Is Video Blogging Worth Trying?

Video blogs, or vlogs, are not new on the Internet. Long before YouTube, people shared their news and opinions in the form of a video. Still 10 years ago it was rather expensive. Today, with cheap web cameras, camcorders, free video capturing and editing software, and numerous platforms to share video posts, video blogging should be flourishing. However, this is not true. Most bloggers are wary of getting into video blogging and the reasons are well understandable. Let’s explore the main of them and try to figure out if video blogging is worth time and effort.

Online Blog

Topic for Video Blogging

The first thing you have to decide after the blogging format is the theme of your video Blog: traveling, cooking, tech tips, politics, social media optimization, or any other of the kind. Note that the topic should be captivating and you must feel an expert in it. Try to record a trial video post and estimate if you sound convincing enough to speak upon this topic all the time.


Those who are not afraid of cameras and confident enough to speak in public, may benefit from the so-called “talking head” posts. However, not all people are “videogenic” and feel comfortable in front of a camera. If you belong to that group, it’s better not to start, or at least think about some alternative way of video presentation. E.g., you may make software reviews or how-to’s by capturing your desktop, use free video tools to produce slideshows, cartoons, short clips, etc. Here is the list of helpful resources:

  • - Snaggit to capture video screen;
  • - YouTube video creating tools to make cartoons, funny animations, etc.
  • - Animoto to make slideshow with music.


If you’d like to store videos on your website, you should consider hosting expenses. To convert video into web format and get ready embed code, use Freemake Video Converter, it’s free and easy to operate. Alternatively, you may keep your videos on YouTube, Vimeo or other video hosting site. Thus, your videos would be easily found on YouTube and Google and you’ll get additional traffic to your resource. The drawback is that your videos could be ripped and used on other sites, and you’ll be always dependable on YouTube broad width capabilities.

Video making skills

Though you may find a good video making and editing software, you have to skilled enough to use it. Nobody speaks of Adobe Premier or AE mastery, still a good knowledge of at least Windows Movie Maker is a great bonus.

Video marketing

Don’t think that you’re done as soon as you published a video post. What differs video content from a regular text post is that all you’re going to say will remain only as video frames. This is in terms of search engine optimization isn’t good, because an HTML page should contain text. One workaround is to publish a script of your video. Another is to combine the video with a short text description highlighting the key posts of your post.

It’s also advisable to add each new post into video sitemap. This will guarantee better search engine results for your videos. Take care of creating a SEO-friendly title and description and add social sharing buttons under the video.

Bottom line

In total, you should try video blogging if you:

  • are 100% sure in your knowledge of the chosen theme;

  • feel comfortable in front of a camera;

  • can afford video hosting or trust YouTube to host your videos;

  • are capable of video editing or at least can pay for it;

  • know how to market your video posts.

These are 5 components of a successful video blog start. However, a good beginning isn’t even a half battle. Content is the king, so the key point here is to be interesting to your readers and find inspiration for new creative posts. Good luck! :)

Fully Customizable Related Post Widget for Blogger

Related post widget always help us to reduce bounce rate and increase visitors time on the site. Related post are always shown at end of article to engage readers.

In Blogger, there are no official widget available. But now you can easily add Best Customizable Related Post Widget for Blogger using nrelate. nRelate is a free tool that adds related post widget to blogger even in wordpress or any other site. In this post I will only show you how to add  Customizable Related Post Widget for Blogger using nrelate.

nrelated posts

Fully Customizable Related Post Widget for Blogger

  • Go to Register for your new account here.
  • Click Install Tab => Blogger
  • Enter the domain in which you want to add nrelated post widget for blogger. Than click “Submit”

nrelate add site

  • In next page. It will ask you to select option where you want to show related post.  Better to select Post only!

nrelate shows widget option

  • Click the “Add to Blogger” button below and then click “Add Widget” as shown in the following image.

This will complete the installation. It may take up to 2 hours before appearing on your site.

  • After clicking the Continue button you will be presented with a option to Add the widget to your blog. Select your blog and click the Add Widget button

nelate add widget to site

That’s it. Now you had added related post widget for blogger using nrelate. Now its time to customize it ;)

How to Customize nrelate widget ?

Customization is very easy. All you have to do is just customize your site from nrelate menu.B elow are few options that are available in nrelate related post widget for blogger dashboard.

