Why and How To Protect Adsense Account From Invalid Clicks?

Do you know your Adsense Account is in danger, yeah this is not an April fool prank or anything like a joke, this is as true as you are breathing from some past days many bloggers experiencing heavy invalid activity in their Adsense account.

You may have also experienced that number of clicks are much more than as comparison of the Estimated Earnings, especially from some countries like United states clicks are coming fluently but no money, CPC from such countries lies somewhere between $0.01 – $0.04 which is too less and this Cost per Click clearly saying that these clicks you are getting on your Ads are not Genuine for sure.

Why and How To Protect Adsense Account From Invalid Clicks?

Many Bloggers and Webmasters have lost their Adsense Ads in some past days because of this invalid activity or some other reasons.

Zac Johnson lost his 10 years old adsense acccount. Read his story

Just few days ago,  Theodore had been slapped by adsense. Read his story

and also because of their unawareness, so this is highly recommended that you won’t make such mistakes and keep your Adsense Account safe and secure.

How to know the Country from where invalid clicks are coming from ?

Many of you may already know about this but some don’t, so let me explain how to know from which country your Adsense Ads are getting unusually clicked, to find this out just follow these steps…

1.    Log in to your Adsense Account.

2.    Click on Overview this month.

Why and How To Protect Adsense Account From Invalid Clicks?

3.    Select the Today date from the upper right corner.

Why and How To Protect Adsense Account From Invalid Clicks?

4.    Now click on Countries from Left sidebar.

Why and How To Protect Adsense Account From Invalid Clicks?

5.    Now carefully checkout the no. of clicks in front of each Country name.

Why and How To Protect Adsense Account From Invalid Clicks?

If you detect any country from where clicks have been done but CPC from there are very low then it simply means that your Adsense Ads are in danger.

How to Protect Your Adsense Account?

See if you are getting unusual clicks on your Ads, then first of all you try to detect the IP(s) of clicker and if you successfully detect those IP’s then just block them to showing Ads so that they won’t see your Ads and this way they cannot click on your Ads.

If you’re unable to fetch the IP address from where clicks are being performed then you most recommended way to keep your Adsense account safe is that, you must stop showing ads on your site for at least sometime, because if you stop publishing ads on your sites for some time/days it may cause loss of some Dollars to you but if you cannot prevent it then you may loss your Adsense for forever, which sounds so bitter to any blogger.

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It has been also seen sometimes that CPC are good and clicks are coming in bulks (more than expectations), but those were also invalid clicks.

To understand this better, suppose one person click on your Ad, Google gave you $2.0 for that one click which means click : 1 and CPC : $2.0 then 9 clicks are also done by an other person which are invalid clicks and Google haven’t gave you anything for those clicks, now your stats will show click : 10 and CPC : $0.20 which also looks good and generally we think it’s Ok if CPC is good but as you in example it’s not always okay.

So if you ever feel unusual increase in no. of clicks on your Ads you must report to Google regarding this to keep your side strong.

Click Bombing/ Invalid Clicks FAQ’s

  • I lost my Adsense Account due to invalid activity on my account, what to do ?

When Google takes adsense away then they always mentions the reason behind it, so you need to ensure that it will not happen again in future and after that you can fill Appeal form provided by the Google to claim your Adsense account back, but don’t go for appeal form in hurry first of all you must take care of point they mentioned in their mail.

  • I filled Appeal form, will I get Adsense back ?

Well nobody can say Yes for this question, it’s all depend on Google, if they realize that you have done good business with them in previous time then there are some hope you will get your Adsense back, but not sure for anyone.

  • I filled Appeal form but no reply, what to do ?

You cannot do anything for this, all we can do is that we can fill Appeal form then Google will reply you back after taking their time, sometimes they takes 2-3 days for reply back.

  • When I applied for Adsense back by `Appeal form` they rejected again, now what.

