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  • Top 5 Best Plugins To Speed Up WordPress Websites!


    People who use wordpress for publishing their articles, blogs, company information about products or services or having website based on wordpress, would surely like to know about the best wordpress plugins for faster website loading. As a slow loading web page really irritates users and also slows down the overall performance. To get better experience,… Continue Reading …

    3 Best Tips To Know If Blogging Is Right For You


    With the growing field of technology, internet is getting popular day by day. There are many people who are making their livings by doing some kind of work on the internet. One of the best and popular ways to make money from the internet is by blogging. Blogging is one of the most popular ways… Continue Reading …

    5 Best SEO Tips To Use The Keywords Effectively


    SEO is a vast term, and keyword is an essential part of SEO. Keywords are nothing but the search terms that people use on various search engines to search the topics related to those keywords. We often spend too much time for optimizing our blog post for search engine. When it comes to blog optimization,… Continue Reading …

    5 Benefits of Participating in a Blog Challenge

    Blog Challenge

    This is a guest post by Micheal Ooi. Have you ever wonder sometimes, when you saw a blog challenge organized by some random fellow blogger and you often wonder whether you should participate or not? and is there any benefit for me to participate in this blog challenge? Now let me personally explain to you… Continue Reading …

    Get More Traffic by Giving Away Custom WordPress Themes


    Many bloggers are always looking for new and exciting ways to gain back links and get more people to their sites. One way that can build a massive influx of incoming links and traffic to your site is by building custom and premium wordpress themes that you can give away through your site. Here are… Continue Reading …

    5 Best Tools To Use in Pinterest


    If you are a regular user of internet, then you must have come across with the name Pinterest in the past some days for many times. The name isnew but growing at an amazing speed. It is a website to share the beautiful pictures and is better than any other image sharing site. There are… Continue Reading …

    Top 3 Theme Frameworks For WordPress

    framework for WP

    The WordPress theme frameworks have become very popular in last one year with the increasing use of WordPress. The themes are very important part of WordPress websites and if you are starting a site of your own then you surely need a theme that suits your site. The theme frameworks make it very easy for… Continue Reading …

    jQuery Popup For Facebook Like Box With Timer!

    FB Likebox with timer by ABT

    After our previous jQuery Popup For Facebook Like Box  version1 ~ version2. Today we decided to present some cool jQuery Popup For Facebook Like Box With Timer for wordpress and blogger blogs. This one includes a time counter and instead of likebox it displays a like button that links to your Fan Page and an attractive… Continue Reading …

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