Go to Manage Setting => Blogger. Here you will see main setting first.

  1. In main setting you can edit size of your related post along with number of articles you want to show in related posts.
  2. You also show sponsored ads. If you want to make extra money ;) from your site!
  3. You can also add link back to nrelate site if you like this widget.

Customizing Thumbnail Style!

You can customize this related post widget thumbnails style. This comes with 5+ awesome style for your related post. You can select anyone that you want from that drop down option in “Manage Setting => Blogger => Styles ”

Don’t be panic. :D

It may take 2 hours to show related post widget in your blogspot blogs. I am using nrelate in my wordpress blog too. Its awesome related post widget.

That’s all. I hope you like this article and related post widget for blogger by . Its best widget not only easy to use but also very easy to customize. Isn’t it? ;)

Simplest Way To Disable Facebook Timeline with Just Single Click

Due to facebook recent changes almost all of us want to disable facebook timeline. Timeline was one of them. most of people are loving this but most also hate this and are trying to disable facebook timeline.

Though facebook timeline seems to be interesting with extra added timeline cover but many many apps people are not comfortable with it. Facebook also activated facebook timeline for pages.

So do you want to disable facebook timeline? Of course you want to remove facebook  timeline. Here I will show you Simplest Way To Disable facebook timline with Just Single Click. :)

Also have a look at my old post about remove facebook timeline

disable facebook timeline

How to Disable Facebook Timeline!

Through you can’t really remove facebook timeline completly. However the below method will help you to get old look of facebok timeline. The site whos link given below is create for those who DISLIKE the new facebook feature and facebook timeline. Go give it a try, Let me know if you face any problem in removing facebook timeline in comments

1. Go to RemoveTimeline aka disable facebook timeline

2. Scroll a bit on the home page and you will see browser icon select your browser

3. Download it and install the extension to remove facebook timeline.

4. Now its very simple just restart your browser and see your timeline is removed.

Can you really disable facebook timeline?

There is No such trick that will completely remove or disable facebook timeline. However with just little tweak with our browsers we can use old facebook timeline. Isn’t that cool to disable facebook timeline with one click?


Top 10 Best Social Sharing Plugins For WordPress

Social sharing options are  must for any blog Blogger or WordPress. It help readers to share contact with their all social networking sites in return you will get few traffic from these shares. When you spend a lot of time writing a blog post , you want people to be able to share it. Here are Top 10 Best Social Sharing Plugins For WordPress! to help your readers share your hard work.

1. ShareBar

sharebar social sharing plugin
Sharebar plugin adds floating social sharing buttons, dynamic and fully customizable vertical box to the left of a blog post that contains links/buttons to popular social networking sites. Normally it contains Twitter, Facebook, Digg, SU, Email button we can add more buttons easily as per our needs. We can also customize background, border color, margin etc. Currently I am using this you can see this at left site of this post. Its just awesome plugin and is #1 among Best Social Sharing Plugins ;)

2. Sexy Bookmarks

This plugin Adds an attractive social bookmarking menu to your posts, pages, index, or any combination of the three. Easy to use! with cool hover effect. It comes with lot of best social bookmarking buttons you can select which one to show. It also provide analytics to track no of shares.

FB twitter sharing plugins

WordPress plugin for twitter, facebook, Google +1 and other social share. It Can add the sharing buttons before post contents, after and also floating too. We can easily customize its border, background color. Very easy to use with lots of features.

4. Digg Digg

digg digg

Digg Digg all in one social share buttons plugin. It Add a floating bar with share buttons to your blog. Display all popular social sharing buttons with count, such as Twitter, Buffer, Facebook Share, Facebook Like, Digg, Google +1, Pinterest and much more. You can easily adjust it as per your needs.

5. Socialize


This plugin Provides an easy way to add actionable social bookmarks to your posts content or below the post in a ‘Call To Action’ box. Many more features. You can also add small message with these buttons. You can customize buttons with required size like small, big, tall even you can edit background, border of these social sharing plugins.

6. Share This

share this social sharing plugins

The ShareThis plugin enables users to share your content through Email,Facebook,Twitter, Google +1, Like, Send and many more. It comes with 3 styles. Simple icons. Icons with counter and big buttons with counter as you can see in above image. This plugin is ranked #6 in our list of best social sharing plugins for wordpress :

7. Smart Social WordPress plugin

Smart social – one awesome wordpress plugin smart social is one powerful , fuel customizable ,social sharing WordPress plugin that enables your site users to share the page to various social or bookmarking network.

