SEO Over Optimization Rings Troubles For Your Blog

You are doing Over Optimization For Your Blog ??

Stop this now! 😉

Because SEO Over Optimization Rings Troubles For Your Blog.

Blogging starts with the basics which is why this article should be considered as an eye opener for those who think that italicizing their keywords or using all them in H1, H2, H3 headlines would mean they would achieve the top spot in Google.

SEO over optimizationGoogle can turn your blog upside down if it senses any diversion on your page. So, through this article I will be conveying the important message of where to put a full stop when it comes to handling the SEO of your blog articles.
SEO or search engine optimization has been misused a number of times. You will come across a number of websites or blogs that use jumble up keywords in their article’s headline, body and meta descriptions in order to sneak past others in Google search results. This measure used to warrant a top spot for a lot of them until recently Google took all this into account. The Google Penguin update is the latest algorithm update which tends to push these websites down to the bottom. A number of these ‘over optimized’ websites are no longer even indexed on Google.

So, the question that arises is that where to put the full stop in order to prevent the page from getting SEO Over Optimization?

The truth is no one knows that. Even in case of Google, you might notice some anomalies in the search results with some of the seemingly over optimized websites, covering the top. Even the best of the SEO experts have to bang their heads before fully understanding the search capacity of search engines like Google.

In all these circumstances, our job is to adopt the best practices possible and abstain from crossing the limits. Here are 3 things that I would suggest you should do in order to prevent your blog from havocs of over optimization and saving yourself from the Google Penguin attack.

1. Stop Following the traditional Rules:

Google algorithm has been upgraded way beyond thinking. In order to keep yourself into the competition, start thinking differently. Stop using the same keywords in your headline tags over and over again as to even a normal reader these look really awkward. Forget about keyword density, concentrate on writing quality content. If a sentence requires that keyword and cannot be completed without it then only use that keyword.

2. Stop Writing for Bots, Start Writing for People:

Yes, Write for your blog readers not for bots! 😉
A search engine bot might span your content but it is read only by a human being who is fully capable of judging your content. Not that bots haven’t got the intelligence for judging your stuff as I have discussed earlier the advancement of Google’s code. So, in order to attain the best results start writing quality stuff for readers and in return the search engine bots will favor you as well.

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3. Limit your Blog’s accessibility to Google crawlers:

Each blog has a number of units ranging from categories to pages. Nowadays, even the attachments get a separate page and URL. In order to prevent these useless pages from getting into search results, you have to limit access to your blog. The reason I called these useless is because categories and pages links never get exposure in the search engine while attachment URLs might increase your Google image search traffic but in the long run it will damage your overall traffic and trust of your readers who would be simply looking on some bunch of images with no text.


In order to follow these leads, you will require some basic SEO tools and plugins.. SEO for Yoast plugin is my favorite as it gives a deeper insight of links from your pages, keywords concentration and most importantly it redirects your attachments post to your main article page in which this attachment was in the first place. You can also use the SEO pressor plugin.

Have  I missed any points about seo over optimization? Do let me know in comments! Happy Blogging! 😀

10+ Best eCommerce Plugins For WordPress

Looking for Best eCommerce Plugins For WordPress ? Here it is.

With the recent advancements in technology, internet is being used by more and more people every day.  As a result online shopping has been much popular amongst consumers these days. You can easily check out various brands and compare prices and what’s even more satisfying is that you need not move a muscle.

All of this is done by a single click. You can read reviews and consumer’s advice about various products and brands. Though there is countless number of ways to do this, but in this article we will be discussing about some very cool and popular Best eCommerce Plugins For WordPress which one may easily incorporate in his blog or website for eCommerce.

eCommerce Plugins

10+ Best eCommerce Plugins For WordPress


The first plugin in our list of Free Best eCommerce Plugins For WordPress is Ecwid. It is always said that the best things in this world are priceless. So is true for this plugin because it is free to use. It is a shopping cart system which is easy to install and even easier to. It is fully customizable so you can decide how it looks on your site.The drawback is that this plugin uses Ajax, so SEO value of website is affected. Moreover the users who do not have JavaScript enabled will not be able to use it.


Irrespective of your product type and services, you can easily take payments from buyers using this plugin called cart66 (formerly known as PHPurchase). This plugin itself will cost you a few bucks but it is very useful. You can create multiple stores using this and can customize their interface as well.


This is a full ecommerce plugins system for WP. And moreover it’s free. The admin dashboard is very friendly and it is very simple to add new products, review products and checking statistics. It is very customizable as well.
But the problem is with payment options. One can only use PayPal, Payson accounts or you can use eShop to take in payments, but with eShop option you will not be able to print the customer invoice which is possible with other payment options.

