WooThemes Celebrating Its 4th Birthday : Get 40% Off (Limited Offer)

Recently I got an email from WooThemes that they are celebrating birthday. WooThemes is currently best and top WP Theme club they are providing WP themes from last 4 years. On birthday they are providing 40% off on all of their themes.

Remember that this promotion offer is only for 3 days, this is Valid until midnight July 13th 2012 (PST). So grab this while its hot! Currently they already dropped price by 40%. So you don’t need to use any coupon.

Why you should pick WooThemes?

They are providing best wordpress themes from last 4 years. They deliver top quality, cutting edge WordPress themes and superior customer support.  Give your WordPress powered website a professional new look, and be up and running in no time at all. That’s what WooThemes are doing from last 4 years. Below I am listing some great features.

Their 90 themes have been downloaded over 7,687,800 times and that’s why 243567 people prefer them as their theme provider including me. 😉

Solid Code Framework : All themes run on the same WooFramework which makes it easy to setup your theme, SEO, and much extra functionality.

Stunning Designs: They have an eye for good design, and many of themes are designed by well respected top web designers. You can see them on their official site/

Incredible Support: Detailed theme documentation with professional video, tutorials, WooCodex and probably the best support forum anywhere. Life time support.

New Themes Every Month:They deliver a minimum of 1 new Great theme every month, so that you always have a wide array of new designs. You can choose 1 year membership to get access to all their themes..

  • If you only want to buy a theme. You will get 2 premium theme of your choice for free!

How to get 40% Off? (limited offer)

Woothemes just turn 4. So they dropped their all themes provide by 40%. You don’t need to use any coupon just follow . You just need to visit their website. Choose the theme that you want to buy. They will give you 40% off. This is limited offer Valid until midnight July 13th 2012 (PST). So grab this while its hot!


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Top 6 Easy Shortcuts to Blacklist Your Website In Google: So Avoid it

google black ish Everyone wants his website appear at least on first page of the Google search result. I am not thinking about other search engines like yahoo, Bing or any other because most of the global search conducting through the big “G”, yes Google. There are many reasons why Google is so famous and world’s most used website or search engines. Their top ranking free products like Gmail, YouTube always attracts youth and old people too. In this article we will see the top 6 things that you should avoid to so with your website for not getting ban or blacklisted in the Google search result. There are many algorithms already implemented by Google and update is also going on daily basis. You thinking is write I am speaking not other than Google PandaTM algorithm. So you should avoid these shortcuts to blacklist your website in Google.

6 easy shortcuts that can blacklist your website!

1) Link from/to to spammy and porn websites:

Google take two keywords very seriously, and then are spam and porn.  So are you going to start any link building for search engine optimization? Then please beware from website which comes under these two categories. You may think how to detect those websites? The answer is easy, the spammy websites are those which post the stuff just for promotions and often it is useless one. I don’t want to tell you how to find porn websites. Surely you cannot control who can link your website. But remember that never link to those websites which are bad.

2)  Selling and buying paid Text links:

selling links

This is another big reason that Google will kick out instantly from their search index as soon as they find you in such a link sell and buy activities. What Google say? “You want my links for traffic. totally fine but want to pass my page rank juice? No”

 3)  Using bots to add or edit contents automatically:

Google hates automated bots and software who create or modify your site content automatically behalf of you. Like automated search queries catching and converting them to tags like that. So if you use such things then Google can ban you surely and will blacklist your website!

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 4)  Modifying Robots.txt file:

Robots.txt file is the entry pass for all the search engines. Whenever any search engine bot comes to your website for crawling your content then it first read the lines inside robots.txt and follows it. So by modifying the robobs.txt file you can disallow all the search engines bots from crawling your website easily.

User-agent: *
Disallow: /

The above lines in the robots.txt can stop all the search engine bots to your website. So be careful while modifying this file.

 5) Duplicate or low quality content:

Google really hates duplicate content. Each and every person in the world is unique and he/she can thing unique so Google like unique sentences and word arrangements in any text. Duplicate content can easily through your site at the bottom in search engine result. Another thing that should be considered is low quality content. What is low quality content? Google define good or high quality content as by which a small child can also learn. So the content which is written just for increasing the article site or increasing the number of pages of your website and not useful to anyone can be categorized under low quality content. Avoid it else it will blacklist your website.

 6) Fooling Search engine Bots (Cloaking):

This is an issue that well explained by Matt Cutts (Head of web spam Team) on a YouTube Video. Have a look below!

Cloaking means showing content to search engine bots and showing some another content to user. This is considering as very bad activity. Suppose you are running a product website and you showing 100 numbers of products details to search engines and when user comes there are only 10 products details all other are links just saying no results. Then user will disappointed and never think to visit your website again, because he was in search of xyz product detail which is not on your website but he just got fooled because of cloaking. So these points should be considered and you will never blacklist your website.

What You Should Do To Continue Ranking After The Panda Update?

