Put Your Blog Branding to Work on Social Networks

There are currently over a BILLION users on Twitter and Facebook combined!

If you aren’t taking advantage of this massive audience, you are missing out big. 😉

I’m not just talking about having a personal account where you can make friends and have a social following, I’m talking about building an extended presence and following for your blog.

Put Your Blog Branding to Work on Social Networks!


Make Your Picture / Blog Logo Universal

Internet marketing and blogging is all about branding. Everyone wants to have a popular blog that everyone knows, talks about and remembers. One of the best ways to do this is to make sure that your blog name and all of your social network urls and branding are the same.

If you have blog234234.com, then you should also have:


This makes it easy for people to search and find where your blog is on the major social networks.

The same can be said for your logo and your social networking pages. Twitter backgrounds are actually blog branding machines! How many people are going to visit your Twitter page, read a few updates and then leave? Probably most people. During that time you can use those few seconds as a chance to leave a brand-able impression.

This is exactly what I did with my Twitter profile and once Facebook launched their TimeLine update, you can now do the same thing with your Facebook profile and fan pages.

Content for Your Social Blog Pages

There is always a question on what type of content you should be posting to your social networking blog pages. Should you just setup an RSS feed that updates Twitter and Facebook automatically every time your blog updates, or should you post original questions and comments to your audience?

At the end of the day it comes down to what your preference is and how active you are on the major social networks. Even if you are just posting the RSS feed updates, you can still read a lot of people through Twitter and Facebook growth.

How Can You Expand Your Blog Exposure?

If you aren’t currently building out your own blog exposure through Facebook and Twitter it’s definitely something you should think about. Social networking is only going to keep growing in size and once you are setup with your social pages, your following will only keep on growing.

For more helpful tips and methods I’ve used to increase my blog exposure on social networks, be sure to check out my new book on Amazon.com titled Blogging Tips: “Confessions of a Six Figure Blogger!“.

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How To Quickly Sell Ad Spaces?

If you have a blog or website have you thought how you can quickly sell ad spaces?

May be not! 😉

After all, the whole idea of owning a blog or website is generate profit by way of advertisements. There might be days at end, where one can simply not get hold of a lucrative advertisement deal. If you are the proud owner of a blog or website then you must be on the lookout to quickly sell ad spaces and earn profit. After all more sale of ad spaces would actually lead to more cash inflow. Here I’m discussing 4 tips to quickly sell ad spaces.
Don’t just read go and implement them!

How To Quickly Sell Ad Spaces

4 Tips to Quickly Sell Ad Spaces

1. Sell little more than normal ad space!

There are so many blogs and websites. Each one sells ad space. The question that one needs to keep in mind is that what more can you offer in order to ensure that the offered ad sense actually sells quickly and fast.

The best way to ensure that your deal offers a little more that simple and plain ad sense is to ensure that you offer some special features to the people who show interest in buying your ad space.  Like one deal you can offer can be extended to the first five people who come to sign up a deal for ad space with you. These lucky 5 will get a premium website template along with the ad space. This would attract advertisers as they would like to grab the opportunity to benefit from 2 deals at the price of one.

This is a great technique for those who are new in this field. During the initial days, not many people would actually want to buy your ad space. This technique will help you then. Try this and do let me know in comments! 😀

2. Run a Contest:

It’s easy! In order to attract more and more people to buy your ad space you can run a tempting contest. This contest would entail that on purchase of a premium ad space one would get a gift or raffle entry for the monthly lucky draw. The gift can be some extra features or simple ad space.

You can also tempt the buyers by offering them personal items like an iPad  and so on.

3. Discounts for ad Space:

Believe it or not. This works really great. 😉

All you have to do is by offer special discounts to your advertisers. Many a time, when you are suffering from severe lack of advertisers in this case, it makes absolute sense to offer discounts to people buying ad space. Not only would they be able to buy the ad space at a cheaper rate but might also get tempted to buy extra ad space.

