhone 5 ApplicationsMy Profile

  26. I used the better author bio plugin. Thanks for the list!
    Sk recently posted..Receive SMS when someone comments on your site (WordPress)My Profile

  27. I was using better author bio few months ago. Since my blog is one author blog so i thought that it is not necessary to install author bio box in single author blog.

    What do you think?
    Sudeep Acharya recently posted..RightInbox – Schedule the email to send it laterMy Profile

  28. Thanks for compiling this list. I am currently using fancier author plugin but I might consider using the top on which is “better author bio” as it seems much simpler. The social author bio looks good as well.
    Shalu Sharma recently posted..Top winter destinations of IndiaMy Profile

  29. Nice post. But can you solve my problem. I tried using Fancier author box. I have filled the About author section in my profile but it is not showing any text except my name. Any idea??
    Bilal Akbar recently posted..iPHONE 5…A MUCH AWAITED PHONEMy Profile

    • It seems you’ve not added your bio in your “Profile Page” in Wp Dashboard! Goto Dashboard > Profile and > About Yourself and add your info there! I’m sure it will works!

  30. I have already filled that section and moreover my gravatar is also being show in the bar when I access my profile. But don’t know why my introduction is not shown even when I have filled and saved it.
    Bilal Akbar recently posted..iPHONE 5…A MUCH AWAITED PHONEMy Profile

  31. Hi Ammar,
    Yesterday, I submitted guest post on BasicBlogTips and was impressed by the Author Bio that was used by Ms. Ileane Smith. Today, I was going through your blog and find this valuable post.. Thank you so much.. I will be using Better Author Bio for sure. :)
    Thanks !!
    Dhruv Bhagat recently posted..How To Make Your Blog Commenting Campaign A Success?My Profile

  32. i liked Social Author Bio most and am also using it on my blogs………!!
    Gautam Cool recently posted..Zapworld Became Dofollow Friendly Now.!My Profile

  33. Nice list of plugins Ammar but i liked 2nd one
    HAMID ROSHAAN TAHIR recently posted..Google+ Just Crossed 400 million usersMy Profile

  34. 1st one is best ! ” Better Author Bio”
    Smart Boy recently posted..How to Remove Comment Box In WordPress Page?My Profile

  35. Awesome article :)

    I think fancier is better because the tab made different with others.

  36. Nice to see a mention of WP Biographia from Holly Jahangiri in the comments. Version 3.3 of the plugin was recently released and includes a lot of new features designed to support multi author sites and sites with guest authors. It also allows you to specify where you want the Biography Box to appear (on top of a post or underneath), what types of post the Biography Box should appear on (front page, posts, pages, archives, etc) and includes comprehensive shortcode and template tag support if you really need finer grained control. It even validates all your social media contact links and nudges you if they look wrong, so a Twitter profile URL of @vicchi (my Twitter ID) will be nudged to tell me to enter the URL as http://twitter.com/vicchi. Take a look if you get a spare moment.

    Gary Gale recently posted..The London Tube Map Made (Too) SimpleMy Profile

  37. Hey bro ,which author box plugin you use.

  38. I use the last one.
    But i have a doubt. Is there any way to remove the Author bio from a single user?
    I mean, I am Admin at my Tech blog. i dont want a Bio below my articles.
    How should i remove it??

  39. ammar……..can u give the name of your author box plugin.i like very much it
    shafeeq recently posted..8 Most popular blogs in the worldMy Profile

  40. Hey mate,
    i read your post it gave me an idea on which one to go with but if i add this plugin , will my default author bio will also be visible and available ?
    Mohammed Siadath Ali recently posted..Strike Suit Zero – An Action-Packed Space GameMy Profile

  41. would like to know , what is the author box you are using?
    Mohammed Siadath Ali recently posted..Strike Suit Zero – An Action-Packed Space GameMy Profile

  42. Isn’t there any generic code for author functionality to add to any WordPress theme Ammar ?
    Aditya Nath Jha recently posted..Facebook Graph Search – The Giant is at it Again!My Profile