This is sad but ! even after they refused to give your adsense back to you, if you work on your blog continously for some months and you write valuable and original content then there are chances to have Adsense again on your blog, one of my friend have experienced it.

  • Even after many try Google isn’t giving me Adsense back, now what to do ?

In this annoying situation you have some other ways to get income from your blog for that you can check this `Ways to Make Money without Adsense`.

If you don’t wanna go for it then you can think of another idea which is, you make another blog then apply for Adsense for that new blog and when you get Adsense for it you can use that Adsense account Ads on your both blogs the new one and old too.

If you think this article is even a bit useful it is requested to must share the info, Take care of your Adsense Account and also help others to do so.

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  1. says

    Nice post Krishan !
    I often find my blogs getting a lot of invalid clicks with Adsense. I am going ot be trying this with my Adsense account and see how it works for me. Thanks for the FAQ at the bottom :) answered a few of my questions that I had.

    • Krishan Kumar says

      Thank you Phil for your Appreciation :) I know many people of our category ‘Blogger’ facing the same problem, you must try I’m sure it will work for you.

    • Krishan Kumar says

      Siegfrid, to check someone’s IP the best Idea according to me is you must go for Statcounter, just go there and make an account then you will be able to detect every single thing happening and happened on your blog.

  2. says

    It is quite weird how you are fine then suddenly your Adsense account is closed. Thank you for telling me the tip of spotting invalid clicks. I will be aware if it is going to happen. Thank you.

  3. says

    I really hated when people just click on one adsense banner many times to get the other person account got ban. Thank you for this great post I think that it will help a lot of bloggers protect their adsense account from invalid click.

    • Krishan Kumar says

      Yeah you’re right Tan, I think every Blogger really hated when people just click on one Adsense banner many times to get their account banned, be aware.

    • Krishan Kumar says

      This is very sad to lost Adsense you can go for other alternatives or affiliate marketing as they have many options for bloggers who don’t have Adsense.

  4. Ryan Biddulph says

    It seems Google is shutting down many Adsense accounts these days Krishan. I am on the lookout for any suspicious clicks, and continue to put out the best content possible. Thanks for sharing your helpful tutorial here!


    • Krishan Kumar says

      Thank you Ryan for contact us back, and yeah Sure just stay tuned with us for more awesome content for you and all..

  5. Chandan Sanwal says

    Ohh Krishan Ji you are here, Good.! All bloggers especially from Asia Pacific facing problems like Adsense Disable, invalid Activity(Fake Click). I am also facing these problems, specially from USA invalid clicks are more. Sometime you get good CPC but it is true that “those were also invalid clicks”. It is difficult to fetch the IP address so best way is to keep away Adsenes from your site for few days(1 to 2 weeks).

  6. says

    Same thing is happening with me. I started TechGYD to attract more US visitors as they are having highest CPC, Earlier, US Visitors gifted me very high CPC, I got a maximum of $8.47 CPC that was from US but now, the same country is decreasing my overall CPC. Sad! :-(

    • Krishan Kumar says

      Yeah this is very sad for sure you must take care Saurabh, it may cause some very crucial problems, just be aware 24×7 :)

  7. says

    I once got some bulk amount of clicks from same location, and then I removed my Ads, and placed it after few days. I was free from the problem. And, the FAQs you provided are awesome :) Cheers.

  8. says

    Wow, great Post Krishan Kumar!
    really i’m victims of invalid clicks, i wish you posted this article before sometime.
    Google usually don’t reinitialize the account so, you probably loose the chance.
    But Ammar’s ABT have lots more method than just Adsence! i am going to try them all. :)
    nice post dear

    • Shivani Sharma says

      Yeah you must go for other ways of making money because Adsense is not the only way for sure…:0

    • Krishan Kumar says

      Oh yes Piyush, sorry for your past Adsense account but I’m damn sure by following these tips you will be safe for always with your next Adsense..