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4. Long Term Advertising Option:

Often, advertisers are on the lookout for long term advertising space. Here they may pay bulk amount and book the ad space for a couple of months or years. Naturally this offer ensures that you get the ad space sold for a few months at a discounted price.

Bonus Tip!

Advertisers always looks for easy way to buy ad spot. OIO Publisher Plugin for WordPress can really help you to sell adspot with ease.

OIO Publisher is an ad manager that enables you to maximize your revenue, save time, and keep you in complete control of your ad space. It will give you;

  • Complete control over your advertising, with fully automated sales.
  • Keep 100% of your revenue, forget middleman commission
  • Run 3rd party ad networks alongside your own ads

I hope above 4 tips to Quickly Sell Ad Spaces will generally work though the extent of affect may differ from one to another. Do let me know which one works perfect for you? And what’s your other methods to Quickly Sell Ad Spaces? :)

Rajkumar Full time SEO Consultant and Currently Working for bookgator.com which Provides wide range of online textbooks

How To Increase Affiliate Sales In 5 Easy Steps?

Increase Affiliate SalesIn simple terms, affiliate marketing is a money making practice conducted on the web. In affiliate product sales, the publishers are rewarded for promotion of the service or product of some business.
In recent years, the bloggers have largely turned into affiliate marketers and are therefore earning money by helping business products in getting sold. Although many bloggers have obtained success by adopting the affiliate marketing practice.
However, there are still few bloggers and individuals who are finding it challenging to increase affiliate product sales by doing so in an inaccurate manner. Maybe you’re one of them 😉

MOST of you are already putting banners on your blog to increase affiliates sales. However I’m not sure they’re working or not! But here are some of the unique and creative ways to Increase Affiliate Sales in 5 easy steps.

How To Increase Affiliate Sales In 5 Easy Steps ??

1. Start Guest Posting

Guest posts are usually very beneficial for boosting the ranking quickly. However, there is another way of utilizing guest posts. This can be achieved by insertion of the affiliate links into guest posts and doing so on an established blog. It is true that many of the sites would not allow affiliate link posting on their pages but still it is worth a try. These site owners can be negotiated strategically.

The incentives such as a fixed or flexible share, in form of commission in each sale of product can be decided. This can bring many new users to visit and review your intended site and product. Especially if the blog or site is popular, it would bring hundreds of thousands of users and thus adding to sales prospects.

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2. Affiliate Links Exchange

There are bloggers and sites which would not still allow you to post affiliate links on their sites. So, such bloggers and site owners can be addressed to in other forms. You may have to post their affiliate links of round about the same monetary value as yours. For this, negotiations can be made with the other bloggers; allowing both parties to benefit in desired terms.

3. Product Reviews Writing

You can also opt for writing review posts in case you are good at writing proper reviews. However, if you are not good at writing or are writing half-heartedly then it can conversely damage your intentions negatively as well.

As an added quality, if you can perform SEO on your posts it would further increase the prospects. Your written product review can make an appearance on top of search results and thus more visitors would translate into more sales. Remember that, words like ‘coupon codes’, ‘discount’, etc. are searched frequently so using them would mean better results. Try them in order to increase affiliate sales! 😀

4. Social Media Promotions

Social media usage expertise can also help you a great deal in reaching the benchmarks set by you. Social media can be innovatively used to market and share your product information to a wide potential customer base.

Utilize the power of social media and thus increase your sales by embedding your product affiliate links in the social media sites. Some of the social media sites which can be used effectively are; Facebook, MySpace, Digg, etc.

Make sure not to do spam too much!

5. Offering Free Services

Consider the scenario in which you are writing the coupon codes and letting your readers know about the coupon code discounts. You can hide your coupon codes for users to click on button first to view the coupon codes. Just as the users click the coupon codes, they can be redirected to product website and thus allowing better chance of product being reviewed and bought. But mind that, every product owner would not allow for such tactics.

Thus, considering their terms and conditions would allow you the chance of getting saved. To further help, amongst many others, following are the two notable WordPress plugins for this purpose i.e. ‘coupon code plugin’ and ‘couponreveal’.

