All Blogging Tips is Now Shifted To Hostgator

For the past few weeks, ABT  faced some downtime and Internal server error due to Traffic overload. Our old server can’t handle much traffic. So I decided to shift to hostgator. So Now All Blogging Tips is Shifted To Hostgator : Best WordPress Hosting. I will really recommend you all to go for Hostgator because their support system is just superb. Currently we are using Hostgator Shared Hosting Baby Plan. It cost me around 89.55$  ( You can too after using coupon “allbloggingtips25” )

Last day I ordered Hostgator to transfer all data from old host to their hosting. They took just few hours and all my data is transferred to hostgator. It took my just 2-5 mints to update name server and point them to hostgator. Isn’t that cool? 😉


Why Hostgator?

As I said hostgator is currently top  and best WordPress Hosting. Over 2500000+ websites hosted there. I decided to go for hostgator because they provide

  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Unlimited Diskspace
  • Unlimited storage
  • Free primary domain renewal
  • 24*7 tech support (Chat, Email, Phone, Twitter)
  • Free Adwords credit.
  • One click installation of wordpress!


If you are also willing to change your hosting company or moving from blogger to wordpress, due to similar problems then I would definitely recommend Hostgator.

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Your Turn.

Alright, I moved my blog to Hostgator. Special thanks to my friend Umer Farooq he helped me a lot in this process. Now it’s your turn. If you are using blogger/blogspot hosting then you should move to wordpress. Hostgator is best for providing reliable hosting with great support.

Would love to hear from you about hostgator! Do let me know in comments.. :)

Boosting Your WordPress Blog’s Performance in 3 Simple Steps

Often users ask me why their WordPress blog is so slow.

Well, there’s no general answer for that question, it could be due to plugins or maybe something related to your server host.

But one thing is certain: speed is one of the most important factors for a good UXP (= “user experience”) and a common reason why visitors leave a page, frustrated.

And were talking about matter of seconds here: From a waiting period of 3 seconds on you will lose approximately 40% of your visitors.

Also Google is very interested in a high build-up speed of your site; if you’re too slow, you are prone to receive penalties in terms of search results.

So let’s begin by finding out how slow your site really is. We are able to do so by downloading the yslow extension of Yahoo.

About Yslow

Yslow is a tool that lets you breakdown and display your site’s performance issues in a very simple way and gives tips on improving these problems.

On the basis of 24 criteria the global settings are then tested as well as your individual content (images / stylesheets / HTML), conclusively giving you school grades and points (maximum 100) based on the preceding analysis.

By clicking “Run Test” you get a detailed breakdown of your blog’s speed. Since problems are highly dependent upon what kind of theme you use, the main focus of this tutorial lies on general solutions that have the power to increase the speed of every blog.

1. Let’s start with the caching:

Caching is the process by which frequently used files are temporarily saved so they do not have to be created / recalculated each time . Your blog’s article overview for example would only have to access a database, even if new articles have been created, instead of obtaining a new list every time a new page viewer accesses the site.

You can achieve this and a lot more, by using caching plugins like the powerful W3 Total Cache tool.

2. Make your images load lazy

When it comes to space, images often claim more than 50% of a given page. They are one of the biggest traffic drivers and significantly connected to the build-up speed of your site.

Especially with very image-heavy blogs it pays off to make sure they are only loaded when the user scrolls towards them.

Thats exactly what the so called lazy load scripts do. They replace content outside of the browser window with placeholders, only calling up the real files when users actually scroll down to the image.

This will increase the build-up speed by a multitude, enhancing the UXP and costing less server bandwidth.

You can do this by going to Plugins → Add New and put in “BJ Lazy Load”. Of course there are several Lazy Load plugins out there, I would recommend the one by Bjørn Johansen tough, because it lags less when reloading and has a better compatibility with coaching-plugins.

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3. Lazy Share-Buttons for social sharing

Integrating Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter buttons to your blog can considerably slow down your site.

But because social sharing is a thriving motor behind any blog’s success, we have to find a way to work around these issues.