  9. says

    Yes, you are correct mr.krishna kumar. Nice post by you. I am also having an account in Google Adsense. I am using Adsense program for more than 5 years. But, now only i saw the option of “Overview this Month” with the help of your post. Thank you. Keep on posting like this. Useful information.

  10. says

    It’s really painful for someone when some stupid guy just clicks on the adsense banner many times to get the other person a/c to be banned.

    Thanks Ammar for your great tips so that people can protect their adsense a/c from such invalid clicks.

    • Krishan Kumar says

      Well Just Thanks to you Moniruzaman (I’m sorry if I made any mistake in your name :P ) and there is also some of my efforts in this article along with Ammar sir :)

  11. Krishan Kumar says

    Theddijje Thank you for your nice words dear, and yeah you can go for other ways they are also as good as Adsense, some are even more good than Adsense :D

  12. Shivani Sharma says

    Oh Great, Krishan You just made, Nice work you’ve done and I told you you will be sen on ABT one day and see here you are, awesome work my friend now this will play an important role in success of our blog Harkuchh, just be regular with your posts here, and very very informative and useful content, I must say `You’re my Boss Now’ proud of you :)

  13. says

    That’s really awesome post… Hope you would’ve published it before as I lost my adsense account due to invalid clicks last week :-(. I would like to suggest others that they should use the plugin called Ad Logger which will help you track the IP address related information of the clicks on your blog.

    • Krishan Kumar says

      Ad logger is not 100% accurate Nikhil, I was having Ad logger on blog even after that I got 190 fake clicks in just 1 hour so I’m sure Ad logger is not so faithful, you must monitor your adsense after some time interval and if you find any suspicious change must disable ads for some time or block those IP who doing clicks to fetch those IP’s you can use statscounter, to know more about it check tutorial on my blog…

  14. says

    I wish there was a plugin that would only allow for a person to click on an ad once per session. It would put a timer that wouldn’t allow them to click on the ad for 24hrs.

    Even if they do try and click bomb.. it won’t work any more – then all you would get are valid clicks!

    • Krishan Kumar says

      Well Jason it’s like a dream for every Blogger but it’s sad to say we don’t have any tool like this…

    • Aanand Keerthy says

      Surely there is a plugin. Cb protect for wordpress, help to reduce number of clicks a user can make in a preset time period say, 1 day, 2 days or so. THe plugin will calculate the clicks made by a user in preset number of days and can even blacklist a visitor based on IP.

  15. Emily says

    A very nice article but it seems incomplete. I blocked such kind of IPs many time but all in vain. Share any solid solution if you know.
    Hope you won’t mind, actually i am in great stress after losing my account :(

  16. says

    Great n useful post from you Krishan!

    I am having Adsense account, but now aware of these things.

    Thanks for explaining the needful details, will do as you told.

    Am using statcounter to check the visitors from different countries and it is possible to get their IP’s also.

    I’ll try to block the IP’s if am getting invalid clicks.

    Thanks for sharing the nice post here!

    • Krishan Kumar says

      Yes Nirmala you must aware of these things if you want a happy relationship with Google and Adsense, thank you for your comment, please share.. :)

  17. Sarah Harper says

    Hi Krishan, Thanks for the tip, but i think we can make better income through affiliate and other methods like selling ad spaces on our blogs rather than on adsense with high risk of ban. Because it’ll feel really bad to see an email from Google adsense at the end of the month that your account has been disabled due to invalid activity.

    • Krishan Kumar says

      Sarah I respect your every word but dear even getting Affiliate Ads or selling ad space is also not everyone’s cup of tea, you know…

  18. says

    There is always one or another problem with adsense. That is why you should always try some other ad company as well. In addition to this, you should also focus on affiliate marketing too.

  19. says

    I am also facing issue with invalid clicks, first of all I reported to adsense for the invalid activity on my account even after that when I find that still invalid clicks then I removed all adsense codes from my blogs for sometime.