WP eCommerce:

This is a fully feature-rich plugin that is free of cost. This adds a shopping cart to your blog rather easily and quickly. You have various payment options supported including Google checkout and Pay Pal. Various social marketing tools also come integrated with the plugin through which you can also connect to Facebook Marketplace. The only downside is that this plugin requires frequent maintenance and this can become a really cumbersome task. Looks great eCommerce Plugin for wordpress.


This provides a button which can easily be embedded into blogs and websites to accept payments or even request donations. This can be helpful if your blog is shared across the internet via RSS because it allows every blog entry to act as its very own mini store.

Quick Shop:

This is useful with the themes that have a sidebar installed as this plugins gives a sidebar shopping cart option in your cart. The plugin requires PHP 5 and you need to make your own CSS. The plugin is really customizable though.


This is an excellent plugin but comes with a price tag of 55$. What you will be getting is a single license to this plugin, some extra plugins and modules, and priority for support. This plugin is specially designed for big firms which can use this as a solution to all their online shopping problems.

YAK for WP:

If you already have an online retail presence, and want to create a blog to make sure your customers are constantly updated about the latest products and services offered by you, then this YAK plugin is an unbeatable option for you. This is an open-source shopping plugin which allows categorization of products and services, and gives the users a pool of multiple payment options.

WP Auctions:

This is a completely revolutionary Best eCommerce Plugins For WordPress which allows you to auction anything on your website and that too completely for free. You need not hassle about seller fee, gallery fee, final value fee, listing fee or any other type of irritating fee to sell your product online. What you need to do is to just create your own auction and register your plugin on the WP Auctions live page which will generate traffic for your website. A host can create as many auctions he intends to. But you can receive payment only via Pay Pal.


This is another free WP plugin for selling online. This was originally created for the artists to sell their art work online through their own blogs and websites. One can seamlessly integrate his/her Pay Pal account with this plugin and leave the rest on this plugin. This plugin does real time sales update, so as soon as your product is sold it will be excluded from your catalogue. You need not worry about your product being sold twice.

Are Pay Pal  eCommerce Plugins For WordPress

You can use this plugin if you want to provide privileges to access exclusive content of your blog, only to the registered users. It will restrict the guests from seeing the hidden content. It is basically designed to sell stuff which cannot be shown to all people , like digital arts or some intellectual property. Instead of showing the content to the unregistered users, they are shown with the actions they need to take (such as registering with you via a minimal payment) to view that content. Google’s bot can although index that hidden content, so that users can search for it but they cannot see and access it without registration. This plugin uses Pay Pal – IPN (Instant Payment Notification) protocol so that the payment and content delivery processes are quick and automatic.
These are 10+ Best eCommerce Plugins For WordPress . Did I missed any free eCommerce plugins for WordPress? Let me know in comments!

This article has been authored by Vishal Shetty, who recommends , a company which offers cash for used cell phones and also donates a book for each phone sold to them.

7 Blogging Mistakes that Can Stop Your Blog Growth

Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new

― Albert Einstein

So making mistakes is not sin not correcting it is foolishness! 😉

There are thousands of new bloggers coming up daily; most of them start make money, few out of passion and few to set up career, but we seen only few reach their goal and thousands of them fail!

And the reason is they don`t try to correct their mistakes.

Do You Make these 7 Blogging Mistakes?

If you`re a newbie or not yet started blogging, these are few common mistakes that you need to avoid to have successful blog.


#1 Inconsistency in Blog Posting

I pray to be like the ocean, with soft currents, maybe waves at times. More and more, I want the consistency rather than the highs and the lows.

Yes being consistence is very important when it comes to blogging.

Inconsistency in blogging kills your blog. It makes your readers to lose trust on your blog. Also, it may affect your rankings directly or indirectly.

If you have more time for blogging and have lot of confidence that you can write daily, then go for it.

But If you can`t spend time writing daily (like me). Write 2 or 3 posts (at least 1) weekly and make sure this goes consistently.

#2 Underestimating SEO

SEO plays vital role for blog success, underestimating it is big mistake which most of them doing.
Does this mean that worthy content is of no use? No, if SEO increase your blog visibility, then content attracts visitors to your blog.

Few quick SEO tips

  • Add keyword in your post title
  • Spend some time on keyword analysis
  • Improve your blog speed
  • Compress images before adding it on your blog
  • Maintain keyword density
  • Link to related posts (internal linking)
  • Build links with guest blogging, blog commenting, YouTube etc…

#3 Writing for Bots

In 2nd point I mentioned that SEO is important soon I added this point to make clearer, that we need to write to attract users to only bots.