Bounce Tip :

Use Ninja Affiliate Plugin for WordPress. It will auto convert keywords to affiliate link and you can easily increase affiliate sales using this plugin!

Don’t forget to increase your traffic in order to increase affiliates sales.

What technique do you use to increase affiliate product sales? Share your ideas via comment below!

Your Blog Does Not Make Money? It is Matter of Karma!

Coins thrown at stone statues in the temple groundsSo you want to know What is Karma?
Am I right? 😉
Karma is defined as a universal law that has a direct correlation with all other laws – physical and metaphysical – which control all of creation.
Karma itself means “action” and this why it is called “Karmic Power.”
Basically, all your actions – good and bad – are returned to you, sooner or later in the course of your life.
It’s true and it can be frightening, but only if you have a dirty conscience!
Trust me, if you have something to pay, surely you are already doing it in some way, or you have already done, or you will do.

So, for today, you might focus on how to improve your life and specifically your online activities through the “Karmic Power”.

What has Online Marketing to do with Karma?

Too often online we, as online marketers, seem more calculators than human beings. We spend hours studying the number of analytics, on the keyword tools, on the social media and so on. We look for patterns, repetitions of behaviors that may indicate some signals, some truth about our target audience.

Too often we ask ourselves thousand questions, but the right ones are : “Which problems have my users?”, “How can I help them?”.

One of the small things that I have discovered during my online experience as blogger and online marketer is that behind all these numbers, there are real people. Yes, it may seem silly, but one thing is to know something and another thing is to be aware of that.

If the “Karmic Power” associated with my actions, will come back to me every time I do something, then, I will consider my users as real people rather than “Unique Visitors”.

I will respect them, and give them interesting content (the best I can do) and I will be available when they will need help. This is what connect Online Marketing with Karma.

A more human approach to marketing improve the experience of all your audience.

In short, you should offer help to those who need it, even if it is for free. The recognition of these people will make a difference for your business, for your brand and even the emotions you feel about it.

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What to Do to Transform Your Business?

Do you know which problems have your users and potential customers?

If your answer is no (and you can read this also if you said yes), then you should follow these simple steps. Trust me they’re too easy to follow! 😀

Start listening to the people around you:

use Twitter, Facebook, forums, the comments in the blog posts of your niche. All these are areas of discussion where you can find out the problems of your audience;

use Google AdWords Keyword Tool in order to find what your users are really looking for.

Open a channel of communication :

– you can create an account on Twitter and start offering free assistance from there. With TweetDeck you can monitor conversations and receive a notification every time someone tweets to request for your help;

– create an account on any site that is taking requests for help in your niche;

– if you have a blog, then set up an easy contact and comment form, in order to be in touch with you;

– create a real online service center, even if you are alone. Others like yourself could come together to help you along the way!

Offer help whenever you can & do it for free as long as it is sustainable

– you will clean your negative karma (if you have any) and you will start to accumulate positive Karma;

– people will look differently at you, and this will help your brand;

– you will feel happier, perhaps, but certainly this will make others happy. Isn’t it! 😉

In short, if you have difficulties to interact with your potential customers, offer them free assistance. Answer their small questions. Show them the solutions. And ask them how things are going. They will surely thank you and this will give you a whole new charge (Karmic Power) !

Buddha Karma with money

How to Track the ROI of your Online Karma

For anything you do, you will have always something back (theorically) : a positive emotion, a gain or a recognition.

This also applies to Online Karma (can we call it like this?). So you may want to check some metrics that will help you understand your online success. These metrics are, for instance :

– Twitter : how many people thank you after you helped them. How many retweets you receive. How many new followers do you have?

– Facebook : how many “like” do you receive? How many shares? How many clicks on your new updates?

Your blog : how many comments are you receiving on your post? How many people ask you to collaborate with their sites? How many new members have you contacted for your new online courses?

Can we call the above mentioned metrics also Social Signals? 

