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Creating Meta Tags To Optimize Your Website’s Rankings


Do you know that meta tags help optimize you web site rankings, lets us see, how. Meta tag is an HTML code within your web page. It is used by the search engines to determine, what the web page is all about. When you have set a Meta tag in your web page then the… Continue Reading …

Why I Always See Zero In My Adsense Account?


People often ask me that Why I always see zero in my Adsense account? I simply reply that there could be many reasons for why you are not making any cents with Adsense. But some main reasons which kill the clicks are going to get listed down below by me, so next time you able… Continue Reading …

Another Stylish Mashable Style Subscription Widget v2

mashable stype sub widgets copy

Recently we shared Mashable Style Subscription Widget v1 with you. Lots of our readers found this great widget. Some asked us to improve this and add some more cool features with more social profile likes like Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, RSS.You can add Mashable Style Subscription Widget to your wordpress or blogger/blogspot blogs easily.  Mashable Style Social… Continue Reading …

How To Get Maximum Benefit From Your Guest Post


Getting more and more traffic is a dream of all bloggers. This dream comes true only when you do hard work properly. Blogging is not an easy job to do. Well it’s not so hard when you do it properly. Guest posting is really a superb way to get maximum traffic to your blog. But… Continue Reading …

How To Blog Your Way Into Earning Successfully [Must Read]


Ever wondered how some people earn money just by blogging? If you think you’re not capable of turning your blogs into a money-making machine, then you’re gravely mistaken. Just as blogging is for everyone, making money out of them is, too. That’s if you’re up to the challenge. Before you can start, however, there are… Continue Reading …

Top 5 Best Plugins To Speed Up WordPress Websites!


People who use wordpress for publishing their articles, blogs, company information about products or services or having website based on wordpress, would surely like to know about the best wordpress plugins for faster website loading. As a slow loading web page really irritates users and also slows down the overall performance. To get better experience,… Continue Reading …

3 Best Tips To Know If Blogging Is Right For You


With the growing field of technology, internet is getting popular day by day. There are many people who are making their livings by doing some kind of work on the internet. One of the best and popular ways to make money from the internet is by blogging. Blogging is one of the most popular ways… Continue Reading …

5 Best SEO Tips To Use The Keywords Effectively


SEO is a vast term, and keyword is an essential part of SEO. Keywords are nothing but the search terms that people use on various search engines to search the topics related to those keywords. We often spend too much time for optimizing our blog post for search engine. When it comes to blog optimization,… Continue Reading …