Why Your Blog Posts Were Not Shared And Commented?

Why Your Blog Posts Were Not Shared And Commented?Many newbie bloggers and some older bloggers were wonder why blog posts were not shared and commented by their audiences.
There were some reasons which force users to shares and comments on your articles. The below tips are some of those reasons..

Why Blog Posts Were Not Shared And Commented?

#1 articles is not unique and quality contents

Most of the people love to read educational articles which are fresh update information. They could learn about new knowledge which gives them the more experience and expertise learning.

You know?

They may want to share those value information or educational articles to their friends, colleges, and families since it valuable expertise development. That is a simple reason why blog posts were not shared and commented or nothing at all.

The readers will enjoy and share you articles, if you have written a quality post which included above benefits of learning.

#2 you have no private relationship

How many friends in your social media connection? And did you have a strong relationship with them?

Well, private relationship is majority reason of why blog posts were not shared and comment. I have 2k+ follower, 2k+ fans, and 1k+ friends connect, especially I have built strong relationship with those peoples.

Whenever, I shared some information into social media profile they always help to spread my information by shared and commented on the posts and make it popular social release. Therefore, to build a stronger relationship will configure out the problem and give you the answer why blog post were not shared and commented by other people.

I suggested you to spend at least 30 minutes to 1 hour daily to the community with others friend connect through to them and talk about some social relation.

  • Tips for Building Real Connections to Help Your Blog Succeed

#3 Shares unattractive posts

Some blogger just share only links which make other people complicated and wondering about what inside the link. Moreover, links could attract other social media users.

Now a day most of the people are very busy with their current job, thus they will never waste their time to click on some links and no valuable information.

The time constrain is another important reason of why blog posts were not shared and commented. Actually, most love to keep working and don鈥檛 want to interrupt their work without any benefit such your link.

To make those people skip their value time to click on your link you have to put some call actions such as added attractive image and brief information about value content inside the article.

#4 You Don鈥檛 have participant social media network group

Social media strategy is like WTO trading. None membership traders will gain less benefit from doing international trading.

You know there a group call CommentsDX which all members could exchange some comments with other members and gain the value of sharing to post of each other. When you ask a question why blog posts were not shared and commented,聽you should ask yourself that did you joint any networks or groups which benefit for increase more blog comments and sharing.

#5 you never share minds, why blog posts were shared and commented by me

When first time I start integrated social media as marketing strategy, I am afraid to share other bloggers and competitors posts.

I am really wondering about my audiences will move to other bloggers or to my competitors websites. But absolutely no, sharing other bloggers or competitors post will make audiences love you and enjoy more big resources of information entire your social profiles.

Sometime your post will be shared and commented by others since you always like or commented them.

Right now it is your turn

Thanks for reading my tip: why blog posts were not shared and commented. I think that it may not a unique idea to increase more share and comments, but I think that these above tips are still working. I believe that it will benefit for newbie bloggers to implement social media strategy.

Did I missed any point? Are you getting good comments and shares on your blog post?

Do share with us below.

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Kimsea is owner and found of Best Blogging Community call Basic Blog Talk, He was a blogger for two years ago. He love write, reading, listing, and talking about basic blogging tips. Also, He is an active blogger who always guest post and comments, we could connect together for successful blogging career.

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  1. says

    Hi Kimsea,

    Thanks for sharing this. For me, it could easily be the topic isn’t interesting enough for the readers.

    So, if you know who and what your readers are looking for, then you can probably have a good traffic.

    Also, remember to categories them so it is easier for readers to search for related articles too!

  2. says

    I have noticed that as I start sharing and posting on other people’s blogs, they are returning the favor.

    I agree with you though, that it has to be a truly interesting post to share. I am not that much into social media, it is something that I am learning more about.

  3. Kimsea says

    Your welcome, Hunky. Thanks for stop by and commented post. I wish to see you again here..!

  4. says

    People come, people read, people collect information and people leave.. Thats my story :(.. Yes sometime, some people stumbles on something where they have a question, then only they comment !!!

  5. says

    You are totally right my dear friend! Social media is emerging as one of the best platform for building relationships.As you quoted relationships are the most needed quality in a good bloggers.Newbies often worries about no comments and no share this article is really a helping hands for them.Thanks for sharing this article it was quite handy!

    • Kimsea says

      Thank for stop by and commented post, Nithin. Actually, no sharing and commenting is my serious problem before. I recommend that if you are newbie to blogging business, you should try to connect with other successful in order to some ideas from those successful.