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Option 1: Reloading Social Buttons per click

The two-click social button solution is mainly used by platforms that have critical privacy conventions. With every click of the like-button, facebook will know from where your IP has been prompted, thereby making it very easy for them to realize your path outside of facebook, which does not appeal to some users and page-owners.

The german tech magazine wrote a plugin that helps you work yourself around that, by blending out the share-buttons until the second click.

And even though our article here still focusses more on blog-performance, this plugin is definitely worth a try.


  • Go to Plugins → Add New
  • Look for “2 Click Social Media Buttons”
  • Click installation
  • After completing installation, click “Activate”


Open the settings in the plugin-overview of “2 Click Social Media Buttons”. There you can decide which share buttons you want to use and where they should appear.

Important: Under Infotext you can change the descriptive paragraph about the plugin. This is important, because the default-text is set to German.

Add the following text in the spaces “Facebook” up to “Pinterest”:

2 clicks for more privacy: Not until you click here will the button activate and you will be able to send a recommendation to Facebook. Even by merely activating it there there will be data transmitted to third parties.

Write this under “Infobutton” :

If you activate these areas by clicking, your information will be sent abroad to Facebook, Twitter, Flattr and Google and they might be saved by these parties.

And under “Permaoption” you add the following text:

Permanently activate the Share-Buttons

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Option 2 : Newsgrape Mouse-Over share buttons.

Try adding mouse-over share buttons, so that you can make sure your site online transmits data when it is actually needed.

This will significantly enhance your performance, because the scripts are only activated when your users click on the buttons.

You can install the WordPress plugin right here, and it will look something like this:


These were some simple, yet powerful steps to boost the performance of your blog. If you have any further questions on how to conduct these alterations, feel free to contact me via [email protected]

5 Basic Pillars of Creating Successful and Profitable Blog!

To a lot of people blogging is deemed as “difficult” to create a profitable blog and making money from it seems next to impossible. I believe making money blogging is very easy and this is the mindset I approach my blogging ventures with and is also the same mindset you should have. The basic components of a creating a profitable blog blog are simple if you get everything right from the start. The only challenge is the execution of making money online. A lot of people have high aspirations of making money online but what most of them seem to be lacking is the right mindset, patience, dedication and perseverance.

Blogs have become one of the most popular past times in our day and age today, and it almost seems like everyone on the web is looking to start a blog. When the idea of the weblog was first created in 1997, the idea of making money had not even been a factor but now it seems that everyone is writing about something they love and making money from it.

So how do they do it? Well, having extensively studied many successful blogs online, I have compiled a list 5 basic but very important components that will factor in whether you are successful online and if you take the basics of the top bloggers and apply them into your own blogging, then you too can make a profitable blog in less time. Below are 5 Basic Pillars of Creating Successful and Profitable Blog..

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How To Create Profitable and Successful Blog?

1. Find a Broader Niche

Pick a Niche and Carve Out a Smaller One

This is most common rookie error when it comes to blogging. A lot of new start ups online fail to realize that they should not try to dominate the big niches and instead carve out smaller niches. The best way I can explain this is by giving an example of who is in my opinion the best blogger out there, Brian Clark.

Copyblogger is another blog that educates others about making money online but focuses strictly on copywriting and content. I had not seen any others doing this, so what he did was in essence carve out a niche for himself and that is what you have to think about doing.

My mentor Matt Bacak told me that if you want to be incredibly wealthy, you have to create and control markets. Find out where your passions and hobbies lie, and try to first recognize the bigger niche you can place your foot in. Once you have established this, find out where you can specifically specialize in and form your blog around that. This is how you create and control markets.

2. Find Out If Your Niche Is Profitable

Now the step above is very important point in Making a blog Successful and Profitable Blog, but this point is equally as important. When you are carving out a niche for yourself, you have to be smart about it.

Lets say you were thinking about entering the broad niche of health and fitness and knew a lot about swimming. This is good, and there are many blogs out there that talk about swimming in general but, if you decided that you wanted to teach people how to swim in the ocean and learn how to do deep diving and things like that, this may be great for some people, but would not be in the general interest of others.