And are not the Social Signals a metric chosen by Google in its new algorithm update to judge your site in the rankings?

All these signals clearly results in:

– traffic and ranking increased on your site;

– average time spent on your blog improved;

– reduction of the bounce rate and increased pageviews;

– the numbers of new sign up to your newsletter improved;

– increase of your affiliate sales. (means more money! ) 😀

There are a huge number of tools in order to check your social media influence. Choose the ones you like more and stick with them, in order to monitor your social signals.

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Conclusion : Online Karma Make Money!

The recent online fears caused by the new Google updates, should not shake at all your activity and your online business.

As long as you work hard to give your audience real quality of service and high level of assistance, you will never have to fear again any future Google update.

And you? What do you think? Are you one of those who help the community?

Do you think that Karma is a New Age bullshit, or do you believe that good actions make good business?

7 Ultimate & Free Best WordPress Mobile Plugins

7 Ultimate & Free Best WordPress Mobile Plugins
Looking for Free Best WordPress Mobile Plugins?
Here it is.
Due to recent advancements in the technology, whole world is shifting form older and outdated methods to the most advanced methods in every aspect of Life.  As a result use of internet has increased remarkably in recent years so surfing of internet has been shifting from computers & Laptops to Tablets and Mobile Phones because they provide more leisure and mobility.
As the websites are accessed from mobile phones, it is very necessary to have full and easy navigation for readers. To make blogs mobile friendly many techniques are being used. I’m not going to discuss them all! 😉


I’ll share 7 Ultimate & Free Best WordPress Mobile Plugins that will make their website look more friendly and easy to use.

Don’t forget to look at our recent plugin collection for WordPress Blog

Now lets have a look at best mobile plugins for WordPress.

7 Free Best WordPress Mobile Plugins

1.   WordPress Mobile Pack:

This plugin is developed by Edent & Jamesgpearce. This is very powerful plugin equipped with two great features: Device Adaptation & Mobile Recognition. These are very incredible features because they detect the device and browser and then resizes the images and by splitting your post into many different pages which causes the simple and easy navigation for the visitors. Another great feature of this plugin is that it allows the Adsense ads to be displayed according to the mobile version. In short this is very good plugin to be used on the word press blogs.

2. WP Touch:

Another great yet user friendly plugin is WP Touch. Believe me even the probloggers are using it, simply awesome and friendly layout. It simply transforms your blog into application special template theme that reduces the size of images and posts, so they take less time at load  when viewed from the most popular mobile internet browsing devices like the iPhone, iPod touch, Android mobile devices etc. So it worth using and also I recommend this plugin.

3. MobilePress:

This great an simple plugin is easy to control and use. MobilePress is a WordPress plugin that will transform your WordPress blog on mobile devices, with the ability to use customized themes. Just install plugin it will do rest of things! 😉
Integration with Aduity.com enables you to serve ads from some of the biggest mobile ad networks such as Admob, Quattro Wireless, Buzzcity and InMobi. You can also create your own managed ads.. You will also be able to track your visitors with Aduity analytics.

4. Mowser WordPress Mobile:

This is developed by Mikerowehl. What things that make this Free Best WordPress Mobile Plugins are……….Light Weight and Simple to Use. This plugin does not have any extra features that cause the loading speed of the blog but with simple layout, cracking ability to detect the browser and to display the article in just seconds are highlights and main features of this great and free mobile plugin. There may be some bloggers that don’t use this because of extra features and I recommend you that if you want high credibility of site then no offense, just go ahead and use it.

6. WordPress Mobile Edition:

One of the most used plugin for mobile devices is WordPress mobile edition. This great plugin is developed by Crowd Favorite. This free plugin is equipped with powerful yet simple and user friendly layout. It has a special mobile version stored for all mobile devices so when some one visits it simply loads the specific mobile version and with full optimization of the site and one of the greatest features is of using your own theme. This might slow down while redirecting but this will not take much time so it’s worth using and is recommended.