I recommended few SEO tips before which helps your blog get more visibility but the last and important game is played by content.

What if I write worthy content in single paragraph?

Will not attract any user, internet users don`t have much time to read your paragraph writing. You need to write a readable post with bullets and highlight important points.

I`d like to mention about Internal linking here! This will help you to decrease bounce rate of your blog and give more information to user.

#4 No interaction With Fellow Bloggers

Interaction helps to improve your blog performance.
Being active in your niche network can bring you more opportunities.

You can Join blogging networks like, Blog etc… and connect with fellow bloggers.

#5 Ignoring Visitors

Engage with your visitors this will help you to know what your users need.

Blog comments are the place where most of visitors interact with blog owner, so take time to respond to their queries. Be first to help them if they have any problem.

When someone approaches you through email then try to add him and give quickly reply.

If anything went wrong don`t step back to apologies.

Another way to interact with users is Email marketing, send regular newsletter to your subscribed users, and suggest them few blogging tips. Give some special gifts to your subscribed users.

#6 Spending too Much Time on Blog Stats

Don`t expect too much from just born blog.

Your blog is new and it takes more time to get good results. So don`t spend time daily on analytics. Once a while is OK, but wasting time on it will not return you anything.

#7 Being Everywhere

Is being everywhere over the web recommended?

No am not against going social but if you`re wasting time being on all social networking sites by checking status, sharing and not spending time on your blog. Then I don`t recommend being everywhere.

Select few top social networking sites in which you can get targeted visitors. Like if you are targeting Brazil then your must not ignore Orkut! So depending upon your niche try different but less social networking sites.

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It’s Your Turn Now!

These are few common blogging mistakes which I thought are important, Do you have more such tips? Please share here in comments. :)

Why My Guest Post Got Rejected ??

Earlier this month my blogging freedom got snatched from me. I planned to start a guest posting campaign. I made my goals and targets according to it. I started writing articles with a motto 1 article a day and kept my frequency low and thought to speed it up with time but sadly that day hasn’t arrived yet because I faced rejection from many blogs. Almost 20% of all my guest post got rejected.

First thing that came to my mind was the feeling that I am a failure later I realize I am failure for sure but not a loser at all.  I will try and win. 😉

Whenever my guest post got rejected I simply use to write to the author of the blog politely inquiring what was the reason behind not accepting my article. Most of the time bloggers reply because they have legit reasons for the disapproval.

As time passed on, I had a huge list of my mistakes and that were my weaknesses which now I am recovering from and sighting the positivity around my blogging career.

I have already realized guest posting is a very essential way to promote your word and market your blog and apart form it it is a great way of interaction and every other time when we write as a guest blogger we try to hit that blog which is ranking higher than ours so that ultimately it will benefit me and my efforts will pay me in future for sure.

One thing every blogger should learn is never lose the hope, never give-up and always be ready to learn from everyone around you. I began to lose but I was never late to press “Play Again

Coming back to the point after being the rejected one I still have courage to accept it that even those of my post which were published got much criticism but that is not the end but then on the other side there were bloggers and their communities that supported and appreciated my work.

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So why my Guest Post Got rejected?

There were probably more reasons then you might expect from anyone though I don’t mind being called a Blogger in the making.


When I started to guest post my only goal was to get more traffic only. I didn’t cared for any other thing and this was the point where I declined. Of-course you can not conquer the ground until you don’t have any good intention with the game. This was the only reason which is the base of all the reasons which I am going to share ahead.

I learned that what matters most is your intention not just in this field but everywhere else, in this life and hereafter too so make your intentions good, don’t turn that much hungry for traffic, readers, sales and what not.

All that counts in life is intention ~ Andrea Bocelli

Quantity over Quality:

I just wanted more traffic and the only possible way to get it done is writing more quest posts. Even today I write so less per week just 2 or 3 articles and when I am not mood there are weeks break but this summer I tried to write regularly and made up to 4 post every week even then I wasn’t writing 1 article per day and I really don’t take steroids to write 3 articles/day there are writers who do so but I can’t and that is why I lost the quality.

High Goals:

Well here the problem is not setting high goals. I must say have goals bigger than yourself but then do make them possible, do something for it. it is not just about setting them the actual part is how much of your time do you spend to make it a reality. How much do you kick out yourself from your comfort zone and do something which will make you successful.

I learned to go on skies step by step on my own pace which I enjoyed. I observed that don’t limit your goals but start from the beginning. Let the first things be first always, don’t skip it.