Specializing in something like the Swimmers Diet and obtaining the swimmers body would be a better approach. This is something that only you can figure with a little research and common sense.

3. Finding the Right Keywords

Effective Keyword Research is Crucial

Anything can fit under the category of keywords. Your blog url. The titles of your articles. Your header tags. Meta description tags and anything else. SEO is a very crucial step in making money online and if you take the time to learn how to do effective keyword research from the start, you can really make your marketing and online awareness a whole lot simpler.

There are 2 ways to go about keyword research, and these are 2 things I do to find out which keywords I have a chance at ranking highly for in the shortest space of time.

1. Find Specific Long Tail Keywords – What keywords do you think someone might type when searching for your site in Google? How specific are they and how obvious are they? Specific long tail keywords are a great way to start your keyword research. Write down a long list of keywords that can be possible candidates for your title tags, header tags and article titles.

2. Determine Competitiveness of Each Keywords – So once you have your list of keyword phrases, it is time to see how relevant they are. Start by going to the Google Adwords Keywords Tool and typing in your keywords.

What we are looking for is a high global monthly search number. Anything with 10000+ is great.

Then what you want to do is do an “allintitle” search for your specific keyword. This is to see how much competition you have. In order to do this, just go to the Google and type in your keyword like this:

allintitle:keyword here

What this command does is it tells Google to tell you how many pages on Google have the keyword in the title tag. With this you want to aim for a number below 3000.

Once you have found a list of keywords with a high global monthly search and low all in title number, then you have a winner. This will surely help you in Creating Successful and Profitable Blog.

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4. Get Your Blog Set Up

The Power of WordPress

Once you have your keywords and your niche, it is time to create a blog. Creating a blog is very easy. Here are few things that you need. You can choose blogger or wordpress hosting. But I would recommend you selfhost wordpress blog. For wordpress hosting Hostgator is current the best web hosting provider. They have excellent support and features.

As a lot of Hosting providers have what is called “Fantastico De Luxe” on their C-Panel which allow you to set up a blog in literally minutes.

Don’t forget that a blog is basically a reflection of your expertise so it should reflect that of your brand. Look at how other people in your niche have set up their blogs and if the layout feels right to you, you can emulate some of their strategies and layouts in your own blog.

Don’t forget that “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”, so if someone else doesn’t like the look of your blog, it does not mean you should try changing to best suit their needs. Make it easily navigable, with colors that do not contrast too greatly and make your blogs purpose clearly visible!

Recommend WordPress Hosting.

  • Hostgator
  • BlueHost

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5. Begin Creating Content !

This is when everything takes off! The purpose of a blog is provide your specialty and expertise to your reader. In essence, your information should solve the problem of the reader and upon reading your content, they should feel as if they have learnt something very valuable.

When you write content with confidence, people begin to respect you as an author and blogger and thus your credibility and authority in your “specific niche” goes up.

Make sure that your writing is educational, unique and mind blowing. I have found that telling success stories of yourself and/or others while giving tips is the best way to go. People feed off the success of others, and when they read about it, it makes them feel compelled to do the same. Adding in a quote here and there is also a great way to provoke a thought, I mean lets face it, who doesn’t love a clever quote?

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So, here are the 5 Basic Pillars of Creating Successful and Profitable Blog. These things are just the “icing on the cake” and the real success will come when you really get your blog into 5th gear and keep experimenting and implementing new techniques.

All I can say for now is master the basics and when all the fundamentals are in place, you can begin to look at more advanced techniques. The basics are always the most important factors and once you get them in place just keep going and you will see result!

