Freshlife Theme: Best Magazine WordPress Theme

A quick review of Freshlife Theme.

Looking for some fresh, best magazine WordPress Theme?

FreshLife Theme is best! this Theme really give your blog a fresh life 😉

Freshlife Theme is Best Magazine WordPress Theme by ThemeJunkie. I’ve been using this on one of my blog and its just amazing. Fast loading, elegant design, widgets ready, SEO Friendly design.

Its is being used by many blogs because of its awesome features.

You can get this theme just for 39$ Buy Now (+2 bonus themes) = $39 You can also use coupon to get 35% off.

Freshlife Theme

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Below I write features of this Freshlife Theme with coupon code for huge saving!

Features of Freshlife Theme

Here are the quick features of Freshlife Theme and I’ll surely recommend you to use this theme as it comes with hell lot of featres at very low price.

Advanced Control Panel : You can take the full control of your theme with our powerful and easy-to-use theme options panel from setting to rock your theme.

Homepage Posts Style (Magazine/Traditional blog) : Freshlife Theme comes with amazing features one of this is magazine or traditional blog. You can switch at any time you want.

Search Engine Optimized : Freshlife Theme comes with awesome panel to optimize your website. It includes all meta tag, description title in setting page.

Widgets Read : Freshlife Theme come with multiple custom ready widgets you can easily add them to your sidebar from widget panel.

AD Management is easy to use : You can place any 125×125 banner images in your sidebar and 468×60 ads to your post pages with very easy widget option. No need to edit core files and play with codes. You can also place adsense there with ease!

Lifetime Support : This freshlife theme comes with a great lifetime support. If you face any problem with that theme. You can contact theme-junkie to solve it. And yes, it’s all FREE..

What’s more?


Freshlife Theme

  • Advanced Theme Control Panel
  • Auto-sized Thumbnail Management
  • Text/Image Logo Switcher
  • Analytics/Stat Management
  • Built-in FeedBurner Support
  • Threaded Comments
  • Custom Widgets
  • 2 Dropdown Menu Navigation
  • Smooth design
  • WordPress 3.3+ Compatible
  • Forum Support
  • Lifetime Upgrade

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Buy Freshlife Theme now!

Over To You!

I would recommend you to buy this theme if you are looking for some good, magazine style wordpress theme with great support. it comes with awesome features. I already discuss them above. Worth paying 39$ because you will get 2 bounce theme of your choice for absolutely free! with this theme. Isn’t that cool? ;)

I am already using this theme on one of my another blog. I must say they have a great features comes with every theme. Awesome control panel, SEO friendly themes with lifetime support, elegant theme and fast loading design!

Are you using theme junkie themes or best magazine wordpress theme? How far is your experience with their Themes? Do let me know specially about Freshlife Theme.

5 Question to Ask Before Using Google Adsense

Adsense Are you currently using Google Adsense on your blog, or even thinking about it?
Then stop here now! 😉
You’ve to ask Five Question to yourself Before Using Google Adsense.
This blog post just might open your eyes to what you might be doing to your blog and audience for just a few dollars. There was a previous post on this blog titled “12 Things to Do Before Applying for Google Adsense“, which walks you through the process of what you need to make sure you blog looks like and has before applying to Google Adsense. We are going to take that same approach, but with a few different questions to ask yourself if you really want to sacrifice your blog and traffic to the almighty Google Adsense!

How much is your site traffic worth?

Before using any advertising solution, you need to know what your traffic is and how much they are worth. Entertainment sites and blogs have a low value per user, as they are pretty much there just to view pictures and get news. Product reviews and coupon sites have a high value per user, as they are already in buyer mode. Knowing your average visitor value is a very important thing to know!

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Are you playing by Google’s rules at all times?

Lately Google has been on a tear and throwing many sites out of their Google Adsense program. No matter their reason Google may banner your account, once you are tossed, you are gone for good and they will also keep all of the money remaining in your account as well. Do you really want to work with an ad network that can keep all your profits from this and the previous month? As a Google Adsense partner, you always need to play by their rules at all times.

Can you make more money going directly?

Have you even thought about selling your own banner ad space? There is a good chance you can find a quality advertiser in your niche that will pay a much higher CPM premium over what Google Adsense will pay you. If you are running 125×125 banner ads on your site you can probably fill four to ten of these banner spots and make several times more than what Google Adsense could ever earn you.

Are you killing your profits by using Google Adsense?

One of the best ways to kill your profits is by throwing Google Adsense on your site. If you are selling products, trying to get people on your mailing list or get them to take any other action… Google Adsense will hurt you. Keep your focus on your end goal of either getting people on your list or getting them to take action. If you have a solid monetization plan for your site, Google Adsense probably shouldn’t be one of them.

Lastly… do you like giving away your traffic for a few pennies per visitor?

When did you last click on a Google Adsense banner?

I’m not sure if you remember. 😉

But whenever someone clicks on any Google Adsense banner, they leave the site they are currently on and get swooshed off to another site. Most of the time Google Adsense is only paying a few pennies per click. Are you losing your traffic for just a few pennies? If you are, it’s not a good business model at all!

Don’t get me wrong… 😀

Google Adsense has made BILLIONS of dollars for Google and their publishers… but there is a reason why it’s so ridiculously easy and simple to setup. Google is making a ton of money by lazy site owners just placing a code on their site and not knowing better. There is nothing wrong with using Google Adsense, but there are much better and more profitable ways to make money!

Are You Ignoring One Rule for Making Money Blogging?

Let’s cut to the chase: We all want making money blogging from our blogs.

Of course! 😉

During consulting sessions with bloggers it’s one of the first items we discuss. Everyone has seen the success stories, and we’d all love to be the next blogging superstar and making money blogging. But how?

