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Why & How To Build a Powerful Online Presence?

Content maybe the king, but sometimes your online presence is the door which might bring luck to your business, You’ve to build a powerful online presense.

Just consider the case of Professional Bloggers like Zac Johnson and Harsh Agarwal, they are always being everywhere on the Internet.

I’ve noticed that Ammar, Founder of AllBloggingTips is building a powerful Online Presence which is probably the biggest secret of his success online.

This young blogger is making himself stand out on the Blogosphere.

You too can do this! ;)

Why you Must Have a Powerful Online Presence?

Before proceeding, just consider those cases when you get to know new blogs which are really worth going through. I’m pretty sure, that most of the time, you won’t be organically searching, you will be probably being referred from any other blog or discussions.

So what I suggest is you do in simple is – Be Everywhere!

Building a strong presence is not always about traffic and popularity to your blog. But its actually building a better reputation for your blog. To be frank, the young man Ammar Ali is really inspiring me. He is doing things great and is on his way to the top of the list by building an extra powerful online reputation.

Taking it outside the box,- Good luck man!

How to Build a Strong Online Presence?

Build a Powerful Online Presence
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Just like I said before, “try to be everywhere”. Its worth doing.

I think these are the best ways to Build a Powerful Online Presence on the internet.

Guest Posting.

The good old element of Professional Blogging– Guest Posting is one thing you should really give some priority to. Don’t think you are wasting valuable content for your blog by giving away your knowledge to other blogs. Think positive and think beneficial. All those Pros won’t go like Mad Guest Posters without seeing anything beneficial. Right?

Get Featured.

Ones you output articles which can be called Great Content, you will actually win the hearts of your readers and resulting in getting loyal fans and readers. They won’t forget to spread the word. Write Perfectly, Write More, Write Relevant. That’s the key to win their hearts. Go get em’.

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Engage and Interact.

There are millions of discussions online at the same time.

Don’t even think about missing one. ;)

Be active and deliver appropriate ideas and feedbacks. Don’t go for backlinks, but use your words to get noticed when you are commenting on other blog discussions. You won’t regret it, Mark my words Forums are a great way to be active in online sessions and really put pressure on participating these web discussions.

Build a Powerful Online Presence

Make good use of Social Networks.

Don’t forget about all those first methods you used to gain traffic, Facebook, Twitter and Google+. Target active and powerful users. Join groups and pages. Be friends with Geeks. Share your content and raise your voice. Make them feel your contents are worth reading. Note that Social Networks can be sometimes a huge waste of time. Put limit to everything, this will surely help you to increase Online Presence

Be Human.

I know some bloggers who are having great values of information but have not achieved success. Its only because that they don’t have a life other than their blog Dashboard and Revenue results. They are just acting like robots who can’t talk. You actually need to mingle with your readers. Talk to them back. Help them. It will also build a good readership and a strong online value.

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Over to you!

You are not fueled up with the best ways to build a Powerful and Strong Online Presence.

Good luck. Just remember that the secret recipe is to “Be Everywhere” and start the methods I wrote above to Build a Powerful Online Presence.

Don’t forget to speak up your opinion and tell us about your online presence in the commenting area.

Little-Known Ways To Make The Most Of Social Media

Most people that do anything with blogging, marketing, or SEO have a good idea of the importance of capitalising on Social Media sites to increase rankings, sales, and consumer awareness. If your website is powered by WordPress, I highly recommend you to check out these best social sharing plugins for WordPress. These plugins are easy to install and setup, and best of all they will make your website more engaging!

 Since every article they have read stated the importance of it, they added the ‘like’ and ‘share’ buttons as told. If they are diligent they have sent out a ‘tweet’ as they added content and shared their posts on their personal Facebook and the blog Facebook fan page as well.

social media

So they are doing an excellent job of utilising the social media to leverage ranking, sales, and consumer awareness, right?


They have done what 80% of all bloggers and companies do.  They have added some icons to a webpage and spent a couple hours one afternoon setting up the social media accounts, and are waiting for it to ‘catch fire’ and work magic for them. Only problem is that it never does.

The Plain Truth…

The plain truth is if it were that easy to do, and as easy as most of the blog posts seem to indicate it should be it would be of no use at all.