  43. I’ve tested all of them, but the only one I liked is Fancier Author Box, the design looks great in any theme and was easy to translate.
    Mercedes recently posted..Tu Guía Para ComenzarMy Profile

  44. krishnaTORQUE says:

    which one you are using?
    krishnaTORQUE recently posted..By: AnonymousMy Profile

  45. Thank you Ammar.. I have used Better Author Bio and It is looking Nice.
    Akshay recently posted..Top 5 WordPress Plugins for Affiliate Marketing in 2013My Profile

  46. I liked the way you have modified the authors resource box on this website of yours. Also the write for us link over there is a perfect fit as it suits the purposes just right over there.
    Keral Patel recently posted..How To Get The Most Out Of Your PPC Landing PageMy Profile

  47. I use the Default one which come with my theme. Love the #2nd one (Fancier Author Box). Will give it a Try :) Thanks.
    Anirudh recently posted..600+ list Of High PR Dofollow Forums to Build Backlinks – 2013My Profile

  48. Nice post Ammar Ali, I’ve decided to go with Social Author Bio. I just hope that it is compatible with my other WordPress plugins.

  49. Thanks Ammar for sharing this list. I have searched endlessly for other author post plugins. Even asked some guest authors to recommend a good one to me of which I was only able to get the Social Author Bio plugin. I used it for a while, but didnt like the interface, so I uninstalled it. I think I like the Fancier Author Bio more.

  50. brother i like Better author bio plugin. but i am not able to add this plugins on author page. please tell me how to add this on author archive page?

  51. Hello Ammar, am using Fancier Author Box and this is really fancier as it name sound, though am thinking of creating my own person author box..
    Thanks for this Post..
    Temilola Globalwalyy recently posted..Everyday Foods for Diabetic PatientsMy Profile

  52. I personally use the Fanciest author box, the premium version of fancier box it’s great for me! and it costs only 10$
    thanks for sharing this awesome post brother :)
    anis recently posted..How To: Make Money Online With your BlogMy Profile

  53. Thanks for sharing – all the plugins sounds cool and this is the perfect post for me. As I am looking up for a blog to offer different plugins. Moreover, can you tell which is that plugin which show the prev and next post on your page?

  54. I would shift to using the second one I think. Looks really fancy :) Thanks!

  55. You have shared some of the best WordPress author box plugin. But I have Choose Fancier Author Box and i am happy with it. I will be grateful if you share your author box plugin name. I like your author box. Amazing!!
    Vin DiCarlo recently posted..SEOPressor Review – The Premium WordPress SEO PluginMy Profile

  56. Hey Ammar,

    Just what I was looking for, started a new blog and could not find a decent author box. As suggested, I am going ahead with Better Author Bio plugin for my site. Thanks.

    Vivek Krishnan recently posted..GTA 5 Release: It’s Bigger & Better This TimeMy Profile

  57. Nice! I am looking some Author box plugin and saw this in SERP.
    The thing is, I like your Custom coded Author box most than those plugins :D
    Eymard Siojo recently posted..Help a Newbie Internet Marketer SeriesMy Profile

  58. I’m using Fancier, and its pretty good actually. Nice post, little different and useful as well!

    Shruti recently posted..UP Police Computer Operator Exam Result 2013 – http://www.uppolice.up.nic.inMy Profile

  59. Hi Ammar, I started using Wp biographia on my personal finance website and I love it! Before that my website didn’t have an author box and after putting one in, I have noticed that my web visitors are staying on the site longer and also contributing with comments section.


  60. All the above boxes are great but I like Fancier Author. its has great designed and features i.e. tabs with social media buttons and total nos. of posts etc. Thanks Ammar
    M EHsan Qureshi recently posted..What is High, Normal, Low Bounce Rate and How to Decrease?My Profile

  61. I’m using fancier author plugin now. So far this plugin working perfect for me and beautiful design. Maybe next time i will buy premium version.
    saimi recently posted..Plugin WordPress Terbaik Untuk Pengguna WordPressMy Profile

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