  6. says

    Hi Kimsea,
    You are 100% right and I’m totaly agree with your given points. It has really become the major problem of bloggers. Thanks for sharing your experince with us

  7. says

    Hello Kimsea its hard to find good activity partner in social media nowadays. Its going to be a tough competiton to keep the Blog running ! in my poin of view bloggers have to be updated about all the Technical, Programming and SEO aspects & e.t.c as well to be a successful blogger. Thanks for your post and keep rocking Man!

    • says

      Thanks for you opinion, whatever you like to update but do not isolated..! Keep connect with other successful. I hope you will back again..! :)

  8. says

    You know, Josie? when the first time I start blog. I am so isolate, I try to blog alone. And 1 year for blogging without any help. relationship is important than money now, I think.

  9. says

    Very nice post Kimsea. I know that the quality of article is important but I just think about the ideas and how to write it in the clearest way to understand. I don’t care too much in grammatical mistakes. It will be the reason why I don’t have much comments in my blog. Thank you for sharing with use those useful information. Keep sharing please!

  10. Corey Frankosky says

    It seems that as a blog grows that so do shares and comments. There are mny bloggers who can post a blog and get well over 200+ shares throughout multiple social networks within 24 hours. This helps for more people to share and for people to come on and leave a comment.

    In my opinion, this is when you have truly made it as a blogger. When you are able to get others to “work for you” and share your content because they believe in it, your success it almost guaranteed for the long-term. Plus it helps us rely less on Google traffic when we can get traffic through social networks.

  11. says

    Good idea, Some people came to your blog and comments. They want to get back and looking for easy commenting system. But If they are you friends, I think it is okay for them to comment your post.

  12. says

    I think another reason a post is not commented on is because of difficult commenting system. most readers love simple comment system so in a situation where a blog uses hard verification processes, the reader might simply get turned off never to return to comment again.

  13. says

    Hey Kimsea,
    That’s a great post. People share your posts only when they see you sharing theirs. This is a bitter truth.
    But building relationships is one of the best things a bloggers could do. With that, you posts will be shared without your knowledge and you won’t have to do any work.
    Thanks for the great post :)

  14. says

    Great! Whatever, you have to make in unique from other..! If they all right, then you have to say left. I think private relation should be improve for increase more share and comments.

  15. lalitha says

    I also face this problem because of not much attractive heading and some times content i write on my blog is already mentioned by another blogger because i’m in tech blogging so the competition is in high and most of the articles are repeated.I think this is the reason why my posts are not so much shared in social networking sites.Now i follow these tips properly and get highlighted on Social networking sites.Thank you.

  16. Siddharth says

    Hello Kimsea,
    Well i have a good amount of visitors to my blog and all coming from search engines but still a very few comments on my blog, is that because i am not using commentluv or something else.

    • says

      Your welcome, I am very glad to know you enjoy my tips. I will find more tips and please for it again. And thanks for commented my article.

  17. says

    I would say the points mentioned here are unique in itself and offcourse if you are not sharing information,then you will not be able to get your blog popular.

    Siddhartha Sinha

    • says

      Ahhhh … just realize the typo error on my comment, so sorry. Thing = think, withing = within. I guess that’s a proof that I’m just a human 馃榾

  18. says

    Hi Kimsea,

    Great post!
    It’s kind of tricky I thing. What we need to focus about blogging is creating value with our posts and make a proper promotion. Whether it get shared, commented or not. Let’s leave it to the audiences. Many newbie fall their spirit due to these two aspects.

    So, whatever result we get from our audiences, we should never give up provide value withing our blog.

  19. Sheikh Sabayyal says

    Well I do have strong Social Media Relation especially facebook. I own a page with 50k likes. I do get traffic from that page but no comments :-/

    • says

      Try more with engage and communicate with you fan. I think you make with your FB page. sharing content is not enough, but relation is way to add more value.

  20. says

    Great article it is!! I truly enjoyed learning this informative piece. I’ve created a blog few months earlier and unfortunately so far I didn’t received any comments or appreciations for my new blogs. I think must be one of these or more reasons I’ve failed to work on properly. I’ll definitely work on these suggestions to make good impression upon my blog traffic. Thanks Kim. :)

  21. says

    Hello dear friend,
    You have mentioned really good point, as many of us already know that these are the main step, but many people don’t care of these and so there blog lose traffic.

  22. says

    This was a very elaborate article, thank you for sharing! I think that the most important thing is to have social media relationships as connecting with actual people can mean more than simply have good content.

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