Don’t forget to share your views about “How to create a Successful and Profitable Blog easily” in comments. Happy Blogging. 😉

4 Habits You Must Adopt For Being Professional Blogger

You may have read many SEO tricks and tips till now for implementing them on your blog. But do you ever implement any SEO trick (or called habit in general way) on yourself ? If your answer is ‘No’ then you are just one more ordinary blogger. A blogger who works hard on blog but never gets expected results. Do you know why ? There may be many reasons but if you are really working hard in positive direction and even then not getting what you deserves then think once do you have a reputed blogger’s profile in blogsphere. That may be your answer for not getting expected benefits. Or may be your blog reputation is improving day by day but do you ever think that speed can increase much more rapidly by adopting some habits.


A blogger’s profile is something that tells the worth of a blog. That tells how much trustworthy that blog is. You may work hard on writing great contents but who are going to believe the worth of that if you have not a professional or expert profile in that niche ? Lets clear this with an easy example,  “find any blog which have almost same path that you have followed (like same time of starting blog, niche of blog, quality of content and almost same traffic, there are many thousands of blogs and you may find such one easily) then have a look on the comments of their posts if they have less or more then yours, that is difference of you profile value. And it can not be purchased, it can be created only. And I am going to discuss 4 such habits that can help you in creating a professional profile. (There may be much more habits and that are left for you, so that you can add up them via comments).


tips for professional blogger, Unique SEO tips, nature of authorIf you want to become a professional blogger then your nature must be a professional type. Try to make your nature more and more polite and communicative. Learn to listen everyone with patience and try to be friendly with them. Learn to accept criticism and avoid to answer some thing aggressively, even if you wants. Win the hearts of your readers and commentators by your nature, not only by knowledge. Then they will like to visit you again and again and ultimately they will be your permanent source of traffic. Other then this they will also refer their friends on your blog.

Visiting Cards

If you want to be a professional blogger, then start becoming professional from now. As every businessman have visiting cards so that people whom they met can contact them next time very easily. In the same way you and your blog need visiting cards. Have some well designed visiting cards with you every time and give them to persons whom you met (judge people by yourself whom to give or not). Having visiting cards will reflects you like a true professional person and will also increase trust of people in your work. So, make it your habit to have visiting cards with you. (Visiting cards does not cost you much)

Email signature

Add a signature to your emails that you sent. Just write your name, your role and blog name in a proper format at the end of your emails. You can add them automatically for all of your emails by setting them in your emails setting option. Email signature is something like visiting cards but in digital format. Email signature impacts a direct impression on readers mind and increase the chances of boosting your traffic. See below how I use email signatures:

Email signature, SEO tips for bloggers, must have habit of professionals

Of-course Quality

The last but not least one is quality. I put this point at last to leave a permanent impact on you when you leave this post. As being a professional blogger you must be aware of need of quality. But only by putting quality in your blog posts does not make you a great blogger, you need to adopt quality in your every act. Like there should be class in your suggestions, feedbacks or comments when you leave them anywhere. There should be quality in your thoughts and in your work. Take your time in your actions but they should be enough for impressing your circle. If you starts to fill quality in your little work then that will be more impressive then your lot of works which have no impacts on anyone. So, start avoiding bulkiness and provide quality in your all actions.

Add your points

These were just 4 habits by adopting which you can improve your profile’s reputation in blogsphere. I know guys you can also add much more habits to them. As commenting is an open platform for you for adding your views, you can add more habits which a blogger should adopt for being professional. Lets see who adds more qualitative comments and points to this post via comments.

Happy Blogging ! 😉

WooThemes Celebrating Its 4th Birthday : Get 40% Off (Limited Offer)

Recently I got an email from WooThemes that they are celebrating birthday. WooThemes is currently best and top WP Theme club they are providing WP themes from last 4 years. On birthday they are providing 40% off on all of their themes.

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Why you should pick WooThemes?

They are providing best wordpress themes from last 4 years. They deliver top quality, cutting edge WordPress themes and superior customer support.  Give your WordPress powered website a professional new look, and be up and running in no time at all. That’s what WooThemes are doing from last 4 years. Below I am listing some great features.

Their 90 themes have been downloaded over 7,687,800 times and that’s why 243567 people prefer them as their theme provider including me. 😉

Solid Code Framework : All themes run on the same WooFramework which makes it easy to setup your theme, SEO, and much extra functionality.

