When Should You Care About Comments and When Shouldn’t You?

Do comments matter a lot?

Should I answer all the comments?

Does this indicate my success?

Many ask these same questions and there is no specific answer. Many pro bloggers answer with yes and many others answer with no.

There is no specific answer for this question.

But here in this post I will show you when you should care about comments and when you shouldn’t.

So are you ready ? 😉

Let’s dive in!
get more comments

Here are the stages in a nutshell:

1-      New blogger (comments don’t matter a lot):

2-      You are building your community (comments matter a lot):

3-      You are an authority now (comments don’t matter):

Let’s explore each stage: before we go also read Why You Should Comment on Other Blogs?

1-New blogger (comments don’t matter a lot):

When you are still new, comments matters but it doesn’t matter a lot.You may have many posts with no comments.Maybe all your posts don’t have any comment.

That’s why it doesn’t matter a lot.

What you can do now is to try to get more comments and respond to the small no. of comments you get. You must encourage people to comment. Try to increase it

You can also read Tips from my friend Rahul about How To Get More Comment Here!.

2-You are building Community (comments matter a lot):

Now, you are trying to build community. You want to build relationships with more readers. So, you must respond to each comment.

Also you can guest blog to get more people in your community and you must respond to each comment on that blog also.

You are building a community.

Try to comment on each post, if it’s yours on your blog or it’s yours on other blogs or even not yours on other blogs but it feathers your blog.

By commenting on yours you will build relationships with new readers. When you comment on others posts you will build a relationship with the owner themselves and with new readers also.

3-You are an authority (comments don’t matter):

Now you have your community.

You receive many comments on each post.

You are considered an authority on your niche.

When you reach this level comments will not matter a lot, why?


1-You have big community: they can comment on each other.

2-You receive many comments: you can’t comment on all of them.

3-You are an authority: this will make people read your posts and they will not expect a comment from you but they will comment.

Last words:

This is not last words about this topic. This topic is very big, but I liked to show you when you should care about comments and when you shouldn’t.

However, comments are very important even if you are an authority. If you will not comment then no problem but what will happen if you commented on the new visitor’s comment?

You have added another one to your community with this simple comment, because you are an authority, so when you answer the question of one of your readers, he will be happy and will be your loyal reader forever.

Did you see how does comment matter even if you are an authority?

Over to you:

What do you think about this post? What is your stage? Can we add other stages? :)

Is It Really Worth To Buy Traffic For Websites?

When you run a business, it is imperative that you bring in customers who will make purchases.  Otherwise, how would you ever turn a profit?  The same holds true of website businesses.  If you can’t get people to your site where they can make their purchases, you’re not going to be in business for long.  That’s why businesses invest in marketing to help expose their company and product and attract new customers. paid rafficSometimes, part of that marketing budget might actually include the purchase of actual site visitors themselves.  With this kind of strategy, businesses are hoping just getting customers there once will be enough to get them to make a purchase and to boost their search engine ranking for more exposure.  Some business owners are afraid to make this leap though, because they are unsure as to whether or not buying traffic will be a profitable investment or just another cost to add to their budget.

So today we are going to discuss Is It Really Worth To Buy Traffic For Websites or Blogs?

Are you ready to know is it worth to buy traffic??  Let’s dive in. 😉

It Depends on the Type of Traffic You Buy

type of trafficFirst of all, there are many different ways to bring traffic to your website.  You may invest in an actual visitor package which will give you so many unique visitors for one price.  On the other hand, you may decide to put up ads on other websites and in search engines.  In this case, you will likely pay-per-click.  Another way to direct traffic to your site is through sponsored searches.  These are the search results that pop up at the top of a search and are usually highlighted because they paid for those spots.

For these, you may pay an initial fee for the time you want it highlighted and then pay a per-click amount on top of that.  No matter what kind of traffic you buy, just make sure it’s bringing you 100% unique visitors with low bounce rates.  That means you’re getting real people who are actually spending time on your site, increasing the likelihood that they’ll actually make purchases.


Consider the Cost of the Package

Once you decide which kind of traffic you want to buy, it’s time to compare some prices.  Of course, you may decide to go with a combination of traffic directing deals.  This means, in order to calculate the cost, you’ll need to add up all of them together.  When it comes to pay-per-click, prices can vary greatly.  It all depends on where your ad or link is placed.  For example, an ad on a high traffic website with great click-through rates is going to cost you a lot more than one on a smaller site.  Also, when you pay for those top sponsored search spots, you do tend to pay a high price.

On average though, most pay-per-click ads costs about one dollar per click.  While you can get them for a few cents per click, you’re likely to get a much better return on your investment if you pay a dollar or more.

