How to Get More Comments On New Blog?

How to Get More Comments On New Blog?Is it difficult to get comments on new blog? Wouldn鈥檛 it be nice to have a lots of comments on new blog? 馃槈

Even who have started their blog long time ago don鈥檛 see much comments on their post.

If you’re new blogger and want to get more comments on new blog


This post will surely help you to get more comments on new blog (0r) any blog.

Why & How to Get More Comments On New Blog?

Blogs are meant a place of discussion. Where different kind of people discuss some specific topics which is why gaining comments is one of the most important thing for a blog after traffic.

Comments show how active the blog is and what kind of audience it has. In simple words, comments are life of blogs.

It allows readers to interact with each other and keep the conversation going.

If you are smart enough to see, sometimes comments of your readers can give you ideas for your blog and what topics you should cover in near future.

Another hidden benefit of having nice number of comments on your blog is ease in gaining guest bloggers and advertiser because they are looking for active community.

As for a new blog, comments can play a vital role in making a blog popular and make people to come back again and again. Now allow me to show you some amazing ways to get more comments on new blog and every new post that you publish.

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How to Get More Comments on New Blog ??

1. Build Strong Network:

The best way to get more comments on new blog is to have relationships with other bloggers.


This is because when you share your content with them, they would love to tell you how good or bad you were and what they though about your words.

Having a strong relationship with your fellow bloggers will not only results in more comments but more traffic too because they are fully loyal to you and have no problem in sharing your content. Here are few tips to help you build good network with other bloggers. (Specially newbies)

  • Follow them on social networks (facebook, twitter)
  • Share their content
  • Comment on their blog
  • Link back to their articles

2. User Killer Call to Action:

Calling your reader to action is the best way to make them do anything you want. This can be subscribing to your blog鈥檚 feeds, newsletter or commenting on any post.

Readers are mentally ready to exit your blog as they reach at the end of post, but if they are told to do something, they stay and follow. But don鈥檛 use the traditional boring ways for doing so.

Instead, tell them to do so in a fashion hat catches their attention and they feel like someone actually told them to do something. Call to action works more effectively than anything else. Few examples of Call To actions are.

  • Did I missed any point?
  • If you find post useful consider sharing
  • You can subscribe to my blog to receive new articles
  • What you think about this post?

Did I missed any example of call to actions? Let me know in comments..

3. Award Commentators:

Encourage the commentators on your blog by awarding them?

No! No! 馃槈

You don鈥檛 have to give them trophies or fat pay checks so they become happy and keep commenting. Follow tips below to award commentators (in WordPress). This really works and will help you to get more comments on new blog (or) any blog.

How To Award Commentators?

  1. Install聽CommentLuv Plugin
  2. Use Top Commentators Widget
  3. Add Recent Comment Widget
  4. Special Tip: Give some things/freebies to top commentator of the month. Like ad spot or a backlink for one month.

4. Create Killer content:

Creating killer content is obviously must for all kind of blogs at any age but is way too important for a blog that was just born.

If you want anyone to show his thoughts about something in world of blogging, you have to force him.

And the best way to force is not by telling them to, but by creating killer content and then using the call to action at the end of the post. A perfect article can force thoughts to come out as words. Below are few articles to help you write engaging and killer content.

5. Comment on other blogs:

This is something that most people don鈥檛 take as serious option. This works in pretty simple fashion.

When you comment on other blogs, it is too obvious that comment moderator will surely visit your blog and may comment too.

Comment on at least 30-50 blogs in a week and see the difference. You can start now from my blog 馃榾

But any reader of that blog who clicks on your link inside that comment just because what you said sounded interesting to him is a definite commentator at your blog too.


Always share, promote and comment on your fellow bloggers’s content before asking them to leave comment on your blog.

I dint recommend guest blogging here in this post. Because if you are a new blogger it won’t work good for you.

So, just focus more on building a strong network by blog commenting, writing great stuff and award commentators using above tips.

I’m sure these tips will help you to get comments on new blog or any blog.

Have I missed any other way to Get More Comments On New Blog??聽Take your action now by commenting below.

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  1. says

    This post was very helpful too, I think I am going to spend a nice time reading through your blog lol I love when someone comments any of my posts, and I would also really appreciate some honest comments about my blog, such as what could I do better and constructive criticism. However, sometimes I feel people does not really like leaving “negative” comments and most of them just leave a “nice post!” in order to drag readers into their blogs

  2. praveen says

    These are awesome points you covered bro.. expanding social network and joining blog related communities will take to at its peak level.

    Thanks for remembering all the above tasks…

  3. says

    This is really a great article. My new blog doesn’t get engaged with commentors. But always feel better when I receive a single comment with positive. I was worried at start but it goes on well right now. I just spent a time on your article to learn why no comments on my blog? You clearly gave me the idea thanks for sharing. Hope I implement all these tricks in my blog and get more comments like you thanks.

  4. rishidevdas says

    I just loved the way you have devised the redirect system after the comments submission. Really a very creative approach to get more subscribers and fan following. Even without it I would have found the subscribe button and follow your site. Your website contents are all very informative and up to date.

  5. says

    Many comments indicate that could many visitors go on our blog. I also want to have a lot commenter on my blog especially quality comments like on your blog
    What is there special tips how to get many quality comment ?
    Information please, thank you :)

    • Ammar Ali says

      Follow all above tips, leave comments on others blog and I am sure they will like to leave on your blog too. It’ll take time 馃榾

  6. says

    Hi Ammar,

    Great tips my friend. I’m a regular commentator on a lot of blogs and you’re right that over time a relation is formed with the blog owner. A lot of times after I left a comment on a blog I was reading the blog owner came back to my blog and he actually left a comment on one of my posts.

    I’ve also installed Top Commentators plugin on my own blog to test it out. I’ve noticed you have it installed too. I want to ask you, did it lower your bounce rate after installing the TC plugin? And have you noticed an increase in comments?

    Thanks for the tips Ammar, cheers.


  7. says

    Commentluv, top commentators widget, personally mentioning it in article end can help in increasing comment count for the blog.
    Thanks for the great tips Ammar! Great share.

  8. says

    I am struggling in getting more visitors or commentators to my blog and I am obsessed in looking for great information to take my worries away. I used to comment on other blogs but I forgot to implement some of the tips you stated above. I think it’s really a good start for me to attract more visitors to my blog using these tips you have. Thanks!

    • Ammar Ali says

      Patrick, I’m sure if you follow all the above tips you’ll surely attrack more commentators.

  9. says

    A very comprehensive article.I least bother to comment on others blog.thanx again for so briefly for commenting on others blog?
    can you tell me how to manage a post daily ,in case of single owner of blog?
    i am the sole owner of my blog and its hard to manage daily post of good length on some topic.

  10. says

    Thanks for suggesting “Giving something free”. It will surely work.
    Do you know how to allow comments just for gmail,yahoo,hotmail services and blocking rest of the emails as i am getting spam comments. I am using Akismet.

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