6 Surprising Signs Why You Will Quit Blogging

Blogging is becoming more and more competitive and popular by every day passing, which is the reason more and more people are getting into this business. New bloggers mostly think of this business as a shortcut to make money and step into it. But sooner or later, they eventually quit blogging.

Are you one of those people? Are you ever going to quit blogging?

Here are the few signs that you will quit blogging.

6 Surprising Signs Why You Will Quit Blogging

1. You don’t have time!

Everyone is busy in this world!

Blogging takes too much time! You’ll quit blogging soon if you don’t have time to blog. Every time you sit down to blog, something “more important” comes up and you just can’t spend time on your blog.

If you’re spending more time on social method or useless activites that have nothing to do with your blog. That’s when you’ll quit blogging.

2. You are always in Blogger’s Block:

Blogger’s block is when you can’t think of an idea of what to write. You lose the ability to work on your blog or producing content.

If you are always in blogger’s block, you are always struggling to get new ideas and you never know what next you are going to write about, then things are pointing towards a dark side for you.

If a blogger is fully determined to become famous and successful, he finally finds a way to get new ideas and keep going, but those who always complain that they don’t get ideas are the ones who have low levels of determination and they are destined to fail and quit blogging.

3. You hate to read other blogs:

If you find it boring to search your topics and read other people’s blogs, you are done.

In order to be different, unique and stand out in blogosphere you need to have killer quality content and the only way to produce killer quality content is by searching the topic a lot and then pouring a lot of information on the reader by using little number of words.

Hence, if you don’t love reading, you will soon stop loving writing and typing & saying good-bye to this business.

4. Your posts are not proofread:

One of the simplest ways to tell if a blogger will succeed or quit is by looking at his articles.

If you find no mistakes at all both in spellings and grammar, you can say that he is a horse of long ride. 😉

But if articles are filled with errors, it is safe to say that the guy who wrote this piece doesn’t really love to write, which is the reason he didn’t take the safe step and re-read his own articles and instead published as it was with errors and misspellings. 

5. You don’t have a Top Level Domain:

Blogging at sub domain indicates that blogger is not really serious about blogging and he will eventually disappear. Another reason why blogger with sub domains quit is because they have nothing to lose since; they have not invested anything at all.

While in case of top level domain, bloggers think thousands of times before saying good-bye to business. Hence, if you want to be a successful blogger and keep yourself safe from temptation of quitting blogging, get a top level domain as soon as possible.

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6. You don’t have Niche Blog:

The most popular reason for ending careers of many bloggers is not having a clear plan. They don’t even have a clear concept of niche.

Such blogger publish anything and everything they want, but still don’t succeed because no one cares about such blogs. This is a sure-fire indication that blogger will go away very soon.

Don’t worry!

The reason behind writing this post is not to make you feel like quiting blogging. These are just signs that you might quit blogging sooner than later. So you should avoid these.

To keep you motivated. I found a quote. I’m sure, you’ll love this.

6 Surprising Signs Why You Will Quit Blogging

What do you think about this? Do you ever feel like quitting blogging? Do let me know in comments

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  1. says

    Hi, Ammar,

    Reading you from last month. You Always right awesome and readable content in a lovely flow. Keep it up dude. BTW #6 made me cry truly as this is most complicated concept which many bloggers fail to understand that actually what is their niche…I am glad you are helping this community to get out of this mess.


  2. says

    Nice post.

    I just think a blog should be started through passion and genuine interest in the niche/subject matter, and not solely created to make money.

    Many people get it the wrong way around – start a blog and make money. But actually, it should be ‘Start a blog to connect with other like minded people, help those people, and THEN start to think about monetization’.

    I am on a forum where people can post their new sites for people to review. About 95% of these people post up a link to a blog with NO content, but tonnes of adverts in the sidebar – it is clear that their priority is not to help people – but to simply make money.

    And we all know, when one starts chasing money, one starts to chase the money away.

  3. says

    Hey Ammar,
    First of all i must appreciate, and thanks that am not having any issue, hahaha.

    Ok back on topic, when i read the heading i thought, Hmmm interesting lets check to find out if any drawback i might have but you know what even as a new blogger i passed everything mention above…

    But still one thing is driving me crazy is traffic…. Hope that wont make me quit …

    Great Going Ammar…cheers.

  4. says


    All points you mentioned above in this article are true. I think there is another factor which may affect Bloggers to quite Blogging is that the nature of their jobs and the topics on which they have interest for blogging. If both are different then Bloggers may not concentrate on Blogging. They will concentrate on their Jobs and least preference may given to blogging. This will slowly make dis-active that Blogger and eventually he/she will quite blogging…

  5. says

    Great and funny blog post.

    I’m not sure about #4, though. Check JohnChow.com and you’ll see plenty of spelling and grammar error, and it’s not my impression he’s going to quit any day soon 😉

  6. Efoghor Joseph Ezie says

    Ammar, thanks for such a great post. You have mentioned six quality reasons why one is sure to quit blogging. I can say without any fear of contradiction that you are absolutely right. You have said the important things and there are hardly anything to add.

    However, let me quickly add that not having any form of interactivity on your blog is also a sign you might one day get frustrated and quit. To avoid getting to that point of no return, you need to know how to woo people to your blog and encourage them to leave comments. Building relationships, promoting your posts to the right audience, using the right comment plugin, commenting on other people’s blogs, etc are some of the few things you could do to remedy the situation.

    Another reason one might quit is that his blog does not make money. Blogging requires some money to maintain, renew domain/hosting, internet subscription, etc. But whereby from month to month one hardly makes any income from his blog, it would get to a point where he would feel there’s no point wasting time on what is not profitable. So to overcome that, learn how to drive targeted traffic to your blog and how to convert your visitors to buyers.

  7. says

    Hi Ammar!
    This is another great post. I agree with your point. The top level domain is most important according to this. And another point is that I agree with you that blog niche is also most important. Before stating blog we should about blog niche. We can not think about this and that’s why we didn’t succeed.

  8. Denis D. says

    Everything you said here is very true. There are a thousand bloggers that start blogging everyday and another thousand bloggers that quit that very same day. People who have not developed a plan and figured out exactly what they need to write about, how often to write and how to build up the traffic to their blog will sooner or later quit with nothing to show for their work.

  9. says

    Hi Ammar,

    I guess it really depends on whether people have realisitc expectations about their blog.

    Many people get into blogging with the hope that their blog will generate a healthy stream of passive income. However, they are not aware of what it takes in order to get there.

    Some people mistakenly think that all they need to do is to write blog post. But they didn’t realize that the promotion part is also important, especially at the beginning of their blogging career. Ultimately, no traffic equals no sales.

    It can probably take at least one year to reach a decent level of success with blogging. Unfortunately, most people will probably give up within a few months.

  10. says

    yeah!! I agree with you and you wrote wonderful article. :) … one of the main reason that people quit blogging because they don’t make money from blog as they expect… that’s why they quit blogging…

  11. Arbaz Khan says

    Hey Ammar,
    Nice article you have written. I don’t like reading other blogs but i do read when there is something worth reading. But I am sure I am not going to quit blogging any time soon.
    Great post mate :)

  12. says

    You know most of the people quit blogging because they are unable to make a living or any income from their blogging.. So they tend to quit it and start some new thing..lol

  13. Sahil says

    Hi Ammar,

    You had wrote a great post and I am already following these things because I also runs a blogging niche blog and trying my best to provide other some good tips related to blogging that are worth reading.

    Blogging is only for those who understand that it takes more time to develop and we are also at the same line. If we are not getting any readers that means we are not engaging enough.

    ~Sahil Dhull

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