Monitor your New Traffic Flow

monitor the traffic
Once you make your purchase, it should boost traffic for websites you’ve linked to.  This is the first step in determining whether or not your purchase was worth it.  The first step is getting people to your site.  Going from 50 or 60 hits a day to hundreds or thousands has huge potential for a business.  Just as any marketing strategy would have attempted, the idea is to get people to notice your website and to be interested in the offers you have made.

According to Google Adwords, their click-through rate averages at only .4%.  That is only 4 actual clicks per $1000 spent and not all of them will turn into customers.  While getting traffic to your site may not result in income directly, just like marketing, it is still very worth it.  This is because of the potential it has to make you money indirectly. Those indirect profits could come your way in the form of purchases or through ad revenue.  It all depends on how you have your site set up.

 Calculate Increases in Purchases

The best way to see a return on your traffic investment is in the form of profits.  When people who have clicked to your site go from visitors to customers, they are called conversions.  You will want to look for websites that have both high click-through rates and a high amount of conversions before you place your ad.  When purchasing actual visitors directly through a traffic company, you will want to take a look at their conversion numbers as well.

salesAfter a week, you should start seeing results of your traffic investment.  Using the amount of purchases made by the new traffic you get, you can calculate your profits, subtracting any costs you incurred.  It’s a good idea to monitor traffic and purchases to get an idea of your weekly profits.  This will help you determine whether or not buying traffic was and will continue to be worth it.  After a month, revisit the numbers and decide on your next course of action.

Add Profits from Your Hosted Ads

If you have spaces for advertising on your website, you can increase your profits by allowing other websites to put pay-per-click ads on your site as you have on others.  Then, not only might the visitors who come to your site purchase your products, but they could also click on some of the ads and make you even more money.   After all, once you pay for that traffic increase, you’ll be able to show potential ad placers that you get enough traffic to your site to be a good investment.  If you have room for enough ads, once you really build traffic, you may be able to offset the cost of your traffic by charging for theirs.   In order to avoid scamming when it comes to pay-per-click ads though, it’s a good idea to charge a conversion fee on top of the click fee.  This way, you can low ball the click fee to get advertisers to your site, but then charge them extra for each click that makes a purchase on their site.  This recent change in pay-per-click has come about because of manipulative people making invalid clicks on ads in order to boost ad revenue with fake visitors.

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As the chart illustrates, when you combine your customer purchase profits with your ad revenue and subtract your web traffic costs, you get your final value.  Only then can you determine whether or not it was actually worth it.  If you don’t like the profit margin you see, you could always adjust the package you’re investing in and even raise your own ad prices.  Once you see that profit rise steadily, you know you’re on the right track and that it was indeed worth it to buy traffic for your website.

What do you think ?? Is It Really Worth To Buy Traffic For Websites or Blogs?

Want To Become A Famous Blogger? Then Read This!

I know that every single reader of this blog visits and reads it to learn something useful and creative so that he/she can become a successful and famous. Am I right? Of course I’m. 😉how to become a famous blogger

One thing I want to clear that Famous and Successful are not two separate words they are same. For example if you are successful then obviously you will be famous. So as a math lover I always make things in equations 😀 so mathematically we can say that,

Successful Person = Famous Person

So don’t predict the article by seeing the title, the tips I am going to discuss will not only teach you to become famous but also tell you how to become successful.

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How To Become a Famous Blogger

So without wasting our time lets get into our topic.

1. Start With A Personal Blog

become famous blogger

If you want to become a famous blogger then the best way is to start a personal blog. Personal blog is because it is totally about you and the most awesome thing is that personal blog’s URL are the name of the blogger whom blog it is like (yourname.com).

But I know that most of you haven’t a personal blog, so don’t worry you can also become a famous blogger without it. 😉

2. Solve Your Readers Problems

solve problems

You’ve might listen this sentence many times on other sites, but believe it is very important and effective also.

Problem solving blogs and websites get success in very less time and become popular. People on the internet will not visit your blog just to read what you are bragging. They want something useful, valuable or you can say that Tasty.

So be a problem solver in any field problems are every where just you have to think and the solution will come in your mind.

By helping your readers to get success, will become the cause of your success.

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3. Become Friends With Other Bloggers

want to become famous blogger

Creating relationship with other people in your field is very useful; it is a source of great knowledge. Talking with experience people and learn from their failures and mistakes, can make you even better than them.

By making blogger friends more and more people can know about you and sooner and later everybody will know you and thus you will become famous.

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4. Promote Your Blog And Yourself


promote, promotion, blog promotion

Promoting is the best and the direct way to make yourself and your blog popular. Many people skip this step and think that it is not important, but they are wrong, promotion is the only thing that shine up a business, that make a movie top on the box office, that make any thing popular. So don’t skip promotion do it side by side.