In order to rank your website after the Panda update, you have to adjust your link building strategy. Google has very specific demands about what they are looking for. They have proven that they are more than willing to make some very serious decisions when it comes to link building. Just recently, right before the panda update was released, Google infiltrated a variety of different public blog networks and completely de-indexed all of the websites that were members of these networks. This took a lot of webmasters by surprise and a completely tanked the rankings of even some big brand websites on the Internet.

Google wants to see webmasters writing unique, credible content for their websites and only engaging in white hat link building practices. In order to ensure that people on the Internet are complying to this, they are making big decisions that are having drastic impacts on the SEO world. In order for your website to continue ranking after the panda update, you need to comply your link building efforts with what Google is looking for.

Diversify your Anchor Text

Diversifying your anchor text for your backlinks has become more important after Panda. The anchor text is the keywords that you use when you link to your website from other websites. Previous to this, a lot of link builders said that using your specific keywords as the anchor text for your links was something you should do 90 to 100% of the time when linking to your website. Google completely shot down this belief by substantially decreasing the rankings of websites that had links with just a small number of anchor texts. This has concluded that by diversifying your anchor text you can continue to rank your websites just as you always have been. Good anchor text diversification means that you are using lots of generic phrases, raw URLs and your actual keywords for only a small percentage of the time.

Build White Hat Links

Building high-quality links through proven and effective methods like guest posting is the best way to build your rank on search engines. Google and other search engines are looking for webmasters that engage in high quality link building practices like getting blog posts published on niche related websites. You can do this by writing to blog owners and asking them if you can submit a guest post on their site. Upon approval, you can then write up a unique and informative article and include a link back to your website within the content. These are extremely valuable links because the websites that are allowing guest posts will probably be around for many years. Additionally, sites that accept guest posts usually have very high page rank and are ran by credible owners. These are the type of people that you want to obtain links from because they care about their websites and they will continue to run them positively in the future.

Buy Aged Domains

The age of your domain is also important for ranking on search engines, post Panda. It is always been believed that domains that have been online for many years and never dropped by the domain registrar are much more valuable than domains that were recently registered. The panda update has stressed the importance of aged domains and proven that a quality aged domain is extremely valuable.

Charles Dodgson works as a content strategist for WL Marketing SEO service company that offers quality link building services and affordable search engine marketing solutions to meet the web promotion requirements of businesses and professionals.

Is Video Blogging Worth Trying?

Video blogs, or vlogs, are not new on the Internet. Long before YouTube, people shared their news and opinions in the form of a video. Still 10 years ago it was rather expensive. Today, with cheap web cameras, camcorders, free video capturing and editing software, and numerous platforms to share video posts, video blogging should be flourishing. However, this is not true. Most bloggers are wary of getting into video blogging and the reasons are well understandable. Let’s explore the main of them and try to figure out if video blogging is worth time and effort.

Online Blog

Topic for Video Blogging

The first thing you have to decide after the blogging format is the theme of your video Blog: traveling, cooking, tech tips, politics, social media optimization, or any other of the kind. Note that the topic should be captivating and you must feel an expert in it. Try to record a trial video post and estimate if you sound convincing enough to speak upon this topic all the time.


Those who are not afraid of cameras and confident enough to speak in public, may benefit from the so-called “talking head” posts. However, not all people are “videogenic” and feel comfortable in front of a camera. If you belong to that group, it’s better not to start, or at least think about some alternative way of video presentation. E.g., you may make software reviews or how-to’s by capturing your desktop, use free video tools to produce slideshows, cartoons, short clips, etc. Here is the list of helpful resources:

  • Snaggit to capture video screen;
  • YouTube video creating tools to make cartoons, funny animations, etc.
  • Animoto to make slideshow with music.


If you’d like to store videos on your website, you should consider hosting expenses. To convert video into web format and get ready embed code, use Freemake Video Converter, it’s free and easy to operate. Alternatively, you may keep your videos on YouTube, Vimeo or other video hosting site. Thus, your videos would be easily found on YouTube and Google and you’ll get additional traffic to your resource. The drawback is that your videos could be ripped and used on other sites, and you’ll be always dependable on YouTube broad width capabilities.

Video making skills

Though you may find a good video making and editing software, you have to skilled enough to use it. Nobody speaks of Adobe Premier or AE mastery, still a good knowledge of at least Windows Movie Maker is a great bonus.

Video marketing

Don’t think that you’re done as soon as you published a video post. What differs video content from a regular text post is that all you’re going to say will remain only as video frames. This is in terms of search engine optimization isn’t good, because an HTML page should contain text. One workaround is to publish a script of your video. Another is to combine the video with a short text description highlighting the key posts of your post.

It’s also advisable to add each new post into video sitemap. This will guarantee better search engine results for your videos. Take care of creating a SEO-friendly title and description and add social sharing buttons under the video.

Bottom line

In total, you should try video blogging if you:

  • are 100% sure in your knowledge of the chosen theme;

  • feel comfortable in front of a camera;

  • can afford video hosting or trust YouTube to host your videos;

  • are capable of video editing or at least can pay for it;

  • know how to market your video posts.

These are 5 components of a successful video blog start. However, a good beginning isn’t even a half battle. Content is the king, so the key point here is to be interesting to your readers and find inspiration for new creative posts. Good luck! :)