Going for Ease:

I am lazy as every other blogger out there. I just wanted to enjoy the perks of Guest Blogging without doing anything hard. I thought I am the guest so I will be treated like it as in real life but I was dreaming. When it comes to Blogging, your host acts like a guest. You are the one who provides him cookie so that he can publish your article. I use to submit articles without formatting and adding images and doing nothing related to tags/categories and other options in their dashboard. I don’t even proofread some of the articles because of my super laziness and procrastination skills.

I now understand the fact that I need to polish my article myself no matter how good is my article. if I will not do my work perfectly the host is not going to even read my submission especially if I am doing it for blogs that have ranking under 10k because if they have opened guest posting they possibly have more drafts from other and they literally don’t need my articles.

How I made my Winning Path?


Since now I have gone through the most common mistakes I made, the requirement of the time was changing but first comes the realization. I realized that I am not doing good which saved me from some big failures. I did a lot of research on :

5 changes I adopted are as follows:

  • Write on the basis of quality
  • Do research work, don’t just brag about what’s their in your mind
  • Follow the guidelines
  • Don’t set high expectations
  • Publish the article on your blog after rectifying mistakes 😛

For sure mistakes are stepping stones in learning: make mistakes, correct them and WIN. Make sure to read this post about 6 Tips to Write Guest Post that Will Get Accepted Immediately..

Over To You!

One thing I really wanted to tell is that Bloggers are awesome people. They don’t pull you down by rejecting your Guest posts they want you to rise in a better way :) so never get disappointed the next time your guest post is rejected. Think that you can do better and prove it.

SO what you do when your guest post got rejected? I’d love to hear from you!

When Should You Care About Comments and When Shouldn’t You?

Do comments matter a lot?

Should I answer all the comments?

Does this indicate my success?

Many ask these same questions and there is no specific answer. Many pro bloggers answer with yes and many others answer with no.

There is no specific answer for this question.

But here in this post I will show you when you should care about comments and when you shouldn’t.

So are you ready ? 😉

Let’s dive in!
get more comments

Here are the stages in a nutshell:

1-      New blogger (comments don’t matter a lot):

2-      You are building your community (comments matter a lot):

3-      You are an authority now (comments don’t matter):

Let’s explore each stage: before we go also read Why You Should Comment on Other Blogs?

1-New blogger (comments don’t matter a lot):

When you are still new, comments matters but it doesn’t matter a lot.You may have many posts with no comments.Maybe all your posts don’t have any comment.

That’s why it doesn’t matter a lot.

What you can do now is to try to get more comments and respond to the small no. of comments you get. You must encourage people to comment. Try to increase it

You can also read Tips from my friend Rahul about How To Get More Comment Here!.

2-You are building Community (comments matter a lot):

Now, you are trying to build community. You want to build relationships with more readers. So, you must respond to each comment.

Also you can guest blog to get more people in your community and you must respond to each comment on that blog also.

You are building a community.

Try to comment on each post, if it’s yours on your blog or it’s yours on other blogs or even not yours on other blogs but it feathers your blog.

By commenting on yours you will build relationships with new readers. When you comment on others posts you will build a relationship with the owner themselves and with new readers also.

3-You are an authority (comments don’t matter):

Now you have your community.

You receive many comments on each post.

You are considered an authority on your niche.

When you reach this level comments will not matter a lot, why?


1-You have big community: they can comment on each other.

2-You receive many comments: you can’t comment on all of them.

3-You are an authority: this will make people read your posts and they will not expect a comment from you but they will comment.

Last words:

This is not last words about this topic. This topic is very big, but I liked to show you when you should care about comments and when you shouldn’t.

However, comments are very important even if you are an authority. If you will not comment then no problem but what will happen if you commented on the new visitor’s comment?

You have added another one to your community with this simple comment, because you are an authority, so when you answer the question of one of your readers, he will be happy and will be your loyal reader forever.

Did you see how does comment matter even if you are an authority?

Over to you:

What do you think about this post? What is your stage? Can we add other stages? :)

Is It Really Worth To Buy Traffic For Websites?

When you run a business, it is imperative that you bring in customers who will make purchases.  Otherwise, how would you ever turn a profit?  The same holds true of website businesses.  If you can’t get people to your site where they can make their purchases, you’re not going to be in business for long.  That’s why businesses invest in marketing to help expose their company and product and attract new customers. paid rafficSometimes, part of that marketing budget might actually include the purchase of actual site visitors themselves.  With this kind of strategy, businesses are hoping just getting customers there once will be enough to get them to make a purchase and to boost their search engine ranking for more exposure.  Some business owners are afraid to make this leap though, because they are unsure as to whether or not buying traffic will be a profitable investment or just another cost to add to their budget.