If it worked like that then it would have equal value to every website thereby cancelling the positive marketing affects you are striving for.  In my personal opinion the only thing worse than not using the social media at all is placing the icons on your blog or website then not using them correctly.

Social Media is a group of interactive communities.

The only way to reap a benefit from them is by interacting. To put in in perspective let’s consider basic human nature because when dealing with the social media you are working on a people to people level more than a business to people level. Look at the following examples and see how they correspond in social media courtesies.

You are walking down the street and pass by another person. There are several possibilities of what transpires.

get higher rank

You both glance at each other, ensure there is room to pass and go on your way.

A few seconds later neither have any memory of passing each other and neither good nor bad impression of the other as a person.

  • This is the equivalent of having no social media presence on your blog. Aside from an unknown mutual interest or need that brought you by happenstance to the same general place at the same time you have no personal bond or affinity.

You glance at each other, make eye contact and exchange a pleasantry of “Good Afternoon”.

You both feel like the other person ‘seemed nice’ and that it must be a friendly area. You will not remember it clearly but when you think back it will seem like it was a nice afternoon.

  • This is the equivalent of having a social media buttons and politely encouraging their use. It gives the impression that the input and notice of the visitor is important. When you see a tweet or share you acknowledge it and thank them.

You glance at each other and you say “good afternoon”, the other person averts eyes and continues on by.

You immediately wonder what was wrong with the other person or yourself and want to be someplace else. If somebody asks about your afternoon you will immediately remember the obnoxious person.

  • This is unfortunately where most social media interactions fall on the web. It may not be quite as cognizant as that but it is the same effect. They visited your site, shared or joined your Facebook page because they were happy with that they saw but when they ‘followed you’ or said hello on your page they received no acknowledgement. The only impression in their mind is they were polite to you and you did not return the same courtesy.

The entire premise of social media is to get people talking about you, your blog, or your product. It is virtually impossible to get people talking about these things (in a positive light) if you are not talking to them.

If they follow you on twitter but you never ‘tweet’ then there is no conversation or interaction for them to talk about. If they post a question or comment on your Facebook page or timeline and you do not respond they will stop talking and decide if you are not interested then neither are they.

If you have all the social media sites set up and they are all silent all the time leaving you to wonder why you bothered or what the big deal is consider if you are actually using social media or if it is simply there as a decoration on your website.

Best Practices To Make Most of Social Media
  1. Respond to EVERY comment on Facebook. Even if it is just a ‘like’ or to say thank you or exchange a pleasantry do not be the person that walked by and looked the other way.
  2. In general it is better to leave a negative comment and respond appropriately than to delete it. It shows character and builds confidence of others reading.
  3. If you see a share of your post, product, or reference to your blog or product comment if you are able or send a one line thank you message to the person that shared it. This will encourage them to continue sharing and show others how interested in their opinions you are.
  4. Consider strongly when somebody pins something of yours on Pinterest or follows you on any of the media sites to do the same in return. Once again it encourages them to continue and makes them remember you look for you as opposed to overlooking your future shares and tweets.
  5. Set a schedule on a near daily basis to go through the social media profiles of your blog or blogs and respond to all as needed and if there is nothing to respond to then have something to add or say yourself. Do not be a salesperson all the time – simple comments on other things are perfectly acceptable but do not go silent for days and weeks on end.
  6. Remember that you can learn a lot from other people in similar fields as you. It is a big world; we are not all competing for the same market. Following, posting comments, and sharing with and from others in the same field is an opportunity to learn other best practice, receive peer recognition, make friends, and gain inspiration and insight for future projects and developments. If you see good posts do not be shy to share them even if similar to something you would place on your own blog.

If you follow the best practices and are social on social media sites interacting with people then instead of just walking by on a street you are stopping to talk to friends and they will genuinely remember you.

Amanda Revie is a social media and search engine optimisation specialist in the UK.

Proven Ways To Get More Traffic From Facebook

If you’re hit by Panda or Penguin. You’ll see sudden drop in traffic and it will take time to receive this traffic. Social networks are also best way to bring traffic to your blog. Facebook is one of them. I’m sure most of you already know.


How to get more traffic from Facebook?