Stunning Designs: They have an eye for good design, and many of themes are designed by well respected top web designers. You can see them on their official site/

Incredible Support: Detailed theme documentation with professional video, tutorials, WooCodex and probably the best support forum anywhere. Life time support.

New Themes Every Month:They deliver a minimum of 1 new Great theme every month, so that you always have a wide array of new designs. You can choose 1 year membership to get access to all their themes..

  • If you only want to buy a theme. You will get 2 premium theme of your choice for free!

How to get 40% Off? (limited offer)

Woothemes just turn 4. So they dropped their all themes provide by 40%. You don’t need to use any coupon just follow . You just need to visit their website. Choose the theme that you want to buy. They will give you 40% off. This is limited offer Valid until midnight July 13th 2012 (PST). So grab this while its hot!


Get WooThemes Now!

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Top 6 Easy Shortcuts to Blacklist Your Website In Google: So Avoid it

google black ish Everyone wants his website appear at least on first page of the Google search result. I am not thinking about other search engines like yahoo, Bing or any other because most of the global search conducting through the big “G”, yes Google. There are many reasons why Google is so famous and world’s most used website or search engines. Their top ranking free products like Gmail, YouTube always attracts youth and old people too. In this article we will see the top 6 things that you should avoid to so with your website for not getting ban or blacklisted in the Google search result. There are many algorithms already implemented by Google and update is also going on daily basis. You thinking is write I am speaking not other than Google PandaTM algorithm. So you should avoid these shortcuts to blacklist your website in Google.

6 easy shortcuts that can blacklist your website!

1) Link from/to to spammy and porn websites:

Google take two keywords very seriously, and then are spam and porn.  So are you going to start any link building for search engine optimization? Then please beware from website which comes under these two categories. You may think how to detect those websites? The answer is easy, the spammy websites are those which post the stuff just for promotions and often it is useless one. I don’t want to tell you how to find porn websites. Surely you cannot control who can link your website. But remember that never link to those websites which are bad.

2)  Selling and buying paid Text links:

selling links

This is another big reason that Google will kick out instantly from their search index as soon as they find you in such a link sell and buy activities. What Google say? “You want my links for traffic. totally fine but want to pass my page rank juice? No”

 3)  Using bots to add or edit contents automatically:

Google hates automated bots and software who create or modify your site content automatically behalf of you. Like automated search queries catching and converting them to tags like that. So if you use such things then Google can ban you surely and will blacklist your website!

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 4)  Modifying Robots.txt file:

Robots.txt file is the entry pass for all the search engines. Whenever any search engine bot comes to your website for crawling your content then it first read the lines inside robots.txt and follows it. So by modifying the robobs.txt file you can disallow all the search engines bots from crawling your website easily.

User-agent: *
Disallow: /

The above lines in the robots.txt can stop all the search engine bots to your website. So be careful while modifying this file.

 5) Duplicate or low quality content:

Google really hates duplicate content. Each and every person in the world is unique and he/she can thing unique so Google like unique sentences and word arrangements in any text. Duplicate content can easily through your site at the bottom in search engine result. Another thing that should be considered is low quality content. What is low quality content? Google define good or high quality content as by which a small child can also learn. So the content which is written just for increasing the article site or increasing the number of pages of your website and not useful to anyone can be categorized under low quality content. Avoid it else it will blacklist your website.

 6) Fooling Search engine Bots (Cloaking):

This is an issue that well explained by Matt Cutts (Head of web spam Team) on a YouTube Video. Have a look below!

Cloaking means showing content to search engine bots and showing some another content to user. This is considering as very bad activity. Suppose you are running a product website and you showing 100 numbers of products details to search engines and when user comes there are only 10 products details all other are links just saying no results. Then user will disappointed and never think to visit your website again, because he was in search of xyz product detail which is not on your website but he just got fooled because of cloaking. So these points should be considered and you will never blacklist your website.