Add jQuery social share buttons to WordPress in a stylish floating panel, toolbar or display inline. Adds buttons via jQuery for faster page loading.

 8. SocioFluid

socialfluidSocioFluid is a Social Bookmarking/Sharing Plugin, displaying small icons, which grows when the mouse is moved over, similar to mac effect with awesome hover effect.

9. AddThis


The AddThis Social Bookmarking Widget allows any visitor to bookmark and share your site easily with over 330 popular services. Very easy to you. Allow you to customize it as per your needs.

10. Sociable

Last plugin of our best social sharing plugins collection for wordpress that “Sociable” it’s totally FREE, has over 1,5 million downloads and is another best plugin for WordPress you can have a look at above image to see how it looks!

Premium Plugins Worth Buying

Final Words!

Those are my collection of Top 10 Best Social Sharing Plugins For WordPress to making your blog more shareable for your readers. Have you tried any of them yet? Which one are you using Now ? Do you have any other solutions I have missed with this post?

Over to you now.

Do you think that my collection of best social sharing plugins could be useful for you too?? Do let me know in comments :)

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How to Build a Penguin-Safe, Search Engine Friendly Website?

Is your website search friendly??

Can you Build a Penguin-Safe, Search Engine Friendly Website? The answer is YES!

The recent Penguin update has show the direction of search and what the future holds for web marketers. A lot of people are scared of using exact match anchor texts or building links to their inner pages. But you don’t have to be scared – at least, not when you do the right thing.

It’s true that the Penguin update has drowned a lot of sites and rendered some folks homeless, but we need to also look at the good side. Google and other search engines are doing their best to make the web much better, more convenient and resourceful for guys like us, the white haters. They’re in business too, so if you play your card well, they would do the same and reward you accordingly.

When you look at the other side in the algorithm calendar, you will discover how to build a better website and optimize properly. You should employ personality and creativity when building a site – and there are credible SEO services to meet these latest ranking requirements.

And the interesting part is that the old is the new new: content is king. To be safe and build search engine friendly website  follow these basic steps:

Know Who You’re Targeting

Image Credit: focus

Everyone will not benefit from your website. You’ve to map out the target audience your contents will be directed to. Without knowing who the person at the receiving end is, you’ll produce the wrong contents for them. An SEO company should help the prospect and customer to research who they’re marketing to. That’s their primary duty – market research. Who is your audience?

Do you know their social status, the demographics and what piques them? Without a proper grasp of who they’re, you’ll build the wrong website. Creating a search engine friendly website rests at the base of a sound market research and metrics.

There is no place for assumptions – if you assume that your audience knows what you’re saying, it could be the greatest obstacle to business growth. Get to know these people; who have blood running through their veins. They want to experience you. Not only as an internet marketer, but also as a person who has feelings and could go extra miles to help others.

Spoon-feed Search Spiders

Image Credit: thewikiman

Search engine spiders are like toddlers. Toddlers need support from parents before they can enjoy the nice meal on the table. When building a website or if you already have one, the goal is to serve quality and helpful contents to your readers.

Google spider for instance, doesn’t have eyes and cannot tell if your site is well designed or not. Web Spiders that crawl websites for fresh and unique contents have been programmed to function in a certain way. The secret to building a friendly website and producing excellent contents is to ignore search engines and focus on the people.

Of course, you may still use keywords to give insights, but that’s not the focus.

When you engage the readers with interesting and helpful contents, they would stick around, ask intelligent questions, make buying decisions and share your contents with fans and business acquaintances. If your content must please Google, it must first please the end user (prospects, readers, customers, clients and so forth).

So, the best way to spoon-feed Google isn’t by stuffing keywords or using hype, it’s about using the right language in a unique way to gladden the hearts of readers. If you consistently practice this, your website will grow exponentially.

Focus ON End Users

It’s all about them, not you. When you create a website for your business, the focus mustn’t be on your achievements and the numerous qualifications you’ve got. It’s about the end user.

Those who have problems, needs and aspirations – they’re counting on you to provide lasting solutions and if you can do that continually, congratulations. You can easily create a powerful platform for organic traffic.

A search engine friendly website talks about people and their problems. “What’s in it for them” should inspire you – see you at the top!