Today in this post, I’m going to discuss few points to help you get more traffic from Facebook. So let’s dive in!

get more traffic from facebook

How To Get More Traffic From Facebook

Make your Profile More effective

This is first step to get more traffic form Facebook. You have to make your current Facebook profile more catchy and effective.


Add your site URL in your profile.

Give more background information about you and your site.

In this way, others can understand easily and will surely visit your blog. Don’t forget to share your article on your timeline. Don’t share too much links daily. Try to share some interesting and engaging statuses and photos.

PS: You can do same things for your fan page as well! :)

Increase your fan counts

I’m sure you already have a fan page for your blog right? and as you guys already know traditional ways to increase your fan count.

  1. Sharing your page with friends
  2. Placing like box widget on your website
  3. Telling your other social networks fans about your Facebook fan page as from twitter , Google+ , LinkedIn and some other social networks.
  4. When you reach certain count then your page automatically grows and you keep getting fans.

But the problem starts when your page is new and your website or blog is also new, you have few fans that show no charm to your readers to like your page on the other hand if you have good number of fans people do not hesitate to like your page. Problem is how to get this much fan count for this you can use two methods

  •  Use Facebook advertising facility
  • Buy some fans after that your page will flourish automatically because these fans will add trust in your page and people will automatically like your page , you can use freelancing services to do this or refer to this website to buy some fans

Build Strong Interaction with other Bloggers

If you want to get more traffic from Facebook, you have to build strong interaction with other bloggers. Do these things,

  • Add good blogger friends
  • Read their Content
  • Interact with them
  • Share their blog posts

If you do things as mentioned above, I’m sure they will also like to read and share your blog posts. In this way, you can drive more traffic from Facebook. In Simple words share their posts and they will share yours. ;)

Use Facebook Groups

This is another great way to get more traffic from Facebook. You’ve to be active in these groups to get more traffic.

I know most of group don’t allow to spam but here is list of few groups that you should join. You can promote your blog post there!

Download List of Facebook Groups

Things not to be Forgotten

Here are few things you should not forget. I’m sure these will also help you to get more traffic from Facebook

  • Sharing at right time ( when people are available at Facebook)
  • Sharing a thumbnail that attracts users
  • Sharing only what people need ( too much sharing can force people to stop your page’s news feed
  • Affiliation with other page owners having same niche ( share their posts and they will share yours)
  • Do not share links always ( also share some simple tips tricks , discounts without link)
  • Get your fans engaged by announcing some discounts and rewards to them.
  • Don’t forget to use your subscribers to get traffic. ;)

That’s all. I hope you like my points to get more traffic from Facebook. Did I missed any one? Do let me know in comments!

Happy Blogging. :D

Top 6 Tips to Bring More Visitors to Your Website!

Bloggers are now a days working on to get more and bring more visitors to their website. Getting more visitors and readers is the key to success. But if you really want to bring more visitors to your website then you surely need to apply good methods. Today in this blog post I will provide you some of my tips that I use to bring more visitors to my website and I hope that it will also help you to get more visitors to your website.

Post on Regular Basis

Posting on regular basis is really necessary for every Bloggers because if you don’t post on regular basis then you will lose your loyal visitors that already like your site. Make sure that the article should be quality because people do not like low-quality and spam articles.

You can ask this question to yourself that do you like low-quality, spam articles. You would surely say No so think how the other people would like low-quality and spam posts? so consider posting quality article and your keywords should be sprinkled in your article/post.

Submit your Blog to Search Engines

Usually Search-engines automatically crawl your articles if it is high-quality but you should also try to submit your blog to search engines like Google, Bing, and Ask etc. Search engines like Google have already simplified the way of submitting your content. Google Webmaster Tools makes it easy for every webmaster to get their website crawled faster.

Promote to Social Media Sites

Consider promoting your website to sites like Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter etc. Lots of people use these social media sites to get connected you can get that advantage by promoting your website to these sites.

In an every social media site there is a feature to share the world about your business. In Facebook you can create your page and promote it, more the people like, more you get visitors to your website. Now a days getting likes in Facebook is really easy because lots of users at the time use these social media sites even your friends. That’s the best method used to bring more visitors..