  20. Felix Lee says

    What happened to Theodore and Johnson is really alarming. I didn’t know about this. Good thing I have come across this post.

  21. Avnish Gautam says

    Hey Ammar,

    I am also suffering this problem..

    Can you explain how to find those IPs who are doing froud clicks, you have not mentioned in your post.. Please Reply…

    • Krishan Kumar says

      Avnish it’s like a pleasure to fulfill request of our reader, you can detect every single IP performing clicks on your site by using Statcounter, it’s pretty easy, for detailed info and tutorial checkout my blog Harkuchh :)

  22. says

    i am currently facing the same thing man… getting a lots of clicks from United states but no earnings… and also some other countries also..

    • Krishan Kumar says

      You must disable your Ads for sometime, it will be better for both, your blog and your bank account :)

  23. says

    Thanks for bringing this news. I think we should monitor our account activity closely to track such invalid click activities. Bloggers should diversify their income portfolio & should not depend on single method.

  24. Krishan Kumar says

    Deepak detecting IP is pretty easy through StatCounter if you don’t know much about it you must see it’s complete tutorial on my blog Harkuchh :)

    • Krishan Kumar says

      Check your Adsense account daily and if you see any changes which are unexpected or completely differ then it means you’re in danger boy…

  25. says

    Mine is disabled but i am happy with Media.Net as it is paying more than AdSense.
    Good Luck for the AdSense Users. By the way thanks for creating this. I’ll follow your advice if i ever get back to AdSense.

  26. Carl says

    I suppose everybody have seen that number of those 1cent clicks have increase in the last few months. I personally doubt that there is much that can be done about this, even using protection from fake traffic and blocking proxies or certain countries, those clicks are there. About locked account of misleading “Guru” number one, I am not very surprised and by the way, AdSense was introduced about 7 years ago!

  27. Emmanuel says

    Adsense simply works like the communists. Their interest first and everything else is secondary. Even though there is a way of getting a new Adsense account but hey, are the worth the hype we give them? I have of course received my first payment payment from them but I’m considering doing away with them and try doing new things.

    • Krishan Kumar says

      I regularly monitize my Adsense Account atleast twice in a day and when I see any unexpected figure there the I go to statcounter for checking anything wrong and if yes then I disable my ads for somedays, now my Ads are Live.. :)

    • Krishan Kumar says

      For this purpose you can use Statcounter as the best tool and for detailed information about this you can click on my Comment Luv down to my this comment… :)

  28. says

    Sad feelings for those who are working hard and punished by Google for 2nd person’s act. Google should make a policy to automatically block ads for those IP’s that are doing invalid activities or clicks to secure their publishers. In this way fraud activities could reduce.

  29. Hamza Ahmad says

    A nice tutorial but protecting your adsense account is a bit difficult? Do you have any other option or Google should tell us the ip address from where clicks are coming.

  30. Wali says

    The number of comments on this post proving that how useful the post was!, but I would just add here that majority of the publishers can not detect a specific IP Address from where the click bombing or click fraud is done. Therefore, reporting invalid activity to instantly to Google is a better choice.


    • Krishan Kumar says

      Yes you’re Right wali but it is also recommended to try to fetch those IP’s if any bloggers wants to make something big in Blogging field, along with work majority is also very important.. One can use statcounter for detecting IP’s doing clicks, you can see an awesome post regarding the topic on my blog :)

  31. yogesh pant says

    yes Krishan, now-a-days, click-bombing is at its peak….
    all of us know the importance to protect the adsense account as it is verified only once. But how to protect is of a great deal. Nicely written and elaborated the same indeed!

  32. Krishan Kumar says

    Thank you Yogesh for appreciating our effort to provide a little help to Adsense publishers. stay tuned with ABT and Harkuchh.com.. for touching the heights of Blogging..

