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  • Common SEO Mistakes & Tips From Google for New Bloggers


    Search Engine Optimization is the only medium which can get your blog better rankings and results out of millions. But SEO is not limited to some myths and methods or any particular learning course that can be completed in a due time, its the continues process running from years back and its still going on. One… Continue Reading …

    3+1 Ways to Optimize and Speed Up WordPress Blog

    Speed up Wordpress

    All right. Let’s gear up some questions about your blog performance now.. Have you ever thought about your blog’s loading time? No.. than It’s time to think about it now.. Why? Because it’s not only essential to maintain a friendly SEO blog but also for your readers engagement. If you want to increase your readership or to… Continue Reading …

    6 Ways To Recover Hacked WordPress Blog


    Hacking is the most dreaded situation and so, people with WordPress blogs make sure that they keep their blogs safe and secure, away from the hackers. In fact, hackers attack different parts of the WordPress blog including plugins, database, themes, core installation and others by infusing in the malicious codes into Javascript and PHP files… Continue Reading …

    5 Reasons How Blog Comments can Increase Your Blog Ranking

    blog comments

    When we are writing blogs as a regular feature, we find a special bonding with the readers. The comments must be good and heartfelt to bring the readers back to the page to read them. Few ways can be discussed to find out how to increase the ranking of the page. Blog comments and reading… Continue Reading …

    5 Things to Confirm You Are Still A New Blogger


    Do you know what it makes a blogger professional blogger or newbie blogger? Professional blogger learns from his/her mistakes while the other one who never learns from their blogging mistakes is called a NEWBIE blogger. Are you blogging from so many days or just started? Let’s check out whether you are newbie blogger or not…… Continue Reading …

    Blogger Introduce New Advanced SEO Options

    new seo options

    It seems blogger/blogspot are providing some advance options to there users. Recently they introduce Threaded Comments. And Now Blogger Introduce New Advanced SEO Options like  Redirection, Robots.txt, Meta Tag . The big changes include the option to easily add a blog description that search engines will crawl allowing you to tell them what your blog is about, even… Continue Reading …

    Directory Submissions – Still a Viable SEO Strategy?


    Directory submissions used to be a viable search engine optimization strategy a few years back. However, with changes made to search engines and the way they rank web pages, the importance of web directory submissions has diminished to some extent. In a few years more, I’m very certain that it will no longer be considered… Continue Reading …

    7 Easy Tips To Increase Your Search Traffic


    Internet marketing has turned into a million dollar market and a favorite resort to people who want to generate money in a short period of time. There are many search engines like Google, Yahoo! and Bing etc. Some sites and blogs become popular  in these search engines and others no one even knows which is… Continue Reading …

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