So today we are going to discuss Is It Really Worth To Buy Traffic For Websites or Blogs?

Are you ready to know is it worth to buy traffic??  Let’s dive in. 😉

It Depends on the Type of Traffic You Buy

type of trafficFirst of all, there are many different ways to bring traffic to your website.  You may invest in an actual visitor package which will give you so many unique visitors for one price.  On the other hand, you may decide to put up ads on other websites and in search engines.  In this case, you will likely pay-per-click.  Another way to direct traffic to your site is through sponsored searches.  These are the search results that pop up at the top of a search and are usually highlighted because they paid for those spots.

For these, you may pay an initial fee for the time you want it highlighted and then pay a per-click amount on top of that.  No matter what kind of traffic you buy, just make sure it’s bringing you 100% unique visitors with low bounce rates.  That means you’re getting real people who are actually spending time on your site, increasing the likelihood that they’ll actually make purchases.


Consider the Cost of the Package

Once you decide which kind of traffic you want to buy, it’s time to compare some prices.  Of course, you may decide to go with a combination of traffic directing deals.  This means, in order to calculate the cost, you’ll need to add up all of them together.  When it comes to pay-per-click, prices can vary greatly.  It all depends on where your ad or link is placed.  For example, an ad on a high traffic website with great click-through rates is going to cost you a lot more than one on a smaller site.  Also, when you pay for those top sponsored search spots, you do tend to pay a high price.

On average though, most pay-per-click ads costs about one dollar per click.  While you can get them for a few cents per click, you’re likely to get a much better return on your investment if you pay a dollar or more.

Monitor your New Traffic Flow

monitor the traffic
Once you make your purchase, it should boost traffic for websites you’ve linked to.  This is the first step in determining whether or not your purchase was worth it.  The first step is getting people to your site.  Going from 50 or 60 hits a day to hundreds or thousands has huge potential for a business.  Just as any marketing strategy would have attempted, the idea is to get people to notice your website and to be interested in the offers you have made.

According to Google Adwords, their click-through rate averages at only .4%.  That is only 4 actual clicks per $1000 spent and not all of them will turn into customers.  While getting traffic to your site may not result in income directly, just like marketing, it is still very worth it.  This is because of the potential it has to make you money indirectly. Those indirect profits could come your way in the form of purchases or through ad revenue.  It all depends on how you have your site set up.

 Calculate Increases in Purchases

The best way to see a return on your traffic investment is in the form of profits.  When people who have clicked to your site go from visitors to customers, they are called conversions.  You will want to look for websites that have both high click-through rates and a high amount of conversions before you place your ad.  When purchasing actual visitors directly through a traffic company, you will want to take a look at their conversion numbers as well.

salesAfter a week, you should start seeing results of your traffic investment.  Using the amount of purchases made by the new traffic you get, you can calculate your profits, subtracting any costs you incurred.  It’s a good idea to monitor traffic and purchases to get an idea of your weekly profits.  This will help you determine whether or not buying traffic was and will continue to be worth it.  After a month, revisit the numbers and decide on your next course of action.

Add Profits from Your Hosted Ads

If you have spaces for advertising on your website, you can increase your profits by allowing other websites to put pay-per-click ads on your site as you have on others.  Then, not only might the visitors who come to your site purchase your products, but they could also click on some of the ads and make you even more money.   After all, once you pay for that traffic increase, you’ll be able to show potential ad placers that you get enough traffic to your site to be a good investment.  If you have room for enough ads, once you really build traffic, you may be able to offset the cost of your traffic by charging for theirs.   In order to avoid scamming when it comes to pay-per-click ads though, it’s a good idea to charge a conversion fee on top of the click fee.  This way, you can low ball the click fee to get advertisers to your site, but then charge them extra for each click that makes a purchase on their site.  This recent change in pay-per-click has come about because of manipulative people making invalid clicks on ads in order to boost ad revenue with fake visitors.

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As the chart illustrates, when you combine your customer purchase profits with your ad revenue and subtract your web traffic costs, you get your final value.  Only then can you determine whether or not it was actually worth it.  If you don’t like the profit margin you see, you could always adjust the package you’re investing in and even raise your own ad prices.  Once you see that profit rise steadily, you know you’re on the right track and that it was indeed worth it to buy traffic for your website.

What do you think ?? Is It Really Worth To Buy Traffic For Websites or Blogs?