  33. Traveler says

    I think beside this, the first step to create a support ticket and let Google know. If you are using AdSense for so long and making good money as well, then you should already have a notification from Google telling you about those invalid clicks. It happened to me, I immediately contacted AdSense.

    • Krishan Kumar says

      Yes it happens but it happen very rarely, generally Google deosn’t inform about clicks and direct ban the account.

  34. says

    Thanks Krishna for these wonderful tips, I had got banned my adsense account 2 times because of someone making hell of clicks. Now I will certainly follow up these tips to keep my adsense account protected.

    • Krishan Kumar says

      Welcome for your Thanks and must take care of your Adsense next time by following awesome tips given on ABT and Harkuchh.com for you Guys.. :)

  35. says

    Really a very great share….a highly appreciable post.
    Well wasn’t knowing that Google can also deactivate their ad-sense support, will surely be using using above defined ways in my account too.
    Awesome share….Keep sharing!!! :)

    • Krishan Kumar says

      Ashutosh, it really good to hear that you learn here something useful, stay tuned and we will keep updating…

  36. says

    I’ve banned from google adsense for invalid clicks. I’m very upset because I did not do any cheating
    thank you for sharing this, very useful for me and other bloggers as well be Google adsense publisher

    • Krishan Kumar says

      Sorry for your Adsense Rina but I strongly recommend you to read all the posts related to blogging on ABT and Harkuchh.com they will help you more than anything else in Bloggging :)

  37. says

    One of the best posts I found on web.Which really helped me understand the tactics behind invalid activity on adsense.From next time I would be using this tutorial whenever I will face click bombing.
    Thanks for this wonderful way to fight against rivals :D

  38. says

    Hi Krishan Kumar,
    I’m very sorry i came here late, i just noticed this post now and i really appreciate you mentioning me on this post, thanks a lot.

    I also want to tell you that Google finally reinstated my account, i just received the email yesterday and it was one of the thing you mentioned here.

    When i sent them my appeal, the rejected it and now, they’ve reconsidered.

    Thanks once again for the mention dear and enjoy your weekend.

    • Krishan Kumar says

      It’s great to hear you got your Adsense bach Theodore, Keep visiting our blog ABT and Harkuchh for more awesome stuff like that.. :)

  39. Kortingscode zalando says

    Its been 10 days that I have stopped publishing ads on my site, but I haven’t seen any improvement after I published few again, but the CPC is still low and no. of clicks are higher. I have no idea how long does I have to stop publishing ads?? Any idea?? I have finally filled up the appeal form to be on the safer side, but still I am not getting results as of now? What should I do?

  40. Krishan Kumar says

    Hey zalando, actually this thing happened with many of my fellow Bloggers too but sadly we have no fixed time or date to stop or republish Ads on our sites, we can check it by only showing ads on our site, if clicks and CTR is fine then let it be continued otherwise remove again, as you said, it’s better to be on safe side especially with Adsense.

  41. says

    Its quit interesting to know about Google Adsense invalid clicks and other banned system. We must not do anything against them then we can safe ourselves always and I am very much positive and do the positive thinks only in my life. I hope people should follow the rules then all are safe.

  42. Krishan Kumar says

    Agree with you, We also hope same that `people should follow the rules then all are safe.1 thanks for sharing with us, Nimimca :)

  43. says

    Hello K.K,
    Its been fantastic to know about how we can protect our adsense account from getting disable. I read some comments and find that you were talking about Stats counter to use.. Is it really helpful to use.?

    I use it but didn’t get right information. Is there any other safety to use for adsense protection.

  44. Krishan Kumar says

    It’s great to know that you find it helpful for protecting your Adsense account and Yeah Stat counter is really a great tool to monitor every click through which you can know about IP clicking on your ads fluently, best safety to keep your adsense safe is Just monitor your Adsense Account twice a day and in case of any unwanted first of all stop your Ads temporarily.

  45. Abdo Selim says

    The topic is good but how actually i protect my account for this click , and to never closed the account ??

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