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Increase Backlinks to Your Site


Increase the number of backlinks. Backlinks can improve your Page Rank (PR). Try to get more and more backlinks. You can get backlinks by blog commenting, guest posting and many other ways. You can search on the Internet to increase backlinks to your website. More Backlinks = Improved Page Rank.

Video Marketing

Now a day’s Video marketing is really becoming successful method to increase visitors. Let’s say do you use YouTube? Answer of the most of you will be yes. Market your posts on YouTube and results will be better.

Video marketing is now a days becoming a good way to get visitors because people seems to like videos rather than text.

What you can do is make a step by step guide of your post, in the description add your website link and upload it to popular video sites like YouTube, Daily Motion, and MetaCafe etc. You can promote that video to your website, Facebook page and wherever you like and you will surely get 3x more visitors.

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Yahoo! Answers

This is one of the method that is not really popular but trust me your traffic will boost using Yahoo! Answers. Yahoo! Answers is a community where people ask questions and other people if they know the answer can answer to them.

In Yahoo! Answers you can answer to the question and leave your link with it because if your answer is selected as best people would surely click on that link.

Yahoo! Answer have good ranking in SERP (Search Engine Results Page). Yahoo Answers do not provide backlinks because the links are no-follow meaning that when Search engine will crawl the page they will not crawl that link. But instead of getting backlinks you can get more traffic.

Yahoo! Answers are strict with their rules so if you are spamming then your account may get blocked.


These tips are really useful for every Blogger. Not just it increases your visitors but also it improves your Page Rank and Alexa Rank.

If you follow the methods above correctly then I am sure that you will bring more visitors to your website.

Please tell us your views and what methods do you use to bring more visitors to your blog.

HOW TO: Increase Traffic To Your Photography Blog

So, you have a photography blog and you’ve been posting pictures for a long time and you’re still not getting enough traffic. The same happened to my friend. Traffic means a lot especially for blogs. It’s easy to manage a photo blog, but when it comes to traffic it may be difficult to get it. In this article I’m gonna show you how to increase traffic to your photo blog making the best use of the social networking sites.


1. Use Watermarks while sharing your pictures

One of the best way to increase traffic to your photo blog is to share your pictures with your blog URL watermark or use some text like this on the image – “For Full Size Visit This Website – [YOURBLOG].com”. You small size pictures while sharing, and tell them to visit your site for the full size images.

2. Join Photography groups on Facebook

There are many groups on Facebook for photographers, you can find them in the search bar in the Facebook homepage, then there you’ll find some posting there, send a friend request to anyone of them, and then, after he accepts the request, tell him to add you to the group. And then post your images(which should have watermarks). And then wait for a few days, you’ll see the increase traffic to your blog!

3. Pin your Images

Pinterest is the largest growing social networking site. You can drive large amounts of traffic from Pinterest, if you have good amount of followers. You may google it to find tips and tricks about how to increase followers and repins. Here are a few tips to get more followers –

  • Keep pinning regularly
  • Don’t pin only your (blog’s) images, but also keep pinning other awesome pics.
  • Comment on others images to gain exposure
  • Follow as many as you can, so that you’ll gain exposure, since they’ll see you in their notifications and may follow you back!

4. Add your images in Flickr

As you know, Flickr is one of the largest image sharing sites. Add some images in Flickr with a watermark text(make sure your blog URL, is in the watermark text.)

5. Optimize your images for search engines

SEO is the best way to increase traffic for any kinda blog. This is the same for photo blogs too. Here are few tips to optimize your images for search engines

  1. Use keyword in file name

For example, let us think you’ve bought a new Mercedes, and you want to post that image in your photo blog, then the image with file name my-new-mercedes.jpg would get a better ranking in search engines than IMG00010.jpg
So, it’s better to use a keyword in a file name, to get a better ranking.

  2. Descriptive Alt Tags

The alt attribute describes the contents of an image file.(You can read about the importance of alt attribute in the image publishing guidelines). An image with alt attribute is market up as follows –

<img src="my-new-mercedes" alt="My New Mercedes" />

  3. SEO Friendly Images WordPress Plugin

SEO Friendly Images is a WordPress Plugin which automatically updates all images with proper alt and title attributes. It makes your SEO for images easy. Read more about this plugin here –

You can read more about optimizing images for SEO here –

Some website which increase your photo blog’s exposure –

Hope you find this article useful :)