Now promotion has become very important for any blog. Because as you know that on the internet there are many many blogs of your blog’s niche so it has become very hard to overcome those blog and there is only way to do it and that is write gold content and promote, not only your blog but also yourself.

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5. Serve People Like Waiter


This seems like funny, 😉 but it is true. I am sure you’ve gone to restaurant and seen the efficient waiters, who serve you like your servants. So I think bloggers should also serve their readers like waiters. Because readers are the only thing that make up a blog successful and popular. So we cannot leave them.

Now Its Your Turn!

Becoming famous is not important, how helpful, friendly and valuable you are is matter As I stated above people on the internet don’t visit your blog just to listen your bragging they want to some cool stuff that make them successful.

Simply I can say that they are selfish (Sorry 😀 but it is true).

So always seek for excellence not for success because excellence is the only thing that leads you to success. And also remember that success is not an overnight process, sometimes it takes a lot of time to become successful or sometimes it takes only some days to become successful.

Hope you learn a lot from my article, this is my first guest post on All Blogging Tips. Thanks to Ammar for publishing it.

What? You want to share more points? Then feel free to comment and share your views and ideas with us!

Knowing When to Hire New Writers for Your Blog

As a site owner and blogger, at some point you might want to start looking at the possibility of bringing in new content writers for your blog. There are many reasons why this can be a good thing and can help propel your blog to new levels that you aren’t able to achieve on your own.

Let’s quickly run through a list of reasons why you should think about bringing in more content writers for your blog.

Bring Fresh New Content to Your Readers

Depending on what type of blog you have, it may be easier for you to bring in writers than not. If you are using your personal name as your domain name and brand, you may be more reluctant to bring in guest bloggers and a new writing staff, as they may be representing your name whenever they write new content.
However, there are many generic and wide focused blogs out there that can greatly benefit from having new content added to their site. By bringing in new staff writers, not only are you freeing up time for yourself, you are also adding more content to your site and throwing in a new style of writing and probably a bunch of blog topic ideas you might not have thought of.

Content Generation isn’t that Expensive

 The days of having to pay high prices for original web content is over. There are now more freelance writers looking for work than ever. In addition to writers, there are also a ton of freelance and content generation sites out there like Blogging.org, that will allow you to connect with other bloggers and content writers that can start writing for you right away. The concept behind these types of content generation sites is simple. All you need to do is create an account, add some writing jobs and you will get to review each article before accepting and paying for them.

Using content generation marketplace web sites is a great way to bring in new content for any site or blog without the need to hire a full time user or teach users how to manage and write for your sites. There are thousands of writers out there just waiting for new jobs to be listed. All you need to do is tell them what you are looking for, how many words and in what style of writing.

Guest Bloggers are Everywhere

Ever since Google put the smack down on unethical link building methods, there are more people turning to guest blogging every day. There is nothing wrong with guest blogging and it’s a great way to bring in free content for your site, but you will also have to spend a good amount of time reviewing each of the posts that you may receive.

In the end, many guest bloggers are out there to make money and they just want a link back to their site or their client’s site in the footer area. Don’t accept every post you receive and make sure to always check for duplicate content and proper grammar usage. I would highly recommend that you take the time to create your own guest blogging guidelines and section on your blog with the type of content and quality you expect to receive.

Your Blog Writers have their Own Social Networks

One of the best reasons to bring in new part-time and long term bloggers is because they can massively expand the current promotion you are receiving on your blog. Every time one of your writing team posts a new article on your site, they should be promoting those same posts to all of their social networks, like Twitter and Facebook. If you bring in around five new writers, just think about how many thousands of new people who may be visiting your blog based off their social presence and postings.

How to Get Started with Bringing in New Writers

When you first start thinking about bringing in new writers or buying content for your blog, it can be quite overwhelming. What you really need to focus on is making sure you are only going after quality content. It’s easy to pay for cheap content and accept as many guest posts as you can, but in the end you still want to offer your blog readers high value content that will keep them coming back.

To start looking for potential writers for your blog or web site, be sure to check out the top blogger job boards and also start ordering some content through freelance writer market places. Once you go through a few writers and look at what they are offering, you will quickly be able to weed through the good ones and bad ones. Make sure you keep the good ones happy as they are true gems!


Best Advanced Social Subscription Widget for WordPress

Recently we shared Stylish followers count widget for WordPress. Now its time for something new and advance. Today we came with Best Advance Social Subscription Widget for WordPress. This plugin is provided by CodeCanyon one of best marketplace that provide wordpress plugins and much more.

