Blog Monetization – Tips To Reach Higher eCPMs

Since the rise of self-serve ad platforms (e.g. Adsgadget, AdSense, etc.) monetizing a blog has become increasingly easy. But making a LOT of money off your blog requires a little extra effort like good traffic, monetizing blog in better way and many other things.


Blog Monetization - Tips To Reach Higher eCPMs

Here are a few tips to help you take the most advantage out of your self-serve ad platform and to generate lot of Money.

Location, location, location.

The position of your banners is a key factor. A banner’s position on a site has a huge influence on its performance, so you would think that better position means better revenue. Generally this is true, but you have to test to really know. Maximize your banner’s performance by placing the ad code near the top of your page or within your site’s content. Place the ad in the most viewed sections (top fold, left sidebar, next to the main buttons of your site, rich media banners such as stay ons, sliders, etc)

High volumes of traffic.

In order to get the highest yield from your site, you need to have enough volumes to analyze the stats and optimize. Self-serve ad platforms, such as Adsgadget, work with an optimization algorithm that allows the system to get to know a site’s traffic and assess how to best monetize it. The higher the traffic volumes you send your ad platform, the faster and more efficient the optimization process will be and will help your ad platform optimize your traffic to reach the highest eCPMs possible.

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Use rich media.

It’s no secret that interactive ads work better than static ones. By using rich media banners you increase your site visitors‘ experience and entice them to click on your banner ads. Use pop-ups and pop-unders, try sliders and stay ons! These ads can reach 10 times higher eCPMs!

Test different ad sizes.

Variety is important, especially when it comes to advertising online. Test as many ad sizes as possible on your blog; certain ad sizes generate better results than others if integrated correctly with the blog’s content and design layout.

Rotate your ads.

Rotating your banner ads is a great way to maximize their performance. It keeps your site fresh and your visitors from going crazy after seeing the same banners time and time again!  Set frequency caps to monitor the number of times a specific visitor is shown a specific banner.

Don’t stress.

Always remember that monetizing your traffic takes time and effort. Be patient and give your self-serve ad platform the chance to know your traffic. Only then will your platform be able to accurately optimize and give you the high rates you’re looking for.

If you’re looking for a simple, high-paying self-serve ad platform, visit Adsgadget today or like us on Facebook and find out how you can maximize your traffic revenues!

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  1. Hi Ammar

    “Test different ad sizes”. This is 100% true. Testing different ad format is important one. I have done that and now I know what is suitable ad size for my blog(For Adsense).

  2. Earning more from ads definitely depends on ad position. If you`re not sure which position works, you can log into you GA account and see the places where readers are clicking more. Simple place your ad at that place.
    Try placing ad in different positions.

    But don`t include into post. This may disturb your users.

    Khaja moin recently posted..How to Install WordPress on XamppMy Profile

  3. Hamza Sheikh says:

    Hey Ammar,

    I agree with a couple of your points. Trying different ad sizes, and the location based performance / targeting is the most hectic work in earning a big piece of money from the advertising company. Actually, we need to implement a unique strategy, and play a bit dirty with ads. (Ouch! I am not saying to click on the ads), all we just have to play with their placements, and the users’ engagement with our website elements.

    I normally use heat map to gain access over my readers, and visitors.
    Hamza Sheikh recently posted..What Is Important: Unique Content or Unique Writing Style?My Profile

  4. Thanks for all the tips to increase Ecpm.
    I will surely try out this method to Increase my earnings!!!
    Aliakbar Fakhri recently posted..How to Earn Money by Affiliates with Commission JunctionMy Profile

  5. I’m really impressed along with your writing abilities and also with the structure on your blog. Thank you, I have just been looking for info approximately this topic for ages and yours is the best I’ve found out till now.
    Jhon recently posted..Keyword DiscoveryMy Profile

  6. Hey Ammar !
    I agree with your points that to increase CPM and more clicks on your ads, we should try different place on our blog so that we can come to know that which place has more clicks from users. I think the header of the website is always the best place to get clicks from the readers. :)
    Thank you
    jeniffer recently posted..Skywalker Herbal Potpourri at its BestMy Profile

  7. Thanks for the great monetization tips. I always believe in trying new things and ad placement is one of them when it comes to finding out the best way that i can earn from ads in my site.
    Gilbert recently posted..Top Google Adsense Alternative-Best Paying ad networksMy Profile

  8. Thanks for this tips to increase ECPM
    I was suffering from low ECPM and this was resulting in low income !
    Now I have understood this strategy and will implement on tis
    Murtaza ALi recently posted..Barnes & Nobles Launches ‘Nook App’ for WindowsMy Profile

  9. Great list…just a word on maximizing your Adsense output. Use the latest 300×600 Ad unit if you are getting a lot of traffic from your smartphones. Its hugely increased my CTR in last one month.
    Satish Patel recently posted..Giveaway #1–Participate and Win Thesis 2.0 this ChrismasMy Profile

  10. Awesome tips Ammar Ali, size does matters just like placement. But it all depends upon the design too, and the traffic
    Sreejesh recently posted..Useful Resources to Create Responsive Website That Runs on PC, Mobile and TabletMy Profile

  11. Getting higher eCPM is what every blogger wants with their ads but pop ups and pop under only annoy a visitor, whether they are loyal visitors or new ones.
    Yash Vardhan recently posted..Dreamhost $50 Discount Promo coupon codeMy Profile

  12. Well said.Included all the points on my blog.

    Kept it simple and clean.Apart from writing meaningful content.:)

    Would love to know your thoughts on it.
    Nikhil Malhotra recently posted..How To Center A Block Element Without Width DefinedMy Profile

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