6. Wp View Mobile:

Another simple, powerful and internet friendly mobile plugin. When some one visits your blog, it has already stored different templates for different devices, so with out wasting any time, detects the browser and displays the content in mobile version form. This plugin has one drawback that if image size is large it simply blocks it and loads so some times it can be irritating but in the end a very nice and good plugin.

7. Wapple Architect Mobile

Last plugin from collection of Free Best WordPress Mobile Plugins is Wapple Architect Mobile Plugin for WordPress allows you to mobilize your blog in minutes. Every single mobile device is detected and all aspects of your blog are tailored to the visiting handset. Sites aren’t dumped down to the lowest common denominator but instead use the features and functionality that advanced phones offer.
Devices are detected by using Wapple’s advanced special web services instead of relying on other 3rd party and insecure tools.


Any theme you’ve installed and have styled for web will be carried across to mobile giving you a consistent and attractive look and feel for each and every one of your visitors.

Over To You!
Which Free Best WordPress Mobile Plugins do you use? this is my first guest post so please share your views about my writing and suggestions are most welcomed. 😀

5 Reasons Why Your Visitors Don’t Visit Your Blog Again

Imagine a one month old blog hitting thousands of visitors every day and a blog like yours (may be more than 6 month old) not getting much traffic or unique visitors?

How could you feel if that happens to your blog?

Your efforts, hard work all will vanish within a short time. If you don’t want to lose your first time readers or want to stick your old readers to your blog the best way is


READ the below content 😉


These are the major reasons to go away from your blog immediately. Don’t do these things and concentrate on overcoming them.

Why Your Visitors Don’t Visit Your Blog Again?

1. Boring content:

You are boring your readers terribly with your writing. OK you are working hard to develop your blog and updating it as often as possible though but it doesn’t mean your content is good enough.

You need to work hard to develop your writing skills, you have to make a habit of reading famous blogs to enhance your skills.content sucks
“Writing is the first esset for anyone who want to make their blog successful”, don’t you agree? It’s not only add value to your blog, but also creates a brand for you.
Don’t let your readers jump away to other blogs by having bad content or bad writing skills.

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2. Bad blog design:

Most blog designs are terrible. I skipped many blogs just because they have bad design/theme even though good content. No one will be interested to read your blog for a long time, if you have awkward blog design.Make your blog look simple, minimal and make it easy to read.

If you have a good and appealing blog design then your readers or first time visitors will come back to your blog even though you have appealing content (not every time though)..So, make them stick to your blog by having a good blog design.

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3. You have a really bi….g domain name:

What if you enter into a blog having a domain name like this..

www.barbaradoylesmysteryintrigueandmurderwknd.co.nz (it really is there, check out if you want)

Even if you are an Einstein you can’t remember this name.. 😉

Then how can your first time visitors remember and come to your blog again if you have such a long domain name??

Make your domain name short or buy a domain name which is easy to remember and type if you really want to build a profitable blog.

4. Bad navigation:

If you have a bad navigation for your blog then you are running in dark forest without having a lamp 😉

Your readers will easily run away from your blog if you don’t have proper navigation.

Quick ways to fix your bad blog navigation:-

  • Crazy fonts drive your readers crazy: Never use crazy fonts which are tough to read. Use easy to read fonts in your blog. And don’t make your font size too short or too big. Use medium font sizes and your readers should be convenient to read your content.
  • Don’t use too many sharing buttons: One proper plugin is enough to cover your blog content to easy to share. Moreover if you use too many sharing buttons if effects your blog loading time.

5. Not enough updates:

One other major reason for not getting unique visitors or leaving your blog immediately even the old readers is – you are not updating the blog often.

What if the same readers come to read your blog after 5 days and find the same content which you wrote on “How to Eat Human Brains Without Spoons” 😛

Will they read it again? They will go away immediately. So try to update your blog at least twice or thrice a week.

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And yeah, don’t forget to welcome your first time visitors. 😀

Did I miss anything? Share them in the comments below..

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