When my clients ask how they can make money, I pause the conversation there and change directions. The conversation goes something like this.

Me: “So you’d like to earn money blogging?”

Client: “Yes, but I don’t know how.”

Me: “If you want to earn money for your efforts, you have to provide people with something, right?”

Client: “Yeah, sure.”

Me: “So I ask you, what do you provide to your readers that is so valuable?”

The conversation usually stops dead here. 😀

I suggest that the client takes a day or two to ponder that question. Sometimes they come back with a solid idea, and we can build from there. Other times, though, they come back stumped. They’ll ask, “What do readers find valuable?” There’s a good answer to that, and it constitutes my one rule for making money from a blog.

You have to teach them something.

If you’re just re-blogging the news, or blogging your opinion on current events, you’re not teaching the reader much of anything. There’s an old saying about how everyone has opinions and how they all stink. That applies to bloggers, though you wouldn’t know it by the number of opinion-based blogs out there.

To stand out in the blogging world today, you have to be remarkable. That’s sad for opinion bloggers, because opinions are not remarkable. If you want an opinion on any subject, from the latest political news to the hot new gadget release, you can find it on any number of websites. Dozens of writers race to post updates to blogs, hoping that if they post first that readers will find them. But it’s just a shell game. There is no winner when blogging opinions.

If you ignore that rat race and focus on how you can become valuable to readers, then you might be onto something. And you might find not just one way, but many ways to make money from your blog. When you teach people something new, all sorts of opportunities start appearing.

Of course, after I tell clients about teaching through blogging, they always have a follow-up question: How can I teach people with my blog?. Here is my three-part answer.

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How Can I teach people with blog & make money?

OK, So How can I teach people with my blog and start making money blogging? Here is my three-part answer.

1. Start with something you know

With the internet as your guide, you can learn about almost anything. Even if you’ve never known a thing about home improvement projects, you can learn plenty from instructional texts and videos on the web. But if you want to teach readers how to do something, chances are you’ll need a bit more knowledge. They’re looking for something deep and real, and your understanding based on other home improvement blogs won’t cut it.

Start by blogging about one of your passions. If you know a lot about using the internet to save money when shopping, then start a blog about that. You might not know everything there is to know, but you sure know something. You can start blogging with that knowledge. Of course, that won’t always be enough. You have to be always learning, which brings me to Part 2.

2. Dig deep, then deeper

Picking a familiar topic will help at first, but eventually you’ll have to learn even more about your subject. Why? Because if you don’t you’ll run out of material. Using the above example, if you don’t learn more about saving money online, you’ll never be able to keep up and teach your readers something new. You’ll eventually have taught them everything you know, and from there what can you do?

This goes especially for high-tech subjects. I have a buddy who installs video surveillance equipment for businesses and residences. Take a look at that link and look at all the stuff listed just on the very first page. If he didn’t keep up with those products, he’d never be able to keep up. The same goes for you and your blog. Learn it all, and then learn more.

3. Connect with readers

This goes for any blog, but it bears repeating in this instance. So many bloggers I know neglect to respond to their comments and emails*. If you’re

connect with readers

ignoring those, then how are you getting a feel for what your readers like and don’t like? It’s through these reader connections that we can help our blogs go. Unsurprisingly, this holds true even more so for blogs that teach.

* I submitted a guest post a few months ago and forgot to reply to the comments. Ammar was not happy, and I don’t blame him. Every blogger needs to respond to comments, or else why blog in the first place?

When you connect with readers you can find out your weak points. Maybe you explain certain points in an unclear way. Maybe you use too many words to describe something that needs only a few words. Whatever the reasons, your readers are able and willing to point them out. If you learn from them, as they learn from you, you’ll see enormous growth.

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Why teaching works?

So many blog posts I read start with theories but never explain them. We’re just supposed to believe that this works, because the author said so. So before wrapping up, I’d just like to outline how you can make more money with a teaching blog than almost any other type of blog.

  1. Advertisers like teaching blogs. When you teach people things, they often need to buy resources that they don’t already own. That’s a perfect opportunity for an advertiser to step in. Display ads from ad networks typically don’t pay much, but on blogs with a teaching angle you can earn a higher CPM.
  2. Articles that teach people something spread on social media. If I read an article and learn something from it, you can bet I’ll share it to Twitter and Facebook. If I learned something, then maybe others in my social graph will learn something. And if they learn something, they might pass it on to their social graph. If you want to create content that spreads, try teaching people something. It’s the best form of blogging.
  3. Affiliate sales rule. Teaching blogs are tailor-made for affiliate marketing opportunities. You’ll have to be up-front about it, but it can be a big money-maker on a teaching blog. If you link people to the tools and resources they need, they’ll be more apt to buy from you. That means an opportunity to make even more money blogging.

Starting a blog that teaches, like a DIY blog, is never easy. But if you put in the time and effort you’ll find it more rewarding than any other kind of blog. You’ll be helping people do things, and you’ll be rewarded with a modest income. If you play your cards right, maybe even a high income. :)

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12 Things to Do Before Applying for Google Adsense

applying for adsenseI know you want to make some good money with Google AdSense right? 😉

But it’s not easy to get into AdSense program now-a-days. You have to follow few things before applying for AdSense.

You must be thinking that…

How to apply for AdSense

How to qualify for AdSense

Am I eligible to apply for AdSense

What are Google AdSense Requirements

Why Google AdSense rejected my applicaton

This post is going to answer all your questions. It’s going be a bit long so grab a cup of coffee.. 😉
Continue Reading

Get Huge Discount on CommentLuv Premium Developer License

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