Right now Advance Social Subscription widget comes with 2 editions for WordPress. If you are using feedburner than 1st edition works perfect for you 😉 cost is just 8$

  1. Advanced Social Widget FeedBurner Edition
  2. Advanced Social Widget – MailChimp Edition WordPress Plugin

Advanced Social Widget Subscription widget FeedBurner Edition Adds an advanced widget box to your sidebar giving users the ability to link your site/blog to all popular Social Networking websites such as Delicious, Twitter, Facebook, StumbleUpon, Pinterest and awesome FeedBurner Email Subscription with easy.

Advance Social Subscription Widget Preview!

Advance Social Subscription Widget!

Live Demo   |   Download   |   More Info

Features of Advanced Social Subscription Widget

  • Highly functional dynamic widget interface
  • Allow visitors to easily and effortlessly subscribe to your FeedBurner also display link to your sites RSS feed
  • Dynamic Google +1 features & follower count, Facebook Like features and Like count, Twitter Follows features & follower count
  • Allows you to save to Delicious. Automatically determines whether you are on homepage, category pages, single pages or other and dynamically creates the Delicious link to share
  • Links to your Twitter page, Facebook page, Pinterest account and page, LinkedIn
  • Open links in same window or new window with 1 click.
  • Decide whether to display social networking site name under social icons or not to display it.
  • Multiple widgets configurations
  • Inherits CSS styles from current active theme – fonts and colors

How to Install  Advanced Social Subscription Widget ?

It’s very easy. Just download widget from here (Pay 8$ 😉 ) and then watch video given below!

So what you are waiting for ? Go and download this great WordPress plugin Best Advanced Social Subscription Widget for WordPress.. :) Let me know if you face any problem?

Top 6 Tips to Bring More Visitors to Your Website!

Bloggers are now a days working on to get more and bring more visitors to their website. Getting more visitors and readers is the key to success. But if you really want to bring more visitors to your website then you surely need to apply good methods. Today in this blog post I will provide you some of my tips that I use to bring more visitors to my website and I hope that it will also help you to get more visitors to your website.

Post on Regular Basis

Posting on regular basis is really necessary for every Bloggers because if you don’t post on regular basis then you will lose your loyal visitors that already like your site. Make sure that the article should be quality because people do not like low-quality and spam articles.

You can ask this question to yourself that do you like low-quality, spam articles. You would surely say No so think how the other people would like low-quality and spam posts? so consider posting quality article and your keywords should be sprinkled in your article/post.

Submit your Blog to Search Engines

Usually Search-engines automatically crawl your articles if it is high-quality but you should also try to submit your blog to search engines like Google, Bing, and Ask etc. Search engines like Google have already simplified the way of submitting your content. Google Webmaster Tools makes it easy for every webmaster to get their website crawled faster.

Promote to Social Media Sites

Consider promoting your website to sites like Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter etc. Lots of people use these social media sites to get connected you can get that advantage by promoting your website to these sites.

In an every social media site there is a feature to share the world about your business. In Facebook you can create your page and promote it, more the people like, more you get visitors to your website. Now a days getting likes in Facebook is really easy because lots of users at the time use these social media sites even your friends. That’s the best method used to bring more visitors..

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Increase Backlinks to Your Site


Increase the number of backlinks. Backlinks can improve your Page Rank (PR). Try to get more and more backlinks. You can get backlinks by blog commenting, guest posting and many other ways. You can search on the Internet to increase backlinks to your website. More Backlinks = Improved Page Rank.

Video Marketing

Now a day’s Video marketing is really becoming successful method to increase visitors. Let’s say do you use YouTube? Answer of the most of you will be yes. Market your posts on YouTube and results will be better.

Video marketing is now a days becoming a good way to get visitors because people seems to like videos rather than text.

What you can do is make a step by step guide of your post, in the description add your website link and upload it to popular video sites like YouTube, Daily Motion, and MetaCafe etc. You can promote that video to your website, Facebook page and wherever you like and you will surely get 3x more visitors.

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Yahoo! Answers

This is one of the method that is not really popular but trust me your traffic will boost using Yahoo! Answers. Yahoo! Answers is a community where people ask questions and other people if they know the answer can answer to them.

In Yahoo! Answers you can answer to the question and leave your link with it because if your answer is selected as best people would surely click on that link.

Yahoo! Answer have good ranking in SERP (Search Engine Results Page). Yahoo Answers do not provide backlinks because the links are no-follow meaning that when Search engine will crawl the page they will not crawl that link. But instead of getting backlinks you can get more traffic.

Yahoo! Answers are strict with their rules so if you are spamming then your account may get blocked.


These tips are really useful for every Blogger. Not just it increases your visitors but also it improves your Page Rank and Alexa Rank.

If you follow the methods above correctly then I am sure that you will bring more visitors to your website.

Please tell us your views and what methods do